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Credit Repair Kings: “Not All Negative Information on Your Credit Score Is Forever”

Good credit scores can allow one to make more conscious lifestyle choices. However, not everyone has the privilege to acquire such status. Statistics reveal that 68 million people across the country have low credit scores, and many suffer from subprime credit. Nonetheless, Credit Repair Kings proves that bad credit is not permanent. With the right credit repair company, there’s always a way to obtain better finances.

Credit Repair Kings is a rising credit repair company based in Miami, Florida. It was founded by Mr. Roland Reznik, an expert in the field who, with his credit specialists team, helps countless individuals in the United States in their journey to excellent credit scores. Mr. Reznik stops at nothing until he delivers the lifestyle his clients deserve. After all, having good credit means having a better chance of getting approved for home loans, better car insurance rates, negotiating power, and many more. To put it simply, excellent credit can take one to greater limits.

“Getting out of debt is the key to building wealth. Lenders are more likely to approve a loan or credit account as well as offer you a low-interest rate, which can save you thousands in the long run,” said Mr. Reznik. The smallest changes in one’s credit scores, say an additional 20 points to an average rating, can open doors to various lifestyle improvements. Credit Repair Kings is known for its proven track record in raising credit scores and removing incorrect information from their clients’ portfolios nationwide.

In 2019, the US’s average FICO score was at 695, while the average Vantage score is at 673. While the numbers may look easily attainable, many Americans still do not have access to financial loans or mortgages because they do not have the credit score to do so. Credit Repair Kings has tackled many cases with clients who had credit scores below the acceptable limit by taking out every negative aspect in their accounts. The company thoroughly reviews its clients’ credit history and saves them the hassle by doing the leg work for them.

Furthermore, the CEO also emphasized the importance of educating the younger generation on credit scores. To echo his words, “One in five Americans aged 20 to 29 don’t know their credit scores.” Credit Repair Kings does not merely focus on fixing credit scores but also takes credit education seriously for their clients to maintain and maximize their standing in the long run. The company sees the importance of seeing how many in the particular age group fail to handle their finances and acquire loans.

Credit Repair Kings has also served many inquiries amid the pandemic because of the current economic conditions where many have lost their jobs. The impact has led many individuals to rethink and discover how they can increase their credit scores to get back on track and further prepare for the future. Mr. Reznik and his team of professionals are continually educating such clients to grow and scale their credit scores despite the current circumstances through their free credit review and consultation. 

To learn more about Credit Repair Kings and their innovative credit repair solutions, visit their website and Instagram, @creditrepairkings. For updates about Roland Reznik, follow him on Instagram, @iamrollierez.