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Cognitive Coaching Candles LLC Alleviates Negativities with Aromatherapy

For centuries, aromatherapy has helped people enhance both their physical and emotional health by using natural scents and extracts to promote health and wellness. Youlanda Bobb, a special education teacher and mother of two, began using therapeutic oils to enhance the moods of her students with the help of a diffuser in the classroom. Today, her mission expanded to change lives across the country through her company Cognitive Coaching Candles LLC.

Cognitive Coaching Candles LLC is a women-led company specializing in aromatherapy. The founder, Youlanda Bobb, believes that a single scent is capable of shifting someone’s mood instantaneously. Leading her small team of candle gurus, the CEO is changing lives by providing a more holistic approach towards achieving wellness and helps people feel their best at all times. 

“Our company focuses on holistic alternatives when it comes to aromatherapy. Our candles are made with love from the best ingredients around the world that provides the potency and soothing experiences,” shares the CEO. Cognitive Coaching Candles LLC stays true to using all-natural essential oils from upcycled trees and flowers from various corners of the world—Africa, Asia, Poland, Ethiopia, France, and other countries. 

Cognitive Coaching Candles LLC believes that deriving materials from nature are one of the best ways for people to reconnect with their consciousness and inner peace. The company aims to help people obtain mindfulness about their career, personal life, and surroundings by fully connecting with each of them. With every candle, they enhance people’s quality and life and provide them with a space of clarity to make the most out of every day. 

Among the company’s signature scents, Kick Back, a bestseller among mothers who wanted to try meditating with their children. The candle, filled with peppermint essential oils, are known for enhancing cognitive performance and reducing mental fatigue. It also contains lavender, a powerful scent against anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness, making it suitable for homes. Another bestseller for children is the Nero-transmitter, known for uplifting feelings of anxiousness, bad moods, and stress.

Besides relaxing scents, Cognitive Coaching Candles LLC is also known for its products’ versatility. Users can use the candles in more ways than one. They can apply the butter or wax to their skin, lips, and scalp, providing a soothing, calming sensation. “Each candle is beautifully garnished with herbs and infused with Shea butter, safflower, almond oil, etc.,” says Youlanda, making the products safe for everyone. Containing the best nutrients from natural sources, every candle from the company is indeed family-friendly, eco-friendly, and effective.

From yogis, mothers, children, and individuals looking into ways to lighten up their environment, Cognitive Coaching Candles LLC has changed thousands of lives across the country. Youlanda and her team are continually motivated by the love and praise they are receiving from their customers, making their mission even more meaningful. In five years, the CEO aims to see their candles in racks of leading retail distributors in the country to reach more customers who can benefit from aromatherapy. 

Especially amid challenging times, Cognitive Coaching Candles LLC is helping customers from coast to coast alleviate stress and negative feelings, one scent at a time. Learn more about the company on its website.