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CPAC’s Jan. 6 Exhibit Becomes the Central Attraction Over the Weekend

An exhibit took place the past weekend at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Texas, and one performance art stood out among the arrangements.

The art

The conversation on the show involved a mock dungeon with a barefoot artist in orange robes.

The artist also wore an easily recognizable red hat with “Make America Great Again” printed in white.

During the exhibition, the speakers were distributed to the general public. Recordings of the moving testimonies of the accused of the January 6 riots were then reproduced.


Michael Leuffone, director of the School of Education at St. Mary’s University in Minnesota, saw the exhibit and described it as “compelling.”

“It’s stunning, really,” Lovren said.

Freelance journalist Laura Jeeded attended the party on Friday to take over the MAGA booth. He called it “the most astonishing thing.”

Nied also said it was like a silent disco, but “instead of dancing, just stand there and watch this man cry.”

“What I need you to understand is that I stood here for about half an hour yesterday and this guy NEVER broke character,” Jeeded tweeted.

“He wept sitting on the bench. He wept sitting on the floor. He tallied on a chalkboard set up for the [sic] purpise.”

While the show’s theatrical rush sparked online ridicule, attendees reacted differently to the CPAC.

“The crowd was somber as they studied the man in the cage and listened to the audio of people arrested for Jan. 6-related crimes on the headset,” revealed Jeeded.

“No one else seemed to find it particularly funny.”

The concept

The artwork is believed to have been designed to appeal to those who believe that those involved in the January 6 riots should not be jailed for attacking the Capitol.

Despite a Justice Department investigation and committee hearing on Jan.6, many Trump supporters still believe the Mafia has done nothing wrong.

The artist

Behind the cell was Brandon Straka, a former New York hairdresser turned pro-Trump activist.

Straka is also the founder of the non-profit organization Walk Away, an organization that encourages people to leave the Democratic Party.

Earlier this year, Straka was sentenced to three years in prison after admitting to being a member of a pro-Trump gang and encouraging attacks on the Capitol.

He underwent lengthy court oversight, but Judge Dabney Friedrich ruled that a three-year probationary period was necessary.

The judge also ordered him to be under house arrest for three months and to pay a $ 5,000 fine.

Despite his conviction, Brandon Straka has been described as a “snitch” and a “traitor” for his association with the FBI.

Straka provided vital information on pro-Trump “Stop the Steal” organizers Ali Alexander, Amy, Kylie Kramer and Cindy Chafian.

He also helped the FBI identify potential suspects who weren’t under their radar.


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