The Chicago Police prepares new database policy

Image source: Crain’s Chicago Businesses The Chicago Police Department will roll out a new system that tracks and identifies citizens if they are gang members. The system comes after more than three years after a city watchdog warned the records were riddled

Alex Jones remains unwelcome on Twitter

Image source: ABC News Alex Jones is one of the banned names on the popular social media platform Twitter for constantly spewing lies. While new owner Elon Musk lifted the ban on many suspended users, Jones remains on Twitter’s blacklist. Musk Last

Apple reportedly plans to bring changes to Siri

Image source: Shutterstock Apple has made a lot of innovations in 2022 so far, and they’re about to make another change with the Siri feature. The tech giant is reportedly planning to ditch “Hey.” The report Apple is allegedly training Siri, its

Elon Musk to find new source of revenue for Twitter

Image source: Fox Business Elon Musk has made significant changes to the popular social media platform Twitter since buying the company last week. After removing top executives from the company, Musk is now focusing on revenue from the platform. Twitter Blue As

Twitter suspends Kathy Griffin for posing as Musk

Image source: OK Magazine Twitter has a new owner, and although Elon Musk has promised free speech, there have already been numerous account suspensions. Comedian Kathy Griffin is among those whose account was suspended for impersonating the new owner of the popular

Elon Musk shares a conspiracy theory on Twitter

Image source: Architectural Digest Elon Musk has finally bought out the popular social media platform Twitter after six months of back-and-forth negotiations. His Twitter purchase was finalized last Thursday evening. Four days later, Musk appeared to believe in a conspiracy theory surrounding

E-rupees set to enter trials in India to boost economy

Image source: Hindustan Times The Reserve Bank of India recently announced plans to test e-rupees, a national cryptocurrency, with the support of the Central Bank of India. A paper released by the Reserve Bank of India claims they have developed a phased

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