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DOGO, an NFT Collection Set to Become Every Enthusiast’s Favorite

With the current saturation and high degree of competition within the NFT space, it could prove challenging to pique the interest of those who have grown to appreciate non-fungible tokens and are banking on their power not only to find a revenue stream out of tokenized works of art but also to promote creativity. As more and more individuals and companies launch their signature collections, it becomes imperative for creators to bring to the table projects that are distinct from the rest of the ventures that are vying for a spot in the limelight right now. DOGO, a purpose-driven newcomer in the world of digital assets, holds the potential to hog the spotlight during its launch as it’s about to capture the hearts of animal lovers worldwide.

DOGO hasn’t formally entered the inundated space of non-fungible tokens yet, but the buzz around it is already at an all-time high. This considerable degree of anticipation could be attributed to the fact that it is centered around human’s best friend: dogs. However, as deserving of credit is the collection’s aim to bridge the real and meta worlds by rewarding all future holders with a physical piece of art based on the collection. 

Made up of 4,500 of the best boys and girls, DOGO, which will be hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, is scheduled to begin its whitelist sale on December 12 and its public sale on the following day. Each of the tokens that will be up for grabs is generated from a combination of over two hundred traits hand-drawn by a team of experienced designers. 

At the helm of this promising project is a famous blogger, entrepreneur, and crypto enthusiast whose strategic maneuverings in the economic realm prove testament to women’s capacity to dominate any field of their choice. With over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, Miki Fergy has an incredible digital presence and visibility that she knows would translate to the amount of support that DOGO will be receiving. As one of the power players in the fintech space, she looks forward to the heights that her brainchild will reach in the weeks to come. 

From the beginning, DOGO has set its eyes on ensuring that people’s investment in the tokens will turn successful both in the short term and in the long run. In line with this goal, its highly dedicated team crafted a roadmap, where every step will contribute to its overarching mission of building a tight-knit community and providing a host of perks to its NFT holders. Included in its long list of benefits for all future owners is a real customized dogo toy to be awarded. $5000,000 will be invested into cryptocurrency, and non-fungible tokens and minters will get to participate in decision-making and  get benefits monthly.

Most exciting of all — part of the money raised from the sale of DOGO tokens will be donated to dog shelters across the globe, an initiative that not only seeks to raise awareness about the welfare of furry friends globally but also intends to inspire action from the community. 

Learn more about DOGO by visiting its website and Discord server. 

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