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Companies with Abortion-Related Benefits Lambasted by the GOP

The US Supreme Court passed the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, making waves throughout the country and raising concerns regarding safer abortions. However, major US companies have stepped up, improving their benefits to give employees the access they need.

The major companies may be earning praises from people throughout the country, but the Republican Party have been reportedly discontent with corporate America, especially with how close they are to winning back the US House later in the fall.

Conservatives are criticizing the companies’ pledge, which sees employees and dependents getting coverage for travel expenses going outside their state for an abortion. Lawmakers suggested that they improve their parental leave policies instead of the abortion-related benefits.

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The dissension started as early as May when a draft opinion in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case was leaked. Republican members of the Texas Legislature wrote a letter to transport services company Lyfy, informing them they would introduce bills in the next legislative session targeting companies that still offer abortion-related benefits in Texas.

“After Dobbs, the alliance between social conservatives and neoliberal corporatists in the GOP is over,” said Republic Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri. “Look no further than mega-corporations caving to the far-left and offering to cover all abortion-related expenses for their employees.”

“Republicans sought to focus on pro-family policies to support mothers and their children, not corporate welfare for big business and the ultra-wealthy.”

When major companies made the announcement to implement abortion-related travel benefits, critics were quick to chime in with their thoughts.

Most critics are under the impression that it is a hostile move towards social conservatism by boardrooms across the country. They also see it as part of a growing trend wherein companies are more susceptible to progressive causes and political activism.

In the past, the GOP were supportive and promoted tax cuts and subsidies that benefited major businesses and allowed industry money to flow, but the recent decision to implement abortion-related benefits have caused an uproar from Republicans, especially those with presidential ambitions like Hawley.

Heritage Action for America’s Jessica Anderson pointed out how Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis moved to disintegrate Disney’s special governing powers in April, viewing that move as retaliation to the company’s opposition to a GOP-backed law, which restricts lessons in public schools that focus on sexual orientation and gender identity for students as early as kindergarten up to the third grade.

The Florida Governor is considered by many as a hero for his clash with Disney and tipped as a top contender for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination. DeSantis also led a poll in June by the University of New Hampshire for potential 2024 GOP presidential hopefuls.

“I think conservative voters see the action these companies are taking, and it’s one more thing that adds to their frustration,” offered Anderson. “If the November election goes the way we think it will, there will be a huge mandate for elected officials up and down the ballot to take seriously these companies going so woke.”

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