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Damon Fletcher Bringing Fun and Inspiration during these Trying Times

Damon Fletcher is doing his part to make sure people get inspired and have fun through these trying times. People can only do so much after the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown other than finding ways to have fun and stay inspired. He found a passion for music during the global lockdown and has since then been making music that everyone can dance to and use to let go of their worries. The lockdown was a not-so-good time for many people, including Damon, and he turned all that gloom into bloom for himself and decided to launch a music career.

He began to write songs at home and also picked up music production. He joined different music masterclasses and listened to his major musical influences, Usher and Timbaland. Damon did not just go into music blindly; he made sure he primed himself with a lot of information, knowledge, and new skill sets to help him succeed as a musician.

Creating music lifted his spirits, and he realized that it could do the same for other people too. He released his single, “Hustle with a Purpose,” which is dominating the airwaves currently. His style of music is danceable and energetic. The lyrics are also inspirational and capable of pushing people to get up, go out, and chase their dreams. Besides inspiring people, he also walks the talk by giving back to society in any way that he can. The graduating class of 2020 had to complete their education in the most unusual way, and Damon Fletcher played his role in inspiring and encouraging them.

His music style is energetic and danceable. Damon is all about getting people to pursue their dreams and having a relentless drive to pursue those dreams. He has carried out philanthropic works that celebrities like Ne-Yo, Lance Bass, Lecrae, and Damon Dash have applauded. Damon is also a travel enthusiast who wants to see the world. Spending all those months at home has made him dream about when the whole world will get moving again. He has announced a travel giveaway in which the winner gets to travel to any destination of their choice. In his words, “I want everyone to have something to look forward to and dream.”

Damon Fletcher’s music can be enjoyed by every one of all ages. His music style is heavily influenced by Usher and Timbaland, who have entertained the world for decades. So he is confident that his audience can come from anywhere or age, as long as they love to dance and have fun. Using all the extra time he had during the pandemic to develop his talent is one of his best decisions.

He is not only living out his dreams as a musician; he is also uplifting people while at it. “COVID has motivated me to use the extra time to do good for people through music. So I decided to build a brand. Everybody reading should know that they can do anything they want in life and accomplish their dreams. It just takes being surrounded by like-minded people and having the determination to make things work.”

Learn more about Damon Fletcher by visiting his website.

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