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zizotravel Creates Viral-Worthy Restaurant Content, Brings Fans a Real Taste of Chicago

After five years of working as a flight attendant for one of the leading airlines in the world, Flydubai Airlines, Yazal Al Koudsi, better known for his brand zizotravel, truly knows what wanderlust is all about. zizotravel has explored over 75 countries with his previous career, opening his eyes to just how big the world is for it not to be shared with the rest of society. Today, he is utilizing the digital space as an avenue to share travel tips, unforgettable experiences and disclose some of the best restaurants in Chicago. zizotravel is a travel influencer with over 160,000

Barbara Majeski and the Inspiring Story Behind One of Television’s Most Well-Loved Face

Barbara Majeski, also known as the Curator of the Good, has been a well-loved face over the years. She is someone who entertains viewers with her classy wit, unforgettable smile, and impeccable taste in lifestyle, entertainment, and travel. Her television comeback was more than just a segment relaunch; it was the return of a woman who carries a story of triumph, restoration, and newfound passion for life.  Barbara Majeski has had TV appearances in shows like the Today Show, Inside Edition, NY Live, Chicago the Jam, and Good Day New York. But before being where she is now, she had

Mohamad “Smush” Masri Drops Everything for a Profitable Gaming Career

Usually, the typical paths to success don’t work for everyone, and now that the world is at a point where virtually anything can be made into a career, Mohamad Masri, AKA Smush, is taking his chance in an unconventional field. Unable to make enough income from a 9 to 5 job or afford college, Mohamad sought alternatives and found himself in the gaming space. He took to streaming on Facebook, and today, he’s a top gun in the industry, making a killing and steadily growing. Mohamad Masri moved to the United States from Syria with his family at a young

ChiChi The Eternal’s Relentless Grind for his Legacy

Music heavily influences our daily lives. People dance, sing, and express their emotions through it. While many enjoy hearing music as they go on with their daily lives, many fail to recognize that for some, music is life. For ChiChi the Eternal, music is his passion and legacy. Knowing that a life filled with passion is the life worth living and a legacy filled with love is the legacy worth passing over, ChiChi the Eternal is living his best life. Chichi The Eternal is a rapper who used to be under the name of ChiChi The Kid. A visionary who

Nick Luciano Gives an Insight into How He Built a Brand Around His Cowboy Lifestyle and Viral Video Creation

At 24 years old, Nick Luciano has built a brand that millions of people love, and he has gone through different stages of technological evolution in the process. His lifestyle as a western cowboy and his innate comic talent has set him on the path to stardom, and Nick is taking full advantage of that. Passionate about making people happy, inspiring and motivating them, Nick Luciano has been in the content creation game for more than a decade. Today, he is the darling of many TikTok users, and his growth continues to transcend beyond his wildest dreams. His journey started

HotBoy Finn: The Glee-Inspired Rising Artist and Rap Star Continues to Carry Legacies in the Music Industry

Driven by his father’s musical streak as a rapper and his love for the late Glee superstar Cory Monteith, who starred as Finn Hudson, hip-hop artist HotBoy Finn seeks to continue the musical legacies left behind by the two individuals who have inspired him the most in his musical journey. As a rising singer today, he seeks to leave a lasting impact on other people’s lives through the power of music. HotBoy Finn is an empowered rapper, singer, and songwriter taking over the music arena. Born as Donnie Emanuel Poole, son of rapper Marvin Poole, his passion for music and

Evette Vargas Reveals Her Journey From Struggling With Her Identity to Finding Refuge in the Arts

Before becoming an award-winning writer, director, producer, and storyteller, Evette Vargas was just another girl finding her place in the world. Born in the Boogie-down Bronx, she would later move to New Jersey at seven years old. Her family settled into the heart of a white suburban neighborhood. There she struggled to find comfort in her Latina heritage. Evette wanted to fit in with her friends who were predominantly white and at some point wanted to change her name to Jenny. However, she was never white enough for her white friends. Eventually, Evette lost her hood accent and found it

Renowned Influencer Chloe Shields Is Shaping the Influencing Industry for the Better

Photography by Anthony Yoon  (@anthonyyoon) Makeup by Melissa Villa (@glammakeupbyme_) These days, the influencer market is saturated with various personalities that don’t really put a creative spin into their endorsements. Consumers are driven to a massive thirst for creativity and originality in the influencing sphere, yet not a lot of people can satisfy the hunger of the masses. Enter Chloe Shields, an influencer and creator from Chicago whose platform is all about fashion, luxury, self-care, and living one’s best life; and she’s single-handedly changing the influencing game for the better. Chloe Shields is influencing the influencers with her dynamic digital

InTheir20s, an Insight-Rich Podcast Designed to Guide the Youth to Success

As prevalent as podcast listening currently is, there are still countless beginners to this specific type of audio program. For individuals who are about to dip their toes into the content-rich world of podcasts, it may be confusing and challenging to sort through the saturated space and find one deserving of their time and attention. Distinguishing itself apart from the sea of accessible and available podcasts online, InTheir20 has managed to stand out because of its focus on inspiring the youth and enabling success through bridging the gap between aspirants and established powerhouses. InTheir20s is a podcast launched by recent

Trace Bartruff: Driven Actor and Influencer Quickly Rises to Fame

Having a clear-cut goal is often essential to drive people towards the summits. Without this powerful vision in mind, success will remain as an imaginary and unattainable concept. For passionate and driven souls like Trace Bartruff, it helps that an image of the desired future keeps playing in their minds. To them, these visions are what ignites the fire hidden beneath their bodies that immensely fuel them to climb the pinnacles of greatness. For this reason, Trace never shied away from his goals and continued to set his eyes on rising to fame in order to make a name for

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