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David Anthony Schroeder on the Use of CBD as a Reliever for Chronic Pain

More often than not, the talk of Marijuana in most parts of the world rings with it a negative connotation. While some automatically turn their heads away from the seemingly controversial plant, others who are more accepting of its health benefits welcome Cannabis, Hemp, and Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, with an open mind.

As a physical attestation of the wonders of the Cannabis and Hemp plants, David Anthony Schroeder knows how powerful and life-changing these plants can be. Being a person who has struggled in alleviating his bodily pains for three-quarters of his life, David was amazed and surprised at the same time when relief came in the form of a Hemp-based CBD pain stick. But to his delight, it would change the course of his life and point him into the direction of helping other chronic pain sufferers.

But before David could share his pain relief discovery with the world, he had to go through a few detours just to get to where he presently stands.

Hailing from the stomping ground of the infamous Harry Houdini, Appleton, Wisconsin, was considered as both the home and the place where it all began for David Schroeder. Born with an excessive amount of energy trapped within his body, David spent most of his childhood and early adult years consumed with hyperactivity, the condition that had doctors put him on Ritalin at a very young age. Despite being under stimulant medication, David’s body still burst with frequent bouts of energy and he needed high-octane activities to release it. Because of this, he suffered many injuries along the way, which steered him towards a life struggling with chronic pain.

Determined to win the fight against the pain, David set out to find the perfect remedy for his woes from within. David tried a myriad of medications, but none of them work satisfactorily. So when David was given a CBD pain stick, he found almost immediate relief from using his newfound medication. Thrilled with this discovery, David wanted to know more about CBD and subsequently share his trial-and-error encounters with the world.

As he waded deep into the realms of CBD, David saw these plants to be an effective and non-addictive pain management tool. However, these miraculous vessels often slandered as being bad, are considered to have no medicinal value, so they are highly regulated by the federal government. Nonetheless, people still endeavor to acquire these medical plants because of the rising issue of chronic pain and opioid addiction.

With this in mind, David thought it best to provide an avenue for the world to learn and become aware of the benefits of CBD. Through his ability to translate his thoughts into words, David wrote a book on his healing journey towards a pain-free life with CBD entitled “7 Ways To Manage Pain With CBD.” The compendium offers a comprehensive explainer on everything about the plant and the health benefits that come with it. Moreover, it includes the only comprehensive CBD buying checklist for users and readers on how to acquire high-quality CBD.

“When people fail to open their minds to things that are unknown or unfamiliar, they often miss the good that might come out of it.” 

David Anthony Schroeder

For David, it was one of the best decisions of his life. Through his book, “7 Ways To Manage Pain With CBD,” he hopes to spread awareness to the unsung benefits of this highly effective natural pain management treatment.

Follow David’s journey by visiting his website or find out what he is posting about on Linkedin. His book can be picked up at these online retailers Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Walmart.