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Turning Misfortunes Around and Being an Inspiration to the Deaf and Disabled With Christopher Morton

When the world throws lemons at people, the latter could either make lemonades out of these fruits or allow the same to rot. So when Christopher Morton was dispensed with these golden vessels of nutrition, he refused to put them to waste. Instead, he turned a whole batch of lemons into refreshing beverages for the world to enjoy. Before he could climb the summits of success and become an entrepreneur, activist, and a notable motivational speaker, Christopher had to go through a myriad of life-threatening barricades. But with his disposition built to brave the stormy seas, Christopher is a genuine

The Beauty Within: Courtney Yeager Takes Lymphatic Health to the Next Level With The Tox LA

Perceptions about beauty have significantly evolved throughout the years. Even today, its aspects and standards continue to vary considerably. But despite the evolutive nature of beauty, one thing remains to be an epitome thereof – good health.  The thing is, healthy people are the ones who appear to be the most beautiful. According to Courtney Yeager, the owner of The Tox LA, when one feels good inside, they are bound to look good on the outside as well. True enough, nothing can compare to the beauty that emanates from within.  One way of keeping the body healthy is to cleanse

Jacob Gland’s Speaking and Coaching Engagement Seeks to Bring Hope

(Self-harm trigger warning:) In December 2017, Jacob Gland survived a self-inflicted gunshot in an attempt to commit suicide. After some time, he started to develop symptoms from that incident, which led him to be diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a condition that made life a bit more challenging. With his best buddy Liberty at his side, Jacob gathers all his courage to talk about the most painful and traumatic life-changing experience he has had. He uses this to effectively educate his audience and share his realizations after coming so close to death. Jacob is a suicide survivor who

Medi-Ops Guarantees Medical Transportation for All Clients with Their Swift Services and Affordable Prices

Medi-Ops was founded with a purpose in mind: to save lives all throughout the United States by offering a centralized dispatch center for a variety of services. Medi-Ops removes the unnecessary waiting that patients have to go through when trying to receive immediate care. They work with multiple operators to provide emergency and non-emergency medical services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at a reasonable price, which is affordable to all clients. They offer air and ground ambulance services, organ transplant teams, medical couriers, and medical drone support. All Medi-Ops vehicles are tracked via GPS in order to

Brittney Moses Is Bridging the Science of Mental Health With Faith Communities

Los Angeles native, Brittney Moses, is passionate about seeing this generation live with purpose. While studying psychology and research assisting at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), she leverages her social media platforms to reduce stigma and assist with helpful information at the intersection of faith, culture, and mental health. As a black woman, Brittney experienced the stigma against people of color growing up. Her faith helped her grow stronger, but she was still battling personal issues. Needing an outlet, Brittney started a blog and began walking the path to promoting mental health. As she was journaling her struggles

Our Stories Our Space Is a Safe Space For Individuals to Share Their Mental Health Struggles

Mental health is a crucial talking point, especially to those that are struggling with their own health and are falling deep into mental illness. The best saving grace that these individuals could ever have is the support of other people. Peer specialist and mental health advocate, Erin Duffy knows this for a fact after having multiple experiences with handling the matter. Along with her partner Lori Sevigny, who is a retired registered nurse and someone who has also had personal experiences with psychiatric abuse, both women have created an empowering community called Our Stories Our Space. The community sheds light

Health Program Happi Health Emphasizes on a Holistic Approach

With the global health crisis taking over our everyday lives, people started looking out for their health more than they have been their whole lives. Moreover, many companies and organizations began to release campaigns, programs, and initiatives, all geared toward increasing health awareness and establishing safety measures to combat the virus. An emerging company that stands out from the crowd is Happi Health. Dr. Staci Whitman founded Happi Health with the vision to promote holistic care to as many families and parents as possible. She is a Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist based in Portland, Oregon, and is a health coach, with

8 Healthy Diet Tips to Achieve Flat Stomach

Healthy and Flat Stomach – Exercise alone is not enough to achieve a sexy stomach. In fact, healthy diet and lifestyle will greatly help you to achieve your body goals! Self-discipline is a must but also you have to enjoy it to make it last. If you want to get tighter abs and flat stomach, here are the tips that will help you to achieve your body goals during quarantine.  Avoid Eating Before Sleep.  As you sleep, your body slows which will prevent your body from digesting the food in your stomach properly. You are also much less active in

The Fashion behind the N95 and Cotton Masks

Masks – Lockdown is being lifted and people start stepping out of their houses for work and other tasks, the demand for face masks and protective gear is at an all-time high and the supplies are going down due to insistent demand. Meanwhile, some are producing their own masks at their homes.  N95 or cotton masks? The incorporation of face masks is the most promising trend nowadays and the fashion world is pushing their creative minds to the best limits. Due to health and precautionary measures, the face mask is part of our daily outfit but how can we make

How to Reduce Stress and Motivate Yourself

Stress – What’s your most cherished value? We all have driving forces that keep us inspired and motivated, whether it’s supporting our loved ones, giving to those in need, finding fulfillment in our work, or making a difference in our community.  Determining your most cherished value and using it to your advantage can drastically change your approach to your work, infusing you with additional internal motivation, says Rebecca Greenbaum, Ph.D., professor of human resource management at Rutgers University’s School of Management and Labor Relations. That’s where value triggers come in. Value triggers are items that represent something that matters deeply