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Cyber Pugs NFT: The New Collection on the Blockchain Breathing Life into the NFT World

Dog lovers, especially those who love pugs, will be ecstatic once they learn of a new collection set to launch this month: the Cyber Pugs NFT collection. There is so much that NFTs are known for, and Cyber Pugs NFT is settling into that world and tugging at people’s hearts and their love for dogs.

Cyber Pugs NFT, created from a fantasy world of dogs, is a project with a pledge to donate to a dog charity upon 100% minting. Through this collection, the creators invite everyone who cares about dogs and wishes to give dogs their support and love. With the 10,000 unique tokens on the Solana blockchain network, dog lovers, NFT enthusiasts, and art connoisseurs will find the project a worthy investment to be a part of.

Each token comes with unique features and about fifty traits that span different designs, combined in unique ways to create never-before-seen art pieces. Each piece sports characteristics like headgear, eyewear, hairstyles, clothing, and tattoos. Beyond the physical traits that the tokens sport, Cyber Pugs also boast sixteen personality types based on Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Each Cyber Pug piece has a distinct DNA with some features rarer than the others, ultimately assigning them varying value.

In the NFT universe, Pugs are small loveable dogs, but in their dystopian universe, where the community is turned upside down and in complete disarray, they are trying to claim their rightful spots. In their fictional backstory, the pup community declared them useless and thus banished them to an inhabitable island. Now, years after the banishing, they are back as more powerful and technologically advanced species ready to embrace their renewed personalities as the Cyber Pugs.

Buying the Cyber Pug NFT gives its holders access to many impressive things. In the remarkable roadmap that the creators have put together, they have a set of milestones to achieve as the minting process progresses, and right at the beginning of that is the release of the official Cyber Pug soundtrack. Other milestones in the roadmap include a comic book that tells the story of the Cyber Pugs to entertain members of the community and a merchandise release that covers clothing, plush pugs, and stickers. In addition, the holders are also eligible to take part in various giveaway activities reserved for the community.

The creators are passionate about introducing an investment scheme with immense potential to the young generation of digital and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The collection also promotes art and a deep love for dogs. The pugs are ready to show off and show out in their appearances, as each piece of token in the collection has a colorful and artistic appearance. Cyber Pugs NFT tells the story of pups that never gave up when they faced challenges. They instead adapted and returned with renewed vigor to take back their rightful place.

Learn more about Cyber Pugs NFT on the website or follow the collection on Instagram.