Learn Authentic Yoga, an Antidote to a Chaotic World

More than ten percent of the US population is practising some form of yoga.  Mostly it is some form of physical exercise or breathing exercise. However authentic yoga is far from the reach of most Americans. Using yoga to get into shape,

How to Reduce Stress and Motivate Yourself

Stress – What’s your most cherished value? We all have driving forces that keep us inspired and motivated, whether it’s supporting our loved ones, giving to those in need, finding fulfillment in our work, or making a difference in our community.  Determining

Dr. Monica Patel on Heart Matters and Cardiovascular Health

Heart disease is becoming increasingly prevalent with the rise of more sedentary lifestyles coupled with unhealthy habits. Cardiovascular health is vital, and a lot of heart problems are preventable with the appropriate lifestyle changes. Dr. Monica Patel is a quadruple board-certified cardiologist

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