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Doki Division Explodes Into the NFT Scene Armed With the Mission to Represent Today’s Female Leaders

NFT, a form of digital asset that has hogged the spotlight this year, shows no sign of slowing down in terms of prominence. Given the value it offers not only to artists, celebrities, and ventures but also to token holders, it’s not surprising why a flood of individuals and companies have launched their own signature collections. But, the appeal that non-fungible tokens hold is not limited to their financial perks. As demonstrated by purpose-driven go-getters the likes of the minds behind Doki Division, these blockchain-hosted non-interchangeable units of data can also be utilized to make a difference, inspire action, and send across powerful messages.

Highly cognizant of the growing prominence of NFTs, the female-led team at the helm of Doki Division is making one thing clear with their entry into an industry known for its cut-throat nature: women can dominate any field they set their eyes on. In particular, they wish to drive home the point that people, regardless of their gender or background, can take a shot at securing a coveted spot in the limelight so long as they have the vision, dedication, and passion needed to achieve success. Moreover, while the commercial space and today’s digital asset industry are primarily known as playgrounds for men, they can be reigned as easily by women. 

Boasting art that represents all of the women who take charge and stand out in the world of financial technology, Doki Division is a collection of 10,000 unique tokens soon to be accompanied by their male counterparts. Unlike the animal-based collections saturating the blockchain right now, the Dokis are anime-inspired and have over 130 hand-drawn attributes. 

Aside from featuring an edgier, darker theme of badass female characters, Doki Division also includes a story that revolves around survival and the bid for power. The Dokis belong to respective factions ranked according to their class. “Dokis have assimilated within their factions for the past 10000 years in the Zephora universe, a place where all lived in harmony once until the Nekoid and Akuma race formed an alliance to colonize the land,” shared the creators behind this new power player in the NFT space. The Florans, which make up the low-class commoners, got fed up with their weakness and the famine threatening their existence, eventually deciding to begin a revolution. 

Every Doki Division holder is invited into the Zephora universe and can expect to witness the unfolding of fantasy-rich lore. Additionally, they can look forward to the host of perks that exclusive Doki Club members can enjoy, including free merchandise, cash drops, game nights, and prizes such as vacation trips. They will also be privy to development sneak peeks. 

Currently, the team spearheading the rise of the Doki Division is religiously adhering to a roadmap designed to propel this NFT collection toward the limelight. In the weeks to come, they are setting their eyes on expanding their community and enriching the experience of their holders. 

Learn more about Doki Division by visiting its website and checking out its Twitter page.