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Champions League Final Chaos Opens the Door for NFT Integration

The final of the Champions League had to be delayed after it became apparent that many people were trying in vain to get in despite counterfeit tickets. In addition to the long queue, gatecrashers caused major delays and created an unsafe environment, which led French authorities to eventually step in with force.

The French government has considered implementing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for ticketing at sports events in order to improve security.

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The chaotic scene at the European final was only matched by an embarrassing setback for authorities when police turned to tear gas in their attempt to restore order. The resulting delay caused mass confusion and frustration among fans who had traveled from all over Europe just to be there, also embarrassing authorities.

The country revealed that it plans to integrate NFT tickets for the 2023 Rugby World Cup and 2024 Paris Olympics.

The French Government has sent a report recommending steps that may be taken in order to prevent another chaotic episode like those seen at past sporting events. One recommendation includes universal use NFT ticketing.

The implementation of this new ticketing system ahead of the rugby event and Olympics would make it possible to “prefigure planned systems,” said Cadot in his report. This means that they are able break into working methods with ease by implementing what he calls “a multi-factor management approach.”

The French government is looking into using blockchain technology to issue non-transferable digital tickets that can be distributed via SMS before events, and they’ll only work within a security zone around the venue.

ticketing with NFTs will create a higher level of security and prevent scalping, which is good for both sponsors as well as the attendees. 

NFTs are more than just an investment opportunity, they can provide other functions like access to VIP areas or receipts for souvenir items.

The use of ticketing for sporting events is one way NFTs can make their way into the world. They have been part of the digital landscape since 2020 when it became popular, but now they’ve grown more common and may even include fan engagement like voting or access to physical collectibles.

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