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David Towner Shares How Changing One’s Attitudes Can Lead to a Better Life

Life becomes better and more beautiful when people start to see the good in things. And true enough, some success stories would often begin to take its course the minute a person shifts their attitude for the better. While it may seem difficult for others to change their outlooks in life for good, there are some people whose motivation is more significant than their fears. One such person is David Towner, the author of Today Is My Favorite Day.

David Towner, mostly recognized as a pastor in Tampa Bay for over 22 years, had his fair share of trials. However, David did not let his difficult seasons and devastating events get in the way of his path to joy and freedom. Instead of sinking into a dark rabbit hole of despair, he reached up and put matters in God’s hands. And now, as he enters a new chapter in his life, David shares that the first step to achieving a better and more fulfilled life is to turn misfortunes into valuable lessons.

David graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Physical Education from California State University, Chico. During his time at Chico, he competed on the track and field team and served as a college intern at Neighborhood Church, where he met his future wife, Tonya. Later the couple moved to Fort Worth, Texas, where David received his Master of Divinity degree in Biblical Languages from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Before graduating from Southwestern, he studied abroad at Oxford University in England.

Although his primary education equipped David Towner to teach and preach the gospel, the real achievement that set his purpose in stone was the time when he conquered one of the most difficult challenges in his life: battling cancer. In 2013, David had an emergency appendectomy. Days later, his doctors discovered that a cancerous carcinoid was the cause, and he underwent more surgeries to remove the disease.

His recovery was rife with constant setbacks, unhealthy weight loss, and lasting infections. However, David refused to succumb to his unfortunate circumstances. Early in his first hospital stay, he began to speak the phrase, “Today is my favorite day.” Days later, God revealed six simple truths that would help him thrive through the devastating event rather than survive.

Two years later, he wrote a sermon series called Today Is My Favorite Day. With the encouragement of his wife, he wrote the book by the same name. The project quickly expanded to include a workbook and prayer book.

In late 2019 and early 2020, David led a pilot campaign to receive unfiltered responses to the Today Is My Favorite Day materials. The reactions of the readers were tremendously positive, and many have purchased copies to give to family and friends during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As someone who has dealt with one of the most difficult challenges in his life, David Towner would always attribute his success in the battle with God’s immeasurable love and guidance. It’s been seven years since his last surgery, and still, he speaks out every morning the words, “Today is my favorite day” and recites the six simple truths to help keep God’s optimistic perspective in his mind.

So with a grateful heart, David intends to enjoy precious time with his wife, three beautiful daughters, and four gregarious grandsons paddleboarding in the gulf and kayaking in Florida’s beautiful lakes.  He also plans to share his experiences and facilitate others to lead a better life as they face their difficult seasons and devastating events through his book, Today Is My Favorite Day.

To know more about David Towner and Today Is My Favorite Day, you may visit his website.