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Dapper Penguin Entertainment: Jacob Zetino’s Project Will Be the Next Big Thing in the Digital Streaming Industry

Media platforms have been continuously evolving since the introduction of YouTube, opening the door to endless possibilities.

Among the platforms for streaming in the west are Hulu and Netflix. They have become two of the most popular online streaming platforms. Their popularity inspired others to create their own streaming platforms such as major company Disney creating Disney +. 

Among those inspired to follow in this trend is Jacob Zetino. He is an accomplished 14-time award-winning producer whose experience includes film, television, and digital production. Jacob formerly served in the army for ten years, receiving multiple recommendations before being honorably discharged as a Sergeant in 2012. 

In that time, he worked with several people of high status such as general officers, senators, royal dignitaries, and even celebrities. He became a member of Veterans in Media & Entertainment and the American Legion Post 43 in Hollywood, California, which include members like Stan Lee, Mickey Rooney, Charlton Heston, and so much more.

Jacob would major in Producing and Filmmaking at The Los Angeles Film School and graduated from the conservatory of acting program at the New York Academy. He also graduated from Divers Institute of Technology in Seattle, Washington as a commercial diver, having made dives at the depths of over 200 feet.

When Netflix and Hulu began to grow in popularity, Jacob grew interested in creating a platform that could rival both. He founded Dapper Penguin Entertainment in Beverly Hills, California, where he is expanding multiple divisions within the company, adding television and media.

What drew Jacob into making his own platform was the access to movies, series, and even documentaries that Netflix and Hulu had in their libraries, as well as the convenience to watch them in various forms like televisions, mobile phones, or even tablet devices.

Jacob is passionate about his production of Dapper Penguin Entertainment, working endlessly in developing and producing more content. He has recently welcomed an executive team that includes Liz Vacovec as the president of the production and Nicole Layson & Daniel Sydnor as senior vice presidents of film & television. They are currently in negotiation for the president of the new platform Dapper Penguin Cubed.

Dapper Penguin Entertainment aims to give its audiences premier content, whether it’s a theatrical release or its platform of original & licensed content. By using the most innovative technologies, Jacob and his team are hoping to capture the attention of audiences worldwide by focusing on timeless storytelling.

Their team continues to grow as many great executives, creatives, and talents have worked on all forms of content. Their ingenuity gives an edge and separates them from other platforms. With a finger on the pulse of technology, Dapper Penguin can infuse the production of the traditional forms to take advantage of the digital age.

Jacob and Dapper Penguin are creating a breeding ground where award-winning stories will flourish. With their ever-growing library of intellectual properties, they will create a digital future today.

For more updates on Dapper Penguin Entertainment, you may follow Jacob on his Instagram account or follow Dapper Penguin on Instagram and Twitter.