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Celebrity Stylist Martino Cartier Moves Beyond Past Hurts to Become a Successful Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

Many people go through pain and hurt early on in life that paralyzes their confidence and drive to succeed. But some move beyond past wounds and find a way to overcome trials and succeed despite the circumstances they face. One such individual is Martino Cartier, whose success story has inspired many to conquer despite their challenges. 

Martino is at the helm of one of the most prestigious styling brands in the country. Since his rise to prominence, he and his companies have become a beacon of quality and excellence. The styling expert is the brain and vision behind the Martino Cartier Salon, a 50-station facility that has become one of New Jersey’s most prestigious styling centers. He also founded Martino by Martino Cartier, an award-winning line of hair tools and products that have appeared on various news channels and publications. In fact, his brand is the number one hair tool brand on HSN.

Martino’s rise to become a celebrity-status stylist was not easy. Early on in life, he struggled with many trials. From birth, Martino went into foster care, and although he arrived in a loving home, he always felt drawn to his roots. Throughout his teenage years, he struggled to find his biological parents. Martino also dealt with constant bullying, which drove Martino to depression. But his resilience paid off when he found his biological mother in a Cinderella story marked by redemption and healing.

The entrepreneur owes much of his inner strength to the faith instilled in him growing up. One of the stories that greatly encouraged him at his lowest point was the story of Moses. He felt the similarities between him and the Bible character since another family also adopted Moses. He remembers scripture that affirms this by saying, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Martino looks back and agrees that his greatest triumphs came when he remained patient and still during his most significant trials.

These days, Martino has no trace of his broken past as he has completely overcome and turned the tide. He started his career in styling and rose through the ranks. For six years, Martino worked as the International Artistic Director for Keratin Complex. He later moved to Hothead, where he served as the Global Artistic Director for the company for two years. When he built the experience and confidence to venture out on his own, he started to build the Martino by Martino Cartier brand. 

Martino Cartier Salon remains to be the crown jewel of the enterprise. The business has appeared on Bravo TV, Modern Salon Magazine, Vogue, Launchpad, Behind the Chair, Salon Today, and The Golden Globes. During lockdowns, Martino took the time to reinvent the storefront and level up the whole customer experience. Upon re-opening, the salon saw its most successful week in twenty-two years, with clients flocking in even with social distancing and health safety guidelines in place. Martino looks to expand by hiring even more staff and salon professionals.

On top of his entrepreneurial work, he is also a philanthropist. Martino founded Wigs and Wishes, a non-profit organization that provides free wigs for women battling cancer. Through the program, Martino hopes to bring joy and confidence back to women who are going through one of the biggest challenges they face in life. He remembers what it’s like to struggle and looks to be a beacon of hope to those who need support. The non-profit provides over 25,000 wigs annually.

To learn more about Martino Cartier and his highly-successful businesses, visit the company’s website. You can also visit Wigs and Wishes’ official website to check out their charity work.