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Celebrate NFTs Drives Inclusivity Despite the Expanding Metaverse

Digitization has been an ongoing yet comprehensive process that the world has been going through for over a decade. And part of the digitization process is the change from the traditional way of doing things into a virtual and technology-based realm. Virtual reality, smart fridges, smartphones, cryptocurrency are some of the changes the metaverse continues to experience every day. As part of the digital revolution going on in the financial sector with introduction of decentralized financial (defi) which has cryptocurrencies leading the charge, the developers of Celebrate NFT have joined the expanding NFT space and are creating opportunities of owning digital assets to all and sundry. 

Celebrate NFT is the latest NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens on the market and like other tokens that have been released till date, Celebrate is built on a distinct blockchain and aims at serving as an alternative for crypto enthusiasts and investors to stake their claim in the NFT space beginning on November 12, with the release of the first 2,000 NFTs. The NFT according to the developers is planning on leading web 3.0 commerce by collaborating with top nft projects, brands, and influencers to make exclusive metaverse wearable and expand their brand IP and product into the metaverse. 

Although, the initial 2,000 NFTs ready for initial release represent 20% of the total 10,000 VIP membership NFT that would give the members of the Celebrate community exclusive access, extra benefits and most importantly give community members the opportunity to explore the growing metaverse. Once this is done, the next step features the second step of the roadmap which would see the release of the next 20% until the five stages of the roadmap is complete. 

As part of their contribution to the NFTs space and as a way of appreciating their would-be investors and holders, the Celebrate NFT team upon the release of their metaverse wearable collabs is set to give away to 200 VIP members, $500 in Ethereum. Achieving the next milestone of 80% sold out would be followed by a launch of the community dao where VIP holders will receive voting rights and nexperience tokenomics around the Celebrate NFT community as well as access to the Celebrate NFT VIP lounge on discord where giveaways, airdrops, and events within the community would be hosted. And once the NFT cracks the 100% sold out, one VIP member stands a chance of winning $100,000 in Ethereum. 

Celebrate NFT is the latest in the NFT space and has been described as the game-changer, especially with how the platform is structured as a mutually beneficial community, free for all and transparent, unlike several other tokens in the game today. Undoubtedly, Celebrate NFT is the token to own for anybody interested in the NFT space and the ever-expanding metaverse.

Ahead of the official launch, the Celebrate media team is hoping to engage the general public, particularly, NFT enthusiasts in conversations about how to make the community better. 

Be a part of the Celebrate community by visiting its website or joining conversations on social media via Twitter and Discord.

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