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CPAC’s Jan. 6 Exhibit Becomes the Central Attraction Over the Weekend

An exhibit took place the past weekend at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Texas, and one performance art stood out among the arrangements.

The art

The conversation on the show involved a mock dungeon with a barefoot artist in orange robes.

The artist also wore an easily recognizable red hat with “Make America Great Again” printed in white.

During the exhibition, the speakers were distributed to the general public. Recordings of the moving testimonies of the accused of the January 6 riots were then reproduced.


Michael Leuffone, director of the School of Education at St. Mary’s University in Minnesota, saw the exhibit and described it as “compelling.”

“It’s stunning, really,” Lovren said.

Freelance journalist Laura Jeeded attended the party on Friday to take over the MAGA booth. He called it “the most astonishing thing.”

Nied also said it was like a silent disco, but “instead of dancing, just stand there and watch this man cry.”

“What I need you to understand is that I stood here for about half an hour yesterday and this guy NEVER broke character,” Jeeded tweeted.

“He wept sitting on the bench. He wept sitting on the floor. He tallied on a chalkboard set up for the [sic] purpise.”

While the show’s theatrical rush sparked online ridicule, attendees reacted differently to the CPAC.

“The crowd was somber as they studied the man in the cage and listened to the audio of people arrested for Jan. 6-related crimes on the headset,” revealed Jeeded.

“No one else seemed to find it particularly funny.”

The concept

The artwork is believed to have been designed to appeal to those who believe that those involved in the January 6 riots should not be jailed for attacking the Capitol.

Despite a Justice Department investigation and committee hearing on Jan.6, many Trump supporters still believe the Mafia has done nothing wrong.

The artist

Behind the cell was Brandon Straka, a former New York hairdresser turned pro-Trump activist.

Straka is also the founder of the non-profit organization Walk Away, an organization that encourages people to leave the Democratic Party.

Earlier this year, Straka was sentenced to three years in prison after admitting to being a member of a pro-Trump gang and encouraging attacks on the Capitol.

He underwent lengthy court oversight, but Judge Dabney Friedrich ruled that a three-year probationary period was necessary.

The judge also ordered him to be under house arrest for three months and to pay a $ 5,000 fine.

Despite his conviction, Brandon Straka has been described as a “snitch” and a “traitor” for his association with the FBI.

Straka provided vital information on pro-Trump “Stop the Steal” organizers Ali Alexander, Amy, Kylie Kramer and Cindy Chafian.

He also helped the FBI identify potential suspects who weren’t under their radar.


Jan. 6 ‘prison’ exhibit at CPAC causes stir

Bizarre CPAC exhibit features Jan 6 ‘prisoner’ behind bars and silent disco headphones

A judge unleashed a tirade on a prominent Jan 6. Defendant for his post-plea comments

Breast Reduction surgery touted as receiving the most patient satisfaction? Consider Breast Reduction | Dr. Adam Kinal

Even though the trend of breast enhancements has taken the world by storm, there are those that are not so happy with their naturally large breasts. Wondering why? The fact is that being well-endowed might be ruining the quality of life – to be more precise, destroying your back daily. Millions of women struggle with the burden of large breasts every day. Luckily, there are several ways to reduce the size and weight of your breasts, from diet and exercise to surgery. However, breast reduction surgery is a sure-shot way to help reduce the size of your breasts. This is where Dr. Adam Kinal comes in and saves the day.

An expert cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Kinal has been committed to enhancing his clients’ natural beauty through careful and long-term tested systematic procedures. He is renowned in California, Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia for implementing various successful procedures that produce exceptional results, along with boosting self-confidence and improving one’s appearance. 

It’s no secret that having large breasts can be a pain in the neck (literally and figuratively). If you’re one of the many women who suffer from large, heavy breasts, you know the pain and discomfort they can cause. From backaches and neck pain to indentations in your shoulders from your bra straps, large breasts can take a toll on your body. 

Oversized breasts can be a nuisance when it comes to ruining your back, resulting in severe backaches. If you’re tired of dealing with the daily struggles of having large breasts, then it might be time to consider breast reduction surgery. By going under the knife to reduce the size of your breasts, you can finally say goodbye to your back problems.

Most patients report excellent results from breast reduction surgery and often return to their normal activities within a few weeks. If you are considering this type of surgery, be sure to consult with Dr. Kinal to discuss your specific goals and expectations. He can surely help you achieve the results you desire. As far as his success rate as a plastic surgeon is concerned, Dr. Kinal is very successful, and in fact, patients love their results. This success rate has made him a highly sought-after surgeon in the United States.

Dr. Adam Kinal is a Board-Certified Surgeon and fellowship trained in Cosmetic Surgery who understands the struggles that come with having large breasts. He offers the procedure of breast reduction as a way to help women get what they’ve always wanted – breasts that are smaller in size. Moreover, he recommends that it is very important that patients follow a strict diet of lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, probiotics, good hydration, absolutely NO smoking, and limit alcohol, sodas, and processed foods once the surgery is done. Light exercise is advised after a few weeks, but it is essential to move a little after surgery for blood circulation. Once patients are healed, they should protect their investment by working out, eating healthy, and staying hydrated. 

According to Dr. Adam Kinal, breast reduction surgery involves removing excess tissue and skin from the breasts and can also include repositioning the nipples and areolas. This type of surgery can be performed as an outpatient procedure, and it usually takes about two to three hours to complete.

After the surgery, you will need to wear a surgical bra for about four weeks. You will also have some drains placed under your arms to help collect any fluid that may accumulate. These drains will be removed after a few days.

If you’re ready to take the next step, contact Dr. Adam Kinal’s clinic today to schedule a consultation with him. He will be happy to answer any questions you have and help you determine if breast reduction is right for you. You won’t regret it!​

Scott Waltman: How this psychologist is helping people through memes

Scott Waltman is an author, international trainer and clinical psychologist who specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). He went to graduate school at Pacific University in Oregon, and did his predoctoral internship at the Colorado Mental health Institute in Pueblo. After that, Scott completed his postdoctoral fellowship at UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, California. From there, he started working at the University of Pennsylvania, where he worked as a cognitive behavior therapy trainer under Dr. Aaron T. Beck, the originator of cognitive therapy and one of the most influential and famous psychiatrists of all time.

Working with Dr. Beck, Scott Waltman realized that Socratic questioning was a common challenge for clinicians. He, along with Dr. Aaron T. Beck, then studied how expert clinicians use Socratic questioning and put that information together to create a new format for teaching Socratic questioning to clinicians. Their framework was designed to both correct the common mistakes that people make and train clinicians to use the chronic question in a way consistent with an expert therapist. 

“While I presented this model at various international conferences to help with the uptake, we found that a number of clinicians we wanted to reach weren’t attending conferences. So we had to think of creative ways to reach clinicians who are normally difficult to reach,” shared Scott Waltman. “This is how I decided to start my Instagram page ‘socraticmethodcbt’. It’s a mix of memes and educational materials geared towards therapists and mental health advocates,” he added.

Though meant for therapists and clinicians, his memes are widely followed by the masses in general since it provides a lighter way to address their issues, normalizing the concept of mental health issues. The page is full of amusing memes and helpful tips with the intention of making useful information accessible in a format that is not only engaging but also entertaining. 

There is no doubt that memes have become a common way of communication in this day and age. Even when you don’t talk to your friends or relatives for weeks, you find a relevant meme to share with them. It’s a conversation starter and also a way to show others they are remembered. The fact is that memes have garnered immense attention over the past few years, and with social media becoming such an important part of our lives, the craze for fun content has increased exponentially. 

Where mental health issues are still considered taboo in some parts of the world, and people avoid talking about their problems for fear of being labeled, Scott Waltman has come up with an interesting and informative way to spread awareness about mental issues. People can associate with his posts and realize what they are going through, all the while taking useful tips to help them cope with their day-to-day lives. 

Scott Waltman’s book, ‘Socratic Questioning for Therapists and Counselors: Learn How to Think and Intervene Like a Cognitive Behavior Therapist’ has gained international support from therapists around the world. Through this book, readers will learn how to apply his framework to specialty populations, such as patients with borderline personality disorder who receive dialectical behavior therapy. Apart from that, additional chapters contain explicit guidance on how to layer intervention to transform core beliefs and schema. This book is a must-read for therapists in training, early career professionals, supervisors, trainers, and any clinician looking to refine and enhance their ability to use Socratic strategies to bring about lasting change.

The expert psychologist believes that mindset is essential but not as important as the actions you take. “I am not an affirmations person because, in my experience, people often do not believe the affirmations they say,” shared Scott. “Instead what I find is often, when someone is looking to make changes in their life, the feelings are the last thing to change. What is important is to set a direction and take action. As someone takes action, the circumstances of their life will change too. As the circumstances of their life change, the narrative and emotions will catch up. It is all interconnected,” he added.

Scott Waltman is board certified in CBT by the American Board of Professional Psychology. He is also a fellow diplomat and a certified trainer consultant for the Academy of Cognitive Behavior Therapy. He also sits on the Board of The Academy of Cognitive and Behavioral 

Therapy and the International Association of Cognitive and Behavior Therapies. With vast experience in studying, practicing and then training therapists, he understands the importance of cognitive behavioral therapy and its life-changing impact on people’s lives. Be it his serious therapy sessions or interactive yet fun memes, all his work is based on helping people get better control over their emotions and have a healthy, constructive and positive mind. 

Flawless Skin Hacks: Best Tips by Nutritionist Ann Claiborne for Glowing Skin

While everyone has a go-to cosmetic product for achieving glowing skin, there’s no denying that beauty comes from what we consume. Monitoring your nutrition intake feeds the skin – giving you an everlasting glow. Having said that, reversing aging effects on the skin isn’t possible. But you can certainly slow down this process by adopting a holistic approach that protects your skin from the inside out. 

Ann Claiborne, Celebrity Nutritionist, believes that many of us have skin concerns like hormonal breakouts, excess oil, or fine wrinkles that can result in a lack of confidence and increased insecurities. She shares her top skin hacks to help her clients achieve their desired glow. Here’s a look into what Ann suggests for people facing skin problems. 

5 Hacks for a Youthful Skin 

The secret to staying young forever isn’t in a magic potion. It’s basically what you consume and in what portion. 

  • Keep Your Water Bottle Close 

Water flushes the toxins and impurities from your body and hydrates the skin making it appear plump and more youthful. Ann says, “Start your day with a tall glass of water but don’t stop there. She encourages her active clients to aim for a gallon of water a day. Although it may seem excessive at first, you will soon see the multiple benefits.

Water balances your body’s pH levels, keeping your skin fresh and youthful. In fact, pH levels range from 0-14, with 0 being acidic and 14 containing the highest alkaline levels. “Washing your skin after using cosmetic products is a healthy practice leading to healthy skin. A pH range of 5 is ideal for treating your skin from the outside,” she adds. 

  • Add Five Portions of Veggies to Your Diet 

Gut health is critical to great skin. The increased fiber intake keeps your gut healthy and your skin glowing. According to Ann, adding greens and beans to your diet will help rejuvenate the skin because they prevent cellular damage. In addition to that, eating a wide range of colorful vegetables boost normal cellular development and improves your skin tone. 

  • Stock Up on Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is a popular antioxidant that protects the skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and stimulates proteins that serve as your skin’s main building block. Ann suggests incorporating kiwi, mango, citrus fruits and broccoli in your diet as they are loaded with vitamin C. Apart from protecting the skin from photo-aging, vitamin C also increases your skin’s regeneration ability from blemishes and strengthens the blood capillaries, which also helps if you bruise easily. 

  • Eat Healthy Fats 

Contrary to popular belief, eating healthy fats is a good practice when you are on a diet. On top of that, healthy fats act as a natural moisturizer for your skin, keeping it supple and elastic. Healthy fats are found in nuts, seeds, coconuts, fatty fish and avocado. Adding them to your diet may help prevent skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. 

  • Control Your Hormones with Tofu and Tempeh 

Hormonal imbalance is the primary cause of skin damage because your body releases too many toxic substances through your skin pores. Balanced hormones can result in less emotional stress, and we all know stress causes wrinkles. Natural compounds (phytoestrogens) found in plants balance your hormones. Ann says, “There are 500 species of bacteria in your gut; it’s a huge chemical factory that helps you digest food, absorb vitamins and regulate hormones.” 

Adding Tofu and Tempeh to your diet can significantly reduce hormonal imbalance because it contains phytoestrogens that mimic similar functions to human estrogens. In addition, eating Tofu and Tempeh should be standard practice for aging women. A common myth is that women should not consume soy products because it leads to breast cancer. Recent studies have proven this is NOT the case. On the contrary, consuming soy in moderation is excellent for women.

  • Limit Processed Foods

We have all heard the saying, ‘you are what you eat’, and this bears some truth. If you consume saturated fats, and highly processed foods, even those marketed as ‘healthy’, you will not only feel bad but also negatively affect your skin. Ann’s rule of thumb is to consume things as close to the way Mother Nature made them for better health and glowing skin.

Celebrity Nutritionist Ann Claiborne says, “The key is to start small, stay consistent, develop systems and think long-term.” Following these tips can definitely help you achieve glowing and supple skin. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, give it a try and see the magic! 

How to Encourage Your Kids to Stay Active as Temperatures Drop

As the seasons change and the temperature plummets, many people struggle to stay active, and kids are no exception. Ensuring their kids’ physical fitness is already a priority for many parents, but cold weather and darkness make it harder. Impromptu games of kickball, long bike rides, and afternoons spent in the pool disappear along with the summer sunshine.  

If you’re reading this, you might be at a loss for ideas on how to keep your kids active in the wintertime. Here are a few methods of doing just that.

Gamify Their Activities

One way to help kids keep on the move is to gamify their experience. Gamification is the practice of structuring a task by providing clear objectives and rewarding the completion of those objectives. For example, an objective could be to take 10,000 steps every day. This objective is identifiable, trackable, and can easily be subdivided into 1,000-step increments. The final component of gamification is to construct a point system that rewards your child for completing their goal.

Providing satisfying and meaningful rewards is the most important part of any gamification system. If you do this properly, the brain will release dopamine, a feel-good hormone that encourages your child to repeat the action or activity. One style of reward system is to use a point-tracking chart that hangs on the fridge in the kitchen. Every time your child reaches the 10,000-step goal, award them a sticker they can place proudly on their chart. When they reach a certain amount of stickers, say 10, give them a reward like a toy or meal of their choosing.

It can be difficult for kids to stay motivated to complete long-term goals. This is especially true of goals like staying active, which may seem unimportant to them. Gamification will give your child tangible goals that will naturally encourage them to seek out movement. You can even go digital and use a smart watch for kids, which comes with these gamified systems built in. Gamification is an amazing way to help your kids stay motivated all year long, even in the less hospitable winter months.

Enroll Them In Social Activities

It’s no secret that children love to socialize. But winter can be tough for them because it’s much harder to play with their friends during dark, cold days. Think back to when you were a child, and remember how eternally long time used to feel. It’s no wonder that kids can become demotivated and stagnant in the depths of winter. So a great way to boost their spirits and keep them moving is to enroll them in social activities.

Every child is different and thus will have different preferences, so think of your child’s likes and dislikes. Does your child love to play games outside, or are they more of a bookworm? Do they like activities with lots of structure, or do they prefer to go with the flow? Depending on your child’s individual preferences, search for different movement-oriented activities that align with them.

For example, if your child likes structure and heavy physical play, team sports might be excellent for them. While many sports are warm-weather activities, there are tons that have their main season during the winter. Basketball, hockey, squash, swimming, and, of course, alpine sports are just a few options. On the other hand, if your child likes to express their more creative side, you could sign them up for dance or theater classes. When in doubt, ask what kinds of activities their friends are participating in so they can join, too.

Make Screen Time Count

If encouraging your kids to engage in physical activity is a struggle, consider what might be demotivating them in the first place. One of the biggest wintertime traps for everyone is overindulgence in screen time. It’s easy to remain glued to the couch for another round of your new game or episode of your favorite show. And again, kids are no exception, especially when it’s dark, windy, and cold outside.

Before issuing screen time limits out of nowhere, have a conversation with your kids. Explain to them the importance of balancing screen time with other activities. Discuss how to stay fit throughout life, even during winter, and why it might be challenging. Ask what they like about using screens and how much time each day they think is appropriate. While you have the final say as the parent, they will feel more respected when you involve them in this conversation.

Rather than eliminating screen time altogether, think of ways to make it count. Take a look at the programs and games your kids are watching and playing and see whether there’s a more active alternative. For example, if your child watches a lot of shows, are there kids’ exercise programs they — and even you — might enjoy? Or if your child likes to play games, playing virtual reality or exercise games could get them up and moving. The best part about this balanced mentality is that your children can be active while still enjoying their screen time.

Making Movement Rewarding

Winter can be hard for everyone, and keeping your kids moving during these months can be challenging. But by changing your frame of mind, you can start to imagine opportunities that might exist right in front of you. People love games, and that goes double for children. Create fun, rewarding opportunities for your kids to be active, and they may be motivated to want more movement in their lives.

The new figurehead for natural health and fitness – Stephen Cabral

The love for food is a common denominator in cultures throughout the globe. It spans across different cultures and locales around the world, and people hold a deep emotional bond to their cuisines. This multi-layered connection often leads to diversity, joy, and a passion for new experiences. While food is often considered a delicacy for the taste buds, its effects can be much more widespread. Often, the healing properties of various foods rival that of conventional medicines, and the nutrition it provides can protect the body against illnesses and diseases. For this reason, naturopathy treatments are one of the most effective ways to maintain health and well-being

Naturopathy is a fundamental component of the journey towards wellness and can significantly improve the body’s immunity. Treatments involving naturopathy involve rebalancing the body’s nutrients without using drugs or surgeries. The process comprises natural therapy, the use of herbs, exercise, lifestyle changes, and maintenance of a balanced diet. 

Millions of people have effectively recovered from critical health complications without any side effects through naturopathy treatments. However, just like conventional medicine, naturopathy is an art and requires significant knowledge and planning to be effective. Without the right techniques, there is always a risk to your health. Therefore, it’s crucial to consult with an experienced practitioner with extensive experience. One of the best consultants to connect with for your nutritional needs is none other than Dr. Stephen Cabral, who has been curing ailments through naturopathy for almost two decades now. The natural health and fitness expert’s mission is to help thousands of people worldwide reach their optimum health without incurring the risks associated with traditional medicinal techniques. 

Dr. Stephen Cabral believes that there is always an answer to why an individual is feeling unwell. He says that conventional medicine often identifies individuals as healthy but fails to address their lack of energy. This is where functional medicine steps in. It not only helps determine the root cause of a patient’s low energy and symptoms of illness but also provides a treatment that will give the best results. Dr. Stephen always focuses on working at a personal level by creating a unique treatment plan and investing time to cover a patient’s individual fitness needs. While most practitioners of natural treatments fully disregard conventional medicine, Dr. Stephen understands its importance and has encouraged their use along with naturopathy treatments. He says, “Naturopathy activates self-healing mechanisms; thus, it can be useful alongside modern medicine.”

Dr. Stephen’s desire to help others stems from his own struggles. As a child, he faced severe health complications, and despite visiting over fifty doctors and undergoing hundreds of treatment procedures, he witnessed no change in his medical condition. When all hope was lost, he was introduced to an ‘alternative’ health doctor who explained his condition and offered assistance. His recovery inspired him, and he began to believe that he could help others rebalance their bodies and renew their health as well. Now, his major goal is to spread unbiased natural health education to as many people as possible.

There is more to Dr. Stephen Cabral! He is the founder of EQUILIFE, a functional medicine company that ships functional medicine lab tests, supplements, and plans to people all over the world. His method has led to hundreds of satisfied clients, which have been documented at, with over 15,000 members sharing their success stories and seeking a cure for their ailments. 

This expert naturopath has also founded the Integrative Health Practitioner Institute, where he encourages people around the world to be health coaches and start their own businesses. “I offer three courses on major health topics for those looking to finally get well or struggling with one of these specific issues: Thyroid Health, Female Hormone Health, and Gut Health. Each course is about 4.5 hours of recorded content and will give somebody a clear and proven blueprint to recover and rebalance their body,” he informs. 

Dr. Stephen’s achievements don’t end here. He has also authored a book titled ‘Rain Barrel Effect,’ which sums up his entire DESTRESS protocol. About the book, he states, “It teaches people how to regain their balance through Diet, Exercise, Toxin Removal, Rest, Exercise, Supplements, and Success Mindset. It caters to anybody who is looking to finally get well.” Apart from this, he is highly active on social media and uploads podcasts and YouTube videos to inspire and educate people on how to lead a better and healthier lifestyle. Speaking about his media presence, he says, “I have an entire podcast series dedicated to mindset called Mindset & Motivation Mondays. Success Mindset is part of my DESTRESS Protocol and is extremely important for somebody to adopt a positive mindset in order to get well. The fact is that a negative mindset will make it almost impossible to get well.” He further explains the link between mind and body and shares, “A lot of times, when we begin rebalancing the body, the mindset naturally becomes more positive as well.”

With a passion for giving back, Dr. Stephen Cabral is highly involved in community service, particularly in the area of health and fitness. He offers a free daily podcast to help educate others about naturopathy and periodically donates a portion of all profits generated from his business to a charity that provides support to women during pregnancy. Dr. Stephen’s vision is clear, and can be summed up accurately in the following words: ‘Nature gives to us, so that we may give to others!’

Team Humanity USA Talks Efforts on the Ground and Helping the Most Vulnerable Communities in Africa

The problems of the world, most of them daunting, are endless and overwhelming, especially to the underserved, unprivileged, and marginalized. From racial discrimination and gender-based violence to child malnutrition and climate change, today’s social and environmental issues hinder people from achieving quality life and maximizing their potential. Highly cognizant of the growing number of individuals and families suffering from different crises, Ayat Abuznade founded Team Humanity USA, a non-government organization committed to providing humanitarian and educational outreach to vulnerable communities. 

Established in 2019, Team Humanity USA is the brainchild of a purpose-driven humanitarian whose volunteer work has exposed her to the harsh realities that confront millions of people across the globe. The seedling of an idea that would eventually flourish into what would become Team Humanity USA was planted back in 2014 when Ayat volunteered at Zaatari Refugee Camp. The largest camp for Syrian refugees, which gradually evolved into a permanent settlement and is located at the border of Syria and Jordan, was where she connected with many families and witnessed firsthand the impact the war had on more than 80,000 vulnerable individuals. 

With her life changed and her view of the world altered in irrevocable ways, Ayat continued to travel and volunteer at several other camps. Ultimately, it was her encounter with various small groups of volunteers that not only highlighted the fact that more is needed to be done but also inspired the creation of Team Humanity USA.

Since then, Team Humanity USA has served the US and a long list of countries abroad, responding to major emergencies, fighting disease and poverty, as well as nurturing and promoting human welfare. Additionally, it has gone all-out in alleviating human suffering by advocating for fundamental human rights and creating opportunities for communities in despair. 

Currently, Team Humanity USA is on the ground, supporting numerous remote areas in Africa by building water well systems and providing safe access to clean water daily. “Our goal is to improve the water supply for African countries by delivering clean and safe water to communities in need,” shared the passion-fueled team at the helm of this initiative. “We promise to create water wells in Africa that will support and promote a healthy living environment and reduce unnecessary suffering from waterborne illnesses.”

Apart from being present in African countries, Team Humanity USA is also highly active in Pakistan, providing women, children, and families with life-saving food, water, and essential aid in the face of the catastrophic floods that have become the new norm in the country. Moreover, the well-respected organization has expanded its reach to Ukraine, delivering aid and assisting, evacuating, and transporting innocent civilians to safe territories. Under the leadership of Ayat Abuznade, Team Humanity USA has been at the frontlines in many countries over the years. In the future, operating under the recognition that wars and climate change will put more individuals and families at risk, it plans to remain a reliable provider of emergency aid and relief work, as well as a strong advocate for basic human rights.

Taking a look into some of Portland’s best tourist attractions

Portland is one of the most beautiful cities in Oregon which has become not only a tourist destination but also a place of settlement.

Oregon’s largest city combines a mix of culture and urban attractions, earning it the name “The City of Roses.”

Portland offers city attractions such as musical entertainment, cultural events, theater, and more.

During this time, nature lovers have the opportunity to explore the green spaces of the city gardens, rich in various flowers.

You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with nature as Portland bridges to other Pacific Northwest destinations.

Here are some of Portland’s top tourist attractions.

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

Located on the Oregon-Washington state border, the Columbia River offers a vast tourist region ideal for leisurely cruises and the great outdoors.

It is considered one of Portland’s most popular destinations for locks, lookouts, and hiking trails.

Visitors have the opportunity to witness the beautiful waterfalls along the trail.

Portland Japanese Garden

Located on the site of a former zoo and spanning 30 acres in Washington Park, Portland’s Japanese Garden is a must-see in the City of Roses.

The garden was first opened to the public in 1961 to give citizens a place of tranquility and clarity.

It was established to recognize the growing cultural ties between the city and Japan.

Portland Japanese Garden is set up in a variety of styles to offer visitors a unique and tranquil experience.

International Rose Garden

One of the oldest tourist attractions, the Rose Test Garden was founded in 1917.

The gardens are divided into several sections which offer plenty of space to explore with interesting plants everywhere.

The Rose Test Garden develops new varieties and miniatures of roses.

The Gold Award Garden hosts many past award winners, where they are displayed with a beautiful gazebo.

Lan Su Chinese Garden

Continuing Portland’s love of culture, Lan Su Chinese Garden is a testament to the city’s relationship with its twin city, Suzhou, China.

Opened 22 years ago, the garden combines elements of nature (rocks, plants, trees, gardens) and a lake in downtown Portland.

Lan Su Chinese Garden is about a block long and spans around 40,000 square feet.

It features traditional buildings and walkways with native Chinese plants that have been imported to provide a very unique experience.

Portland Art Museum

Another long-standing tourist attraction in the city is the Portland Museum of Art, founded in 1892.

Since its creation, the museum has housed an extensive collection of more than 50,000 objects.

The museum features Native American artifacts, Asian art, graphics, photography, and Northwest art.

The Portland Art Museum also houses Vincent Van Gogh’s Chariot with the Black Ox.

Powell’s City of Books

Powell’s City of Books is a designated spot for bibliophiles, who will feel right at home in the second-hand bookstore with over a million books.

While visitors can find plenty of space to read, the Burnside location also has a coffee shop.

Powell’s Books also hosts events such as author readings, writing seminars, and various book clubs.

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Portland’s OMSI complex features a planetarium, educational hands-on displays, four-story display, and a US Navy submarine.

Visitors with children are treated to colorful, fun and educational exhibits with hands-on, interactive displays.

The displays contain educational pieces on chemistry, energy, engineering, environment, health and technology.

In front of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is the USS Blueback, a non-nuclear submarine that has served more than 30 years.

The Oregon Zoo

The Oregon Zoo is home to hundreds of species, from birds to sea life.

Located in Washington Park, it also features animals from different parts of the world, with exotic creatures from the African savannah, the Amazon, and the Arctic.

Visitors are also informed about the zoo’s curatorial program and research focused on the conservation of Pacific Northwest species.

Portland Saturday Market

Established in 1974, the Portland Saturday Market has grown over the years to become the city’s largest outdoor artists’ market.

Market stalls are open between early March and Christmas Eve in Portland’s Old Town’s Chinatown neighborhood.

On Saturday mornings, 250 vendors set up their stalls to sell arts and crafts, including woodwork, jewelry, artwork, souvenirs and home accessories.

The market also offers packaged foods that sell organic teas and artisanal candies.

There is also a food court with coffee and breakfast dishes, while live music plays throughout the market for a movie-like experience.


14 top-rated tourist attractions in Portland, Oregon

Meet the #1 hair transplant consultant in the world – Mike Smith, the founder of Get More Hair

They say hair is the crowning glory and this statement holds absolutely true. Whether you are a man or a woman, how you style your hair can make all the difference. A fresh chop or new hair color can change your entire appearance. One thing is sure there is nothing like a head full of gorgeous, healthy hair. But unfortunately, many suffer from excessive hair loss, and then there are those, especially men, who face biological or external issues resulting in baldness. Hair loss can be genetic or a reaction to a harmful hair product, nevertheless it is one of the most problematic situations that one can face. Losing hair not only affects how we look but also impacts our personality, which can lead to low self-esteem. Many men who are ashamed of their appearance resort to wearing caps, though this is not the case with everyone.

A recent survey shows that approximately 60% of men and 10% of women can be victims of hair loss. While these stats can be alarming for many people, sadly, there is no remedy to stop baldness completely. Of course, there are ways to slow down the process, which can be helpful, but eventually, the results wear off. However, when it comes to baldness, we all are aware that a hair transplant is the most effective solution, helping people gain back the confidence and personality they lost due to hair loss.

When it comes to hair transplants, Mike Smith is a leading consultant with many years of experience. In fact, he has been helping those distressed by hair loss to restore their hair and improve their appearance. Apart from that, Mike Smith is the founder and CEO of Get More Hair which he founded back in 2016 with the vision of providing safe and affordable hair transplants. An expert in his field, Mike has always been fascinated by the advancement and improvement of technology. Hence, he constantly learns and keeps himself updated with the latest techniques and technology in the industry. He has been working as a trained hair transplant consultant for the past eight years, and today, Mike Smith is recognized as the number one hair transplant consultant around the globe. Talking about the thought behind his action, the expert said, “I’m only interested in the latest and most successful techniques, and I feel that these must come at a cost that the common man can afford. So, I built my company around this award-winning concept and customer service.”

Get More Hair always seeks to provide its clients with the most advanced and affordable procedures. And that is what sets them apart from the rest of the hair transplant companies out there. The company offers hair transplants using a technique they’ve developed called ‘Micro sapphire DHI.’ This is a hybrid technique which involves a classic FUE extraction, channel opening using a micro-Sapphire blade and then re-implant in the hair follicles with an implanter pen. While this may sound painful, the experts at Get More Hair make sure to prioritize the comfort of their patients. That’s not all! This method is, without a doubt, one of the most effective and successful ways of performing a modern hair transplant as well as cutting-edge surgery. Moreover, the company also provides a complete start-to-finish service for any of its clients with exceptional customer support. While you might think they are still not providing you with the best offer, hold on; there is more. They also give an entire 12 months of after-care support, providing you with the ultimate care and customer experience.

The trust of his clients has empowered Mike to grow Get More Hair with incredible dedication. He has provided consultation to some of the most well-known actors, sportspeople and performers around the world. Mike is a highly trusted hair transplant expert for many A-listers across Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and London. He understands and respects the privacy of his celebrity clients with dignity. “I’ve put my reputation on honesty and integrity. While we have published some of the celebrities on our website with their approval, we never disclose any of our clients’ information and always respect their privacy,” he asserted.

Coming from a family with a genetic disposition to male pattern baldness, Mike Smith understands how difficult it could be for an individual to just wait and watch helplessly as people suffer from this issue. Get More Hair is more than just a hair transplant brand; it is a ray of hope for everyone struggling with hair loss.

Meet Dr. Asif Munaf: A Life Coach and Nutritionist with a Medical Degree

Dr. Asif Munaf: On the Pursuit of Life

A doctor, nutritionist, life coach and entrepreneur, Dr. Asif Munaf has proved that success can be achieved only if we work hard and believe in ourselves. Born in Sheffield, United Kingdom, in a Pakistani immigrant household, Dr. Asif was always on the lookout for opportunities to shine. His positive outlook on life and passion for helping people and the sick led him to acquire an MBBS degree from one of the prestigious colleges, the University of York, in the UK. After graduating with a doctorate, he decided to complete his training at the same college. 

Being an expert in any field and excelling at everything one does can be really challenging. And to perform with efficiency, it is essential to understand that one needs a nutritious diet along with proper rest in order to complete those tasks. This is precisely what Dr. Asif Munaf discovered during his strenuous training. His job was not only hectic but also needed focus and attention to detail. His interest in nutrition developed when he felt he needed to maintain his health through a balanced diet while staying active even after a 12-hour shift. 

Though he always followed a healthy lifestyle, being a doctor with a master’s degree in Public Health, he fully understood how crucial it was for him to perfectly balance his diet. According to him, there was a lack of good quality food available in hospitals for both patients and staff, and hence he decided to pursue further education in nutrition. “I started making my own smoothies which I took to work to keep me nourished during my 12-hour hospital shifts. I then decided to research more about nutrition, and this led me to complete my level 3 qualification in personal training. I experienced firsthand how good food can improve mood, cognition and energy levels,” he shared.

As he studied nutrition, he got to know how much we lack in our diet, and he wanted to make everyone understand the difference between eating healthy and the right kinds of foods. Even though avoiding sugar and carbs can help you reach your desired weight, it doesn’t mean that you are following a healthy lifestyle. Many nutritionists claim that a proper diet contains everything, from protein to carbs and dairy products etc. It all depends on the portion sizes, which we often tend to overlook. Given his medical background, Dr. Asif knew he could help guide people toward healthy living. While researching, he also learned how a bad diet could negatively impact moods and mental health. 

There was a time when Covid-19 had literally taken over our lives; it was a tough time for everyone around the globe. Apart from thousands of casualties, it also brought isolation and one of the biggest depression waves that engulfed the majority of the people. The pandemic had, in fact, restricted all of us to stick to confined spaces, which wreaked havoc on people’s mental health, leading people, especially young men, to commit suicide. Being depressed and emotionally alone can cause an emptiness that sucks every inch of their beings, and their will to live is ultimately lost. Realizing that not many people were paying attention to such issues, Dr. Asif Munaf took the initiative to help the community and all those who were desperately seeking it. He has been conducting coaching courses, with one-off sessions aimed at changing people’s mindsets so they could face life’s challenges without any medication or therapy. 

Then there is another course called Masculine Mastery, which is focused on mental health and boosting self-confidence. The sessions are all about giving men an edge in life, particularly those going through adverse mental health issues, and empowering them to become the best versions of themselves. “I saw a real pandemic of mental health, particularly in men who were often too ‘proud’ to seek help,” he stressed. 

Dr. Asif further elaborated, “It is said that nutritional deficiencies such as low vitamin D often contribute to adverse mental health. As my master’s thesis looked at barriers to men seeking help, I was acutely aware of men’s reluctance to seek help for serious conditions. So, I wanted to remove these barriers, dispel myths and give men a platform to open up about any adverse mental health symptoms they may be experiencing. I appeared on a podcast about mental health, and this led to me starting my own Mindset Mastery course in September 2020.” 

Dr. Asif Munaf understands how important it is for people suffering from mental illnesses to have their nutrition intake checked and balanced. To help them out, he also founded AM Wellness company that offers vitamins, supplements and at-home-blood testing for a range of nutritional deficiencies. 

About Dr. Asif Munaf

After a decade of service, Dr. Asif Munaf put a hold on his medical adventure and has been spreading mental awareness through his courses and health supplements, as well as nutritional products. His remarkable journey from being a first-generation Pakistani British to accomplishing so much in life is truly inspiring. His work to help men become emotionally and physically strong speaks for itself. His love for the well-being of others motivates him to think of more efficient ways to change lives for the better.