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Controversial influencer Andrew Tate shuts down his program Hustlers University

Andrew Tate, a popular internet figure, recently faced a backlash that ultimately led to the termination of his affiliate program, Hustler University.

Hustlers University

Hustlers University is an online course developed by Tate that promises to bring people financial freedom.

The official site appeals to the naive with videos of exotic cars and yachts filled with beautiful women.

Hustlers University is designed as an online educational program with no institutional accreditation, where members pay monthly fees for cryptocurrency, e-commerce, and stock market consulting.

The marketing program has been a major contributor to Andrew Tate’s viral success, encouraging members to recommend others and share videos of him for a commission.

In June, Tate said the course had more than 80,000 members, but outlets like Insider couldn’t independently verify the number.

Critics have criticized Hustlers University and called it a scam.

After banning Tate from Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok last week, the program was shut down.

The Guardian conducted an investigation and suggested that Hustlers University stop this program as it has no future.

The closure of Hustlers University means that Tate’s revenue will suffer a major loss, while membership stats jumped from 127,000 to 109,000 in the past two weeks.

A post on the program’s community forum reassured subscribers that an exciting update is coming, presumably Hustlers University 3.0.

Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate is a social media influencer and former professional kickboxer who has been around online for a few months.

He joined Big Brother in 2016 but was removed from the program after a video surfaced showing him allegedly assaulting a woman.

According to the BBC, Tate called the video a “total lie” to make it look ugly and said it had been edited.

Ban on social media

Tate’s popularity stems from the ideologies he shared, most of which are misogynistic. The content includes advice for young men, spewing out misogynistic and violent comments about women.

As a result, the influencer was banned on several platforms.

A spokesperson for Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, said his accounts were suspended because “misogyny is a hateful ideology that is not tolerated on TikTok.”

They also said they would investigate its contents.

The spokesperson also said that Tate violated the policy relating to dangerous organizations and individuals, citing the policy on hate speech.

TikTok released a statement stating:

“We continually look to strengthen our policies and enforcement strategies, including more safeguards to our recommendation system, as part of our work to keep TikTok a safe and inclusive space for our community.”


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