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Deneise McKesey Improving Credit Scores One Person at a Time

Deneise McKesey was once under the weight of the biggest financial headache that many Americans bear – bad credit score. She went through it herself with her husband, and they almost got buried under, but came out of it strong. And now she wants to help as many people as possible to improve their credit scores and get them back on track. Deneise McKesey did not set out to become a credit repair expert; it was accidental.

She and her husband were working with two credit repair companies to help fix their credit, but after a while, they didn’t see much improvement. Then, through her knowledge of banking, credit, and researching, they took the bull by the horns to make their credit perfect. They applied all the strategies discovered to their finances, and within two years, she and her husband were able to not only get that elusive 800 score, but accumulate over 100 credit cards. Not long after, Deneise found out that many people were in a similar situation of having a bad credit score, including the people closest to her. She took them on and applied her strategies to their credit reports, and things began to turn around for them too.

In a short while, she became a big deal as all her friends and family members that she helped began to send more people her way. She took it as a business, and that gave birth to Pristine Score Credit Repair Services. She made it her goal to set everyone who uses her services to be on the path to financial freedom. Her credit repair strategy involves using the law to remove negative items from her clients’ credit reports and working out ways for them to use their credit to gain more access to funding. “Many people are unaware of the number of inaccuracies reported on their credit report or their rights as consumers to challenge the inaccuracies,” she says. But that’s where her clients find value in her service. 

Pristine Score is all about helping people achieve their life goals by being able to access high amounts of credit. The company also offers a follow-up service that involves education and guidance on how to maintain a perfect credit score. Deneise McKesey is committed to helping people from all backgrounds to fix their credit scores, and she is doing it one person at a time.

Not many credit repair services walk with their clients the whole length of the journey. Pristine Score teaches its clients things about financial literacy that they will never learn anywhere else. And Deneise’s 15-year banking experience and 10-year mortgage experience combined with her bounce-back from a terrible credit score, she brings a wealth of experience to the table.

As she takes on each client and helps them achieve their credit goals, Deneise McKesey’s five-year goal projection for Pristine Score is to increase the business’ client-base. She also takes on every category of people from any background as clients. Deneise McKesey also sends out a message of hope to everyone currently battling with bad credit that they can recover from any setback. And with Pristine Score, she’s willing to render all the help she can.

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