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Dugan Reilly Overcomes His Chronic Illness to Teach Others to Overcome Their Own Through His Positive Mentorship

Chronic illnesses are often thought of as massive hindrances toward success. However, Dugan Reilly has never let his illness get in the way of him achieving his dreams. The esteemed entrepreneur has a strong passion for helping people with rare chronic illnesses make their dreams a reality, allowing them to become the best version of themselves. Dugan Reilly was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at five months old and is battling it to this day. Growing up, he struggled with mental health by dealing with the daily habits of cystic fibrosis. Once he achieved his dream and turned it into a

Shante’ Armstrong Provides Health, Wellness, and Financial Freedom in a Simple Package

When someone finds their true passion, they will never work another day in their life. Such is the case for the amazing Shante’ Armstrong, who is an established business owner that’s taking things to the next level in her career and in her personal life.  Born in New Jersey and now residing in Georgia, Shante’ Armstrong is currently a NICU registered nurse who is making strides with her amazing direct sales company. Her Business has allowed her to become more present in her personal life while keeping a steadily earning revenue stream. For the past five years, the company has succeeded

The North American Collegiate League Welcomes Fitness Expert Paige Hathaway

The esports titan flexes its might by joining forces with the unstoppable health and wellness guru. In a fitting celebration of Women’s History Month, The North American Collegiate League is proud to announce its newest brand ambassador—fitness queen Paige Hathaway. Having conquered the health and wellness space, Paige now brings her unstoppable brand to esports. Such a partnership is long overdue: in 2020, women accounted for forty percent of American gamers and that number will assuredly grow. The NACL, itself a trailblazer in esports, is thrilled to open its arms—and its resources—to Paige’s noble pursuits. To usher in the partnership,

Pharmacy One Plus Expands in Underserved Areas Despite the Pandemic

At a time in history when thousands of businesses were forced to either temporarily or permanently cease their operations due to the effects of the pandemic, the thriving company Pharmacy One Plus expanded to three different underserved areas in Chicago last year. Determined to serve the community, most especially because of the threat of COVID-19, the company stretched itself further and brought its founders’ vision to fruition through teamwork, hard work, and perseverance.  Founder and company owner Majd Ibrahim always had the heart to serve underprivileged communities in Chicago, most especially those surrounding Albany Park. He understands firsthand what it

A MarijuanaBreathalyzer Should Even the Field

Marijuana is commonly considered to be a harmless drug in today’s society. That becomes more apparent with each passing election. So far, fifteen states have legalized recreational use for adults over 21 years of age. Using marijuana for medical purposes is legal in thirty-four states in the nation. It’s becoming more apparent with each passing election that the majority of Americans consider marijuana to be a “harmless” drug. That’s putting employers in a tough spot because whether it’s legal or not, marijuana inhibits clear thinking and slows response time. Are they considering employers at all? Obviously, society as a whole

Dr. Charles Goldberg Dominating the Medical and Legal Niche in New Jersey

Over the years, Charles Goldberg is a physician and entrepreneur who has distinguished himself from others in the same field via first-class professional service. He has taught at some of the most prestigious schools globally, including those affiliated with the Harvard Medical School. Now, based in New Jersey, he runs a business with a medical law division, a healthcare facilitation division, and a wellness coaching division where he helps people live healthy lives via proper diet and nutrition. Charles’ first division is a medical-legal assistance firm where he takes scientific approaches toward lawsuits and potential legal cases. In this case,

‘Feeding GA Families’ on Their Crusade to Feeding the Underprivileged Amid the Pandemic

When the pandemic struck early last year, the entire globe went through troubled times. Among the many crises that occurred, people lost their jobs and homes, making it difficult to find a way for them to feed their families. To combat such difficulties, organizations and charities stepped up to ensure that everyone still manages to have food on their table. Among those helping is the non-profit food pantry Feeding GA Families. Feeding GA Families or FGF is a 501(c)3 state-licensed non-profit community services agency. It was founded in 2010. Initially, the agency fed the homeless in Atlanta, but they expanded

STAHRS Counters Negative Human Behaviors by Empowering Student-Athletes and the Youth

Working in mental health services for the past 31 years, Duane Barone realized that “It’s all about relationships!” He is the founder of STudent Athletes for Healthy RelationshipS (STAHRS), a non-profit organization that aims to lower the trajectory of violence in schools by educating the youth on human psychology and behaviors. Home to seasoned professionals in the industry for decades, STAHRS hopes to play a pivotal role in reducing teen violence, bullying, sexual assaults, and substance abuse. They have empowered students, specifically student-athletes, with an open perspective that would allow them to overcome various circumstances in their journey. The founder

MYSI STIK Is Revolutionizing Restful Sleep, Making It More Accessible with Sleep Stik

Health and wellness are often acquired by having a sound mind and a relaxed body. Aromatherapy has been a tried and tested method to provide all of these benefits in an organic way. Natural plant extracts have been utilized by aromatherapy practices in more ways than one, solving a variety of practical health issues and, most commonly, sleep problems. Fortunately, MYSI STIK has entered the market and is providing its customers with a fresh and unique way to include aromatherapy in their specific sleep routines. Founder and CEO of MYSI STIK, Anthony Mangano, created the revolutionary company when he suffered

Dawnmarie Deshaies Uplifts Autoimmune Patients Through Wellness Organization and New Book

While happy days are worth having, sometimes it’s genuinely the storms and not the days filled with sunshine that makes a person stronger. Dawnmarie Deshaies knows this all too well as she herself has gone through the emotional baggage of carrying a chronic autoimmune disease. Still, her adversities paved the way for her to build a legacy and help others through Dawnmarie Healthy and Fit LLC and her new autobiography. Dawnmarie Healthy and Fit LLC is a global wellness brand founded by Dawnmarie Deshaies, aiming to be a reliable companion for people struggling with personal health and emotional battles. The