French Fashion Designer Thierry Mugler Dies At 73

Photo: Billboard French fashion designer Manfred Thierry Mugler, whose work of art has been worn by several of the most distinguished entertainment personalities, died Sunday, January 23, at 73 years old.  The designer’s death was announced on his social media accounts captioned:

Pharmacies and Supermarkets Are Now Offering Free N95 Masks

Photo by Ashkan Forouzani Almost a week after the Biden administration disclosed its roll out of 400 million free N95 masks to the citizens, the high-caliber face coverings are beginning to be available in pharmacies and supermarkets.  The Department of Health and

Learn Authentic Yoga, an Antidote to a Chaotic World

More than ten percent of the US population is practising some form of yoga.  Mostly it is some form of physical exercise or breathing exercise. However authentic yoga is far from the reach of most Americans. Using yoga to get into shape,

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