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DigiFit Creates a New Platform That Merges Physical Activities With Cryptocurrency

The onset of the global pandemic last year shook the world, prompting cities to go on lockdown for a long period. During that time, people regressed and retreated to social media. Although it provided a safe space for people to escape, it also brought negative consequences through inactivity with more people confined to their workstations, screens, and mobile devices, leaving them with little to no mobility. DigiFit is a platform that strives to change things, helping people return to physical activities.

DigiFit is a health and wellness project that aims to change the perspective of how people perform their daily exercises through their app. Their app functions like most fitness apps, keeping track of daily exercise routines, meal plans, and fitness competitions. However, DigiFit takes a modern approach by utilizing cryptocurrency. 

“We chose to use blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to give an incentive for individuals to become more active, healthy, and fit by using its outstanding, underlying social-based and social-oriented approach,” shared the developers. ‘We also created a related utility token to connect this concept to its economy, enabling the development of an integrated token economy that includes concepts like a marketplace, sports-based payments, ad system, charity funding, and more.”

The app uses blockchain technology to incentivize and motivate its users.  The DigiFit app automatically sets goals for users, rewarding them in its native token upon completing each goal. DigiFit’s unique method not only helps improve the user’s fitness level but also motivates them to stay consistent in their physical activities.

DigiFit users will also have direct access to their data, trainers, and lessons. The app uses $DGF as its utility token to provide a cheaper access to virtual, real-life, and on-demand exercise service, considering how on-demand exercise services with how far fitness memberships are out of reach for a large portion of the population.

The brand strives to improve healthy lifestyles and fitness levels in society by increasing convenience for people. DigiFit offers a unique web and mobile wellness marketplace for users so they can attend online fitness classes. The brand offers a health and fitness tracker to sync indoor and outdoor activities. The tracking system enables them to do more and track their routine and find ways to improve it. Users will then be rewarded with $DGF for their achievements. With DigiFit being an app, people can bring their phones to work out anywhere, whether it’s at their living room or conference space, they can in turn create an at-home exercise studio.

Although DigiFit provides a lot of benefits, the brand is not without risk. Due to the nature of their business, the creators strongly recommend users consult with a physician to participate in the exercise. The brand is not a licensed medical care provider and represents that it has no expertise in diagnosing, examining, or treating medical conditions of any kind. 

Disclaimer: DigiFit strongly advises prospective users to thoroughly read the paperwork before investing as only the offering statement is being used to make the offering. The whitepaper is neither an offer to sell or buy these securities nor is it a sale of the securities in any state or jurisdiction.