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The Fashion behind the N95 and Cotton Masks

Masks – Lockdown is being lifted and people start stepping out of their houses for work and other tasks, the demand for face masks and protective gear is at an all-time high and the supplies are going down due to insistent demand. Meanwhile, some are producing their own masks at their homes.  N95 or cotton masks? The incorporation of face masks is the most promising trend nowadays and the fashion world is pushing their creative minds to the best limits. Due to health and precautionary measures, the face mask is part of our daily outfit but how can we make

Baking Soda Isn’s Just for Cooking

Surprisingly, there are so many ways to use baking soda that isn’t familiar to everybody. Baking soda is not just for cooking but not limited to the kitchen because aside from home hacks that we learn it also has many health advantages more than we could ever imagine.  Disinfect Toothbrush Baking soda can eliminate the bacteria that stick to our toothbrush with just water and vinegar. After 30 minutes of soaking it will be good as new. Mouthwash As an alternative to mouthwash it can be made at home with baking soda and warm water. This way you’ll have a

Everything about Halitosis or Bad Breath

What is halitosis? Bad breath is a common problem that can cause significant psychological distress and the common reason is lack of oral hygiene.  Halitosis is the third most common reason that people seek dental care, after tooth decay and gum disease. Simple home remedies and lifestyle changes, such as improved dental hygiene and quitting smoking, can often remove the issue. If bad breath persists, however, it is advisable to visit a doctor to check for underlying causes. According to MedicalNewsDaily,these are the causes. Potential causes of bad breath include: Tobacco: Tobacco products cause their own types of mouth odor. Additionally, they increase

How to Prepare your Disaster Emergency Kit

Disaster Kit – Life is unpredictable, and so calamities. As the day revolves, we don’t know what could happen.  Consequently, country’s northern regions are repeatedly getting struck by earthquake tremors, many citizens find themselves at risk of a natural hazard in addition to the risks associated with the pandemic. With this situation, it is really necessary to be ever-ready and vigilant at all times when unexpected calamities will strike. For instance in Asian countries specifically in India’s west coast bracing for Cyclone Nisarga, while the country’s northern regions are repeatedly getting struck by earthquake tremors; many citizens find themselves at

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