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Degen Apes Strike Club Set to Launch and Leave a Lasting Impact on the NFT Community

With the world ushered into a digital age, more people have started creating platforms and apps that allow us to carry on our daily lives with ease. The past decade has seen people develop cryptocurrency as an alternative to hard cash, opening the door for many new innovations in the digital landscape. In 2021, non-fungible tokens have taken the online world by storm, spawning hundreds of projects engineered by creative and innovative minds. 

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs saw a surprising surge in popularity despite existing in the digital space for over a decade, having been developed around the same time as cryptocurrency. Coming in the forms of digital art, music, video clips, and even social media posts, NFTs have attracted the attention of crypto enthusiasts and art lovers. Joining the fray is the upcoming project, Degen APE Strike Club NFT.

Degen APE Strike Club is a project that is working closely with the Strike Club to create a collection of sports-inspired APEs. The collection consists of over 6,500 uniquely generated ‘Degenerate apes’, a group of adaptive and neutral genetically diversified apes. Adapting to the digital art medium, the Degen APE collection utilizes pixelated works to bring their vision to life. The token utilizes technology to the highest degree, implementing unique traits to set itself apart from other NFTs. 

The art the NFT utilizes is a highly diverse range of human activities engaging in creating visual, auditory, or performed artifacts (artworks) that expresses the artist’s imaginative or technical skills. Degen APE Strike Club’s character is designed to be appreciated for its beauty and emotional power.

The collection is innovative, being user interactive with a time conscious trait. Degen APE also engineered the NFT with a genetic growth trait and a mutate development trait. The NFT also utilized off-chain pixel art generated with more than 150 choices.

As Degen APE Strike Club grows, the project will also be in collaboration with other projects like BAYC, Cool Cats, and Billionaire Ape Club for exclusive airdrops. 10 random NFT holders will get the chance to receive 100 STRK each. However, what sets the NFT apart from other projects is its unique feature to support NFT staking to earn STRK real trade on centralized exchange. The APEs NFT will also be able to connect to Facebook Meta once it’s released, merging the virtual and real together to create endless strike sports playgrounds for everyone. The characters will also get to play on Metaverse land stadiums, which will serve as a staking place to earn STRK.

“In the Strike Club, we are dedicated to giving back,” said the team. “For that reason, $50,000 (1,000 STRK) will be given to a reputable charity picked by the community during a vote on Discord. Starting from the bottom, we don’t forget where we come from.”

With the project set for a launch soon, the team has already laid out a map once the project takes off. Having started from scratch, Degen APE Strike Club hopes to give back to the community.

Learn more about the Degen APE Strike Club by visiting their official website. Join them on Discord and Twitter.