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Dawnmarie Deshaies Uplifts Autoimmune Patients Through Wellness Organization and New Book

While happy days are worth having, sometimes it’s genuinely the storms and not the days filled with sunshine that makes a person stronger. Dawnmarie Deshaies knows this all too well as she herself has gone through the emotional baggage of carrying a chronic autoimmune disease. Still, her adversities paved the way for her to build a legacy and help others through Dawnmarie Healthy and Fit LLC and her new autobiography. Dawnmarie Healthy and Fit LLC is a global wellness brand founded by Dawnmarie Deshaies, aiming to be a reliable companion for people struggling with personal health and emotional battles. The

Dr. Chris Campbell Advocating Holistic Medical Practice

Medicine has drastically changed over the years, and the mainstream approach is no longer the only way to achieving health and wellness. As the world of health and medical practice evolved, new alternatives have risen. One leading expert, Dr. Chris Campbell, looks to progress work towards a holistic medical approach by expanding his work in regenerative and anti-aging medical practices.  Dr. Christopher Campbell leads Best Life Medical Center, a concierge medical practice that focuses on giving patients more time with doctors and providing functional regenerative medicine to people who want a better handle on their health. The center currently has

TorHoerman Law is Seeking Justice for Individuals and Families Exposed to Diacetyl, a Dangerous and Sometimes Deadly Chemical

What do some e-cigarette users and coffee workers have in common? Coughing, shortness of breath and irreversible lung damage. These are just a few of the early onset symptoms of bronchiolitis, the respiratory disease also known as “popcorn lung.” While its nickname might sound peculiar, it also carries a darker history.  Ten years ago, the popcorn industry faced scrutiny for exposing factory workers to unsafe levels of diacetyl. Diacetyl is a chemical flavoring often used to replicate the tastes and textures of butter, butterscotch and caramel. Today, diacetyl is common in coffee production processes and within the liquids of certain

Michael H. Forde Influences the World to Embrace Positivity

Michael H. Forde is quickly becoming the next big thing among the influencers’ circle with his growing following on social media by simply teaching the world to choose positivity. His daily meaningful videos and quotes intend to spark inspiration among his followers. In doing this, the promising influencer, book author, and public health specialist is helping shape communities one positive message at a time. The native of Brooklyn, New York, has over 100k followers on Instagram and 173k on Facebook. Michael H. Forde was inspired to develop his personal brand after realizing that there are numerous people out there who

Xenon and 4SAND Industries Bring Home Test Kits to the World

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world immensely. During this unprecedented crisis, fear has crippled nations and economies as people have started sheltering in place to avoid virus contamination. In these harsh times, governments look to testing as the main countermeasure to fight COVID-19 outbreaks. In light of the new realities, companies Xenon and 4SAND Industries Corporation have worked together to create an innovative and convenient way to test for the coronavirus crisis from the safety of one’s home.  As the world battles the coronavirus, one of the main weapons we have against the pandemic is mass testing. Most countries

Mark Juncaj Helps Others Overcome Addiction to Achieve Better and Sustainable Health Practices

Addiction can hit anyone at any given time. All it takes is a single moment of vulnerability, and sooner or later, there will be bottles of alcohol everywhere scattered on the floor where a carpet used to be. Such an image isn’t too uncommon. Addiction can affect even the strongest of people. Take Mark Juncaj for instance; he was a high school sports icon, but alcohol addiction caught him nonetheless. Looking back at one of the darkest days of his life, as he succumbed to alcoholism, taking more alcohol than he could take, Mark Juncaj saw no easy way out

Kisha Barrett Is Keeping Women Safe through Her Nonprofit, FLOW

Love shouldn’t hurt, love shouldn’t destroy lives, and love certainly should not cause death. Losing her sister to death by a man who claimed to love her was the wakeup call that Kisha Barrett needed to say enough was enough. She decided to launch a nonprofit organization with a specific focus on domestic violence awareness and prevention. Her nonprofit, The FLOW (For Lives of Women) Foundation Inc., is a 501(c)(3) organization that helps women suffering from emotional, physical, sexual, and economic abuse. The organization empowers, educates, and assists women by providing emotional support, transitional shelter, and other services that focus

ourHealth Is an Online Platform That Seeks to Grant Access to Health Information for the Black Community

Healthcare is a universal human right that should be granted to people, regardless of their race, religion, or social condition. However, the Black community has always been the recipient of inequality in terms of quality. ourHealth is a social community geared toward bettering access to information regarding health founded by Eric Chiyembekeza. Chiyembekeza is a 30-year-old member of the community who works in healthcare. He is in charge of operations of federally qualified health centers that serve underserved communities. Chiyembekeza has watched the Black community receive significantly poorer health outcomes. His mother has had lupus for nearly 20 years, an

Milica Todovic: Helping People Achieve their Ideal Bodies

The rise of the health and nutrition industry has been paramount as of late. This growth has been due to the increase in health awareness. Yet even as more people look to become more fit and healthy, people struggle with finding programs that have tested and proven results. That’s what sets fitness expert and trainer Milica Todovic apart.  The New York-based fitness guru is all about results. Milica is a practitioner of her philosophies and programs beyond all else. But more than that, she has helped many people achieve their ideal bodies through her training and guidance. Her signature twenty-one-day

Battling Cancer with the Help of Milk Tyson and ‘Fighting All Monsters’

Cancer has continued to prevent thousands of children from living an ordinary life that they could genuinely hope for. True enough, nothing is more unfortunate than being afflicted with a disease that affects the lives of those directly affected by cancer and the family that surrounds the individual. It is in these moments where a family’s support system is needed now more than ever. Recognizing the importance of fortification in a cancer patient’s journey, Milk Tyson took it upon himself to expand the meaning of support beyond the boundaries of familial bonds. Clothed with a zeal of improving the lives