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DVLVD Apparel Fosters Acceptance to Fight Social Injustice

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

One of Texas’s youngest full-time artists is taking a stand against social injustice. Cade Kegerreis is a twenty-three-year-old artist and founder of DVLVD Apparel. Through the art he makes for his clothing line, he hopes to spread awareness and bring understanding to others through knowledge and personal investigation.

Hailing from Waco, Texas, Cade Kegerreis graduated with a degree in studio art in 2017. After college, he sought to find his place in the industry by taking on a variety of creative jobs. It was then that he learned how to create art for a living and how to conduct business in the creative world. This experience inspired him to become an independent artist and to launch his own clothing line, DVLVD Apparel.

Amid increasingly alarming social injustice and political turmoil, Cade Kegerreis wants to use art to send a message of acceptance and unity in a time of discord. His DVLVD line of shirts and masks serves as a way to make his art more affordable and accessible. Rather than focusing on making profits, the brand is focused on maximizing its positive impact on society by making wearable art that can spark conversation and elevate the discourse.

Alongside the launch of DVLVD, Cade is also holding his debut solo art exhibit, Devolved: Unity through Evolution, Diversity, and Connection. The show is down to its last few days at the downtown Waco gallery Cultivate 7twelve (on view until Sept. 26). Eager to show his work to more art lovers, Cade is working on booking more galleries to show the series.

Being an artist and the brand owner of DVLVD gives Cade Kegerreis the unique position of producing large quantities of pieces of art that can propagate a very strong message. His evocative art is for all who wish to introspect and assess their individual effect on society. “I believe anyone and everyone can benefit from seeing my art and diving deeper into themselves,” he said.

Launching DVLVD was an eye-opening experience for the young artist. Cade has since learned that full-time artists are not only creators of art but also entrepreneurs. As artist-entrepreneurs, they not only sell a product but also sell a product linked almost completely to one’s name and identity.

In his pursuit of establishing DVLVD, Cade faced many hurdles that commercial artists often have to take on to market themselves. “Without gallery representation or an agent partnership, I could only be as big as I build myself up to be. There is a loss of desire to explore and find the truth in our world today. I’m motivated to bring easier understanding and knowledge through art. One must seek truth themselves before they truly accept it,” he explained.

Cade’s art and apparel lines are a testament to his endeavor to foster a sense of unity in these trying times. “My purpose, my call to life is bringing people together and showing things in a new way,” he said. “We all have differences, but there’s no reason for separation.”

The artist is currently working on more art and developing his brand. Learn more about what Cade Kegerreis is up to on the DVLVD website and his personal Instagram.