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Cell-Inspired NFT Project Divinity Cells Showcases Its Artistry and Intricacies

Image Commercially Licensed
Image Commercially Licensed

The NFT world continues to expand as more people become educated in the branding power and utility found in blockchain-based innovation. Accordingly, people are always looking out for the next big NFT project. One name that collectors should keep in mind is a project called Divinity Cells, which promises all kinds of exciting projects and campaigns.

Divinity Cells is a massive collection of 8,000 NFTs inspired by cells that live in the Ethereum ecosystem. The founding team has imagined and illustrated what some of the cells that inhabit unknown galaxies in our Universe might look like. The Cells or the artworks are unique and different from the current NFT climate. Each Cell has been artistically and individually crafted, with unique textures, shapes, sizes, and colors, categorized into different groups. The core team conceived the NFT art as an interactive tool, diving deep into the cells and unearthing the mysteries they hold. As a result, some cells will evolve together and create new works of art, which users can showcase in a new collection.

Every Cell is made with intricate details with the capacity to zoom in on every NFT artwork and discover the beauties and mysteries hidden inside them.

“Divinity Cells are cells of unknown origins, with endless colors, shapes and sizes—a creative combination between artificial intelligence and human design. We created and customized each cell individually, to make our collection as unique as possible. As a result, the collection will eventually become more and more exclusive. When mutations start, the Divinity Cells collection will decrease from 8000 to 1788 unique Cells,” says the founding team of this unique NFT Project. 

One of the unique features of this NFT is a Treasure Hunt. This is where only Divinity Cells holders will be able to participate and enjoy its privilege. It will be an interactive activity of searching for clues and icons hidden within the depths of various Cells. Holders will have the chance to win more than a hundred NFT and crypto prizes in the Treasure Hunt, including up to 1 BTC.

In this massive NFT collection, there are three types of Cells: Singular Cells, Double Cells, and Legendary Cells. Singular cells are 1,553 unique cells and have a family with 4 clones, making up 7765 cells for the entire collection. Singular cells will be able to evolve together, by combining 2 cells of the same family. The mutated cells will burn and create new evolutionary NFT artworks in a new collection. Double cells are 225 unique Cells that can mutate by themselves, creating new works of art, while preserving the original. Finally, the Legendary Cells are ten individual cells with no clones. They will be the most valuable and sought after in the entire collection. Legendary Cells can also mutate by themselves, just like the Double Cells, while preserving the original cells.

“We are a close-knit community, welcoming of all, however, our project would most likely appeal to NFT, crypto, Metaverse enthusiasts, as well as people who are interested in stocks and investments, technology, art and science,” said the founding team. The project’s community is on Discord, Twitter, and Instagram.

The NFT team is made up of eleven members and all with different backgrounds residing in America and Europe. They have common interests and goals such as revolutionizing the world of art by creating a remarkable experience.