Dating Paradigms Takes Over the Male Dating Advice Space

Dating is often an intimidating prospect for many people, especially the inexperienced. The average man dates around seven women in his life before settling down, and it turns out that Ramos Raymondo Michaels was no average man.

At twenty years old, Ramos was ashamed to say that he had never been with a girl, and he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with what he was doing. It seemed that if any man could instantly turn off a woman, it was him. His activist search for a solution to find success with the ladies and cure his dry spell led him to found Dating Paradigms.

Dating Paradigms is the platform for all men who want to remove and reconstruct their mental paradigms when it comes to dating. The website demystifies dating to the unenlightened and gets to the root of why men fail eve in the earliest stages of dating. Ramos leverages subcommunication to achieve success with women. The platform is open to men of all ages who seek improvement in dating and relationships.

Everywhere he looked, his peers were either in successful relationships or chasing the women of his dreams. Meanwhile, he had yet to have a successful interaction with a woman. His strictly religious upbringing only served as a further disadvantage. He knew that the odds were not in his favor, but he wasn’t going to let that stop him. 

Ramos spent the next year and a half gathering all the references he could find on dating successfully. He read every book, e-book, PUA video, internet forum, course, and psychology article and study that he could get his hands on. He was convinced that all he needed to succeed was available somewhere. It was a time-consuming ordeal to get through pages of conflicting advice and eyebrow-raising information. But many times, he would have aha! moments, poignant realizations of how he had spoiled his chances. After his heavy studying, he was finally able to have dates and positive interactions from the women he wanted.

But Ramos knew that many other men didn’t have the time to study and reflect as he did. To make it easier for them, he wrote his first book, Casanova Like a Casanova.

Casanova Like a Casanova is an e-book that lays out the foundation and framework that men need to understand and follow to generate a positive impact on their dating life. Throughout the thirty-five-page PDF, the author frankly explains where readers could have gone wrong in their attempts and why. He wants people to realize what men do that put women off and how to correct those habits.

Dating Paradigms is hinged on Ramos’s holistic view on attraction and dating. He strongly believes that it all starts with working on oneself: a man must become a well-rounded individual to be the happiest and most attractive man possible.

His ultimate goal is to make the growing pains of a man’s dating experience as short and painless as possible. His platform welcomes men in all stages of dating, whether they are inexperienced in general or are actively dating but want to become more aware of dating and sexual dynamics.

Ramos wants to help over 100,000 men self-actualize and reach their fullest potential as a partner not only through Dating Paradigms workshops but also through his social media content.

Learn more about Dating Paradigms on the website and follow Ramos Raymondo Michaels on Instagram.

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