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Crave Critics to Become the First NFT Project in the Food Industry

When Non-Fungible Tokens took the digital world by storm early last year, hundreds of thousands of projects emerged, expanding the NFT community with colorful new tokens with differing missions. Joining the fray is the upcoming project Crave Media, a social media brand that has thrived in the food industry.

Crave Media is a brand that comes from the brilliant mind of Hunter Banks, who has been involved in restaurants and restaurant media for over a decade. The brand was developed to connect people to them, giving them something exciting. However, through the years, the food industry evolved.

While good food can still be found, brands have evolved to the point where chefs are no longer just cooks but develop into famous personalities. Food brands have also been connecting with their audience to the point that customers become obsessed with having their food in their everyday lives. With their public experiences, restaurants function a certain way that can be sold to the masses. 

“I wanted to get food or experiences that nobody else could get, like tasting menu items before they showed up on the menu or learning from chefs how to make a world-famous cake,” explained Hunter. “But restaurants aren’t able to offer it to the masses.”

With the world turning over a new leaf and entering a digital era, Crave Media has decided to join in on the latest trend by becoming the first NFT company in the food industry. The brand is ready to launch with the top restaurant brands offering exclusive access to exclusive events and food. In addition, NFT collectors will gain first-class access to the restaurants and personalities collaborating with Crave Media, welcoming them to the community.

“It’s like receiving a Digital Happy Meal as a reward. Our goal is to offer the value of NFTs and include a tangible, real-life experience that is limited to a small group of people,” Hunted elaborated. “Imagine receiving free burritos for life from your favorite burrito store, learning from world-class chefs how to make a delicious dish, or getting reservations to a Michelin star restaurant that is impossible to get into.”

Despite the number of NFT brands available in the digital space, Crave Media holds a certain edge over other brands by providing real-life experiences to their NFT collectors. A majority of NFT brands offer the value of digital art as if it were a piece of work that can be hung on the wall. Still, their art is owned in digital form with proof of ownership in the blockchain, but Crave Media operates like Vee Friends, an NFT brand that offers exclusive access to conferences. Crave Media will allow holders access to the top restaurant brands, food brands, chefs, personalities, and more.

“It’s all about doing things in the food industry, and others won’t have access to doing unless they own an NFT we sell,” said Hunter.

Although there is still much work to do, Hunter Banks is optimistic about the future of Crave Media and foresees the brand becoming the largest NFT company in the food industry, working as a top restaurant in the world.Learn more about Crave Media by visiting their official website.

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