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Warin: Helping Regular People Accumulate Wealth

Today, more and more people see the need to invest their money to achieve financial stability and freedom even before they reach the retirement age. The stark reality of investing, however, is one must dedicate a lot of time to learn how

Metamorphosis: Droplets can be transferred through Sound Waves for Rewritable Lab-on-a-Chip Devices

Droplets – The new breed of engineers has demonstrated a versatile microfluidic lab-on-a-chip that uses sound waves to create tunnels in oil to digitally manipulate and transport droplets. It has developed vibrating transducers that create tunnels in a thin layer of oil to transport droplets across a chip with no amount of hint and traces.  The people this successful innovation are the engineers at Duke University. They have demonstrated a versatile microfluidic lab-on-a-chip that uses sound waves to create tunnels in oil that will transfer droplets effortlessly. The technology could form the basis of a small-scale, programmable, rewritable biomedical chip

8 Best laptops in 2020

Laptops have become more essential than ever for remote access to work, school, and web-based apps. Maximizing battery life becomes an even greater priority to make sure we remain connected to the rest of the world without interruption. These dozen laptops can keep you online and working longer when you need to be unplugged. Disclosure: ZDNet may earn an affiliate commission from some of the products featured on this page. ZDNet and the author were not compensated for this independent review. Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1 A business convertible laptop with a number of features — and a price tag to match

The 5 best smartphones that offer 5G

It’s easy to find a great phone these days but 5G support is one reason to buy a phone and be confident keeping it for two or three years. These are the top 5 phones that you’re looking for. 1. Samsung Galaxy S20/S20 Plus/S20 Ultra Samsung announced the Galaxy S20 series a month ago and phones are now available for consumers. After spending a couple of weeks with the S20 Ultra 5G, it is clear the phone is built for business and captures the crown for the best 5G device available today. An argument can be made that the S20 series isn’t the best

5 Best Antivirus Software and Apps in 2020

Are you having difficulty in choosing the best antivirus software? If you come to think of it, the internet offers a lot of best software and apps for Windows and Mac computers, as well as iOS and Android devices, to keep yourself safe from malware and viruses. Nowadays, it’s really hard to look for antivirus software than real-time protection against viruses and adds features such as password management, VPN, firewall, parental controls, internet security, and protection against identity theft.  And I know, choosing the right antivirus software package for you entails a lot of trial. Of course, you’ll gonna install

Top Best Automatic Cat Feeders You Can Buy on Amazon

Cat Feeder – Are you a cat lover? Well, having cats is like having your own child and we cannot help ourselves to spoil them with all our might. However, you can’t really go out without ensuring they have sitters or someone can feed them and give them water when you’re not home. But in the event no one is around to care for them, what can you do? Well, the solution is here. Thank heavens that technology always save us. Moreover, you don’t have to look for babysitters or to a pet boarding that costs a lot. All you

The Technology that will break boundaries this 2020

We live in an age of marvels and technology is everywhere. Technology is everything and we could not agree more. From our homes that give convenience when we cook, clean, do the laundry, and gives us entertainment whenever we feel empty, in our cars with safety features that warn us about vehicles in adjacent lanes. Also, it’s on our television sets, where many of us are streaming shows and movies through apps and we even wear devices for health and security purposes.  Virtual Assistants Amazon, Apple and Google have battled to become the center of our homes these past few years Their virtual