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DeLotty NFT, Redefining the Lottery Industry Through the Metaverse

Despite being in business for a very long time, the lottery market continues to grow over time. With each year, more people are hoping to become the lucky winner. However, the industry also has its own issues, such as dwindled jackpots, limited security, and long payouts. Cognizant of this, a team of brilliant individuals has created a solution to these problems through the blockchain-based project, DeLotty NFT.

It is a collection of 7,777 non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. These 3D NFTs feature lottery balls and lottery drums as unique characteristics. In addition, it comes with a large number of traits which ensures that every artwork is one of a kind. Each minted token is classified into five rarities: common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary.

But aside from its impressive art, what makes the venture stand out is its inspiring vision. As its creators have insightfully explained, “The technology behind Blockchain is opening the door for fairer, safer, and more transparent lottery platforms that could revolutionize the industry. The next step in the evolution of lotteries is blockchain technology that enables autonomous decentralized operations with a high level of participants’ gains, transparency, privacy, security, and unity of players from all over the world.”

So to carry out this remarkable goal, the project has created an excellent set of utilities that provide the community with countless perks and benefits. First off, DeLotty has designed a next-generation web3 lottery DeFi platform that is integrated with the Metaverse. In addition, it includes a simplified online lottery model that addresses the primary issues found in traditional lottery.

On top of that, buyers can earn additional revenue as 15% of the proceeds from the sale of lottery tickets will be allocated to those who stake their NFTs. The minimum requirement for staking to benefit from income distribution is 60 days.

Of course, it comes with well-thought-out tokenomics with its Play-to-Earn and Hodl-to-Reward initiatives. This incredible feature ensures that players are empowered to always be part of the game. Furthermore, the venture will facilitate and autonomize its rewards program through its native utility token, DLOT.

Aside from these already extraordinary benefits, DeLotty gives its community many other benefits. For example, when a jackpot is drawn, those NFTs staked on its DeFi platform will get up to 5% of the jackpot distributed. Additionally, a DAO will also be established, which will give the community voting rights for possible future projects. 

Finally, breeding is allowed for some users. Each pair of NFTs can breed and produce one DeLotty Junior NFT. The eligibility criteria for breeding is having 2000 DLOT Token. A total of 3888 DeLotty Junior NFTs can be bred, while another 5,555 can be minted.

DeLotty NFT is undoubtedly committed to its mission of creating a much better lottery platform for people worldwide. As a result, it is shaping to be one of the most promising ventures in the crypto industry. As such, interested parties, most especially lottery and NFT enthusiasts, should keep an eye out for the exciting project.