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Cinder Fae NFTs Offer a Sprawling World to Investors on the Day of Minting

The meteoric rise of NFTs has brought about numerous changes in how we interact with digital art and how we can foster a community of like-minded individuals to collaborate towards a common goal. The elusive Cinder Fae NFT is a striking example of how blockchain technology is driving change and progress in our world today, pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the metaverse and within our physical world as well.

The Cinder Fae are a collection of 11,111 exclusive avatars designed and curated by veteran artists and game designers, and they’re ready to enter the virtual world of Cinder the same day they’re minted on the eco-friendly Solana blockchain. Over 150 traits of varying rarity have been randomly distributed across nine categories of differentiation, guaranteeing that each will be a completely unique work of digital art. But while the Cinder Fae project stands out visually with its striking character design and attention to detail, what really separates these NFTs from other collections is their immediate utility. 

Most NFT projects aspire to become video games, with roadmaps that promote their sale to investors with promises of future utility in games yet to be developed. But where other brands produce and tokenize NFT characters first, sell them, then set to work building a virtual world for them to inhabit, the developers of Cinder decided this process was backwards. 

“We built the world and the Fae together and turned them loose in there to look around and make the place presentable,” said Clark Stacey, CEO of Cinder developer WildWorks. “Now we’re going to tokenize them.”

Cinder NFT owners will enjoy many benefits, including exclusive day-one access to the Cinder metaverse, a community tag on Discord, surprise airdrops, exclusive events in Cinder and the real, early access to new features, whitelist access to future drops, and much more. At launch, NFT holders will find a beautiful and fully functional world where its inhabitants can interact through chatting, direct messaging, and avatar animations. Later in 2022 WildWorks will release a proprietary set of in-world creative tools enabling owners to design and customize their own avatars, social spaces, and other items in Cinder, which they can tokenize as new NFTs and sell for cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, early investors will still have the advantage of owning one of a kind avatars that will forever be unique and instantly recognizable.

“We are advancing towards an interconnected web of virtual worlds called the metaverse, where anyone will be able to find a virtual home,” said Stacey. “Cinder is a home base for the nomadic vanguard of digital humanity; the jesters, world builders, and storytellers who hail from Chaotic Neutral but aspire to Chaotic Good. This world is open to anyone who’s seeking an online community deeper than text threads and knows at least two terrible jokes.”

Cinder will be a place for everyone who wants to find their tribe of creative collaborators or for those who just want to hang out with interesting people in a 24/7 festival that’s a feast for the senses. 

Cinder aims to take NFT enthusiasts, gamers, and investors closer to this vision of a crypto-native social hub, creative commons, and free-form MMO community that will empower users in unprecedented ways. The Cinder Fae will provide holders with a foot in the door to this new world, enabling them to be among the first to enter what many analysts describe as the next digital frontier. 

Learn more about Cinder by visiting their official website. You can also stay updated by following the project on Instagram and Twitter or joining their Discord server.

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