Uber Launches Feature That Books New York Taxis

Photo: Getty Images Creative Mobile Technologies (CMT), the company responsible for the technology systems for the more than 13,000 New York City taxis, said that passengers can now book the iconic yellow taxis through the Uber app after CMT gained access to

Netflix Begins Plans to Charge for Password Sharing

Photo: Associated Press On Wednesday, Netflix said it will begin charging users who share passwords. Customers were outraged. Netflix said in a statement that, in the past, it has encouraged account sharing among its 222 million subscribers, with features such as profiles

Bad Bears Roars Its Way Into the NFT Scene

A year after they hit mainstream and captured the attention of even those who are not well-versed in the comings and goings of the digital asset industry, non-fungible tokens continue to hog the spotlight. Hand in hand with their growing prominence is

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