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Elon Musk Takes a Swipe at YouTube’s Policies on Twitter

The founder and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk recently called out a number of scammers through a contemporary format loved by millions: memes. 

Musk’s comments came out a day after he threatened to revoke his $44 billion Twitter bid following the company’s decision not let him conduct an independent review of all scam and bot accounts on the social media platform.

His follow-up tweet was a Spongebob meme that targeted YouTube for not moderating enough spam ads.

His criticism should come as no surprise, given that he has been vocal about his anti-bot and spam sentiments on Twitter.

Elon Musk has shared his desire to privatize the company, and he wants it so that free speech can continue on the platform. He plans to conduct maintenance to reduce the fake accounts on Twitter.

The number of spam accounts on social media platforms is a point for debate, but it’s clear that there has been an increase over time. Twitter maintains only 5% of users are spam or bot accounts while Musk and many others claim it is more.

YouTube has a policy that bans uploading suspicious content that takes them out of the site/app and into a site full of fake advertisements.

The company’s advertising policy is to ensure that the advertisements are legitimate, but it seems like there will always be people trying their luck. As of late, many have succeeded.

Mr. Beast, a popular YouTuber with millions of fans, shared Elon Musk’s sentiments.

“I’ve gotten fake ads of me giving away money at least a thousand times and feel bad for the hundreds of thousands of people that have been scammed,” the YouTuber replied to Musk’s tweet. “I’ve been screaming at them for forever to figure this out.”

Elon Musk has been frustrated with Twitter lately. He wants to acquire the social media platform but the deal is currently on hold. However, he is not giving up hope.


Elon Musk Voices YouTube Frustration With a Spongebob Meme on Twitter