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Macntaj Gears Up for Another Electric Release, ‘Stepped On’— Track Now in the Pipeline for Launch

Hard-hitting rap artist and songwriter Macntaj is gearing up for yet another highly-anticipated release as he has announced that he will be launching another single in the coming days. The track is entitled “Stepped On” and will go live on the music and mixtape launch platform, Thizzler

The newest song by the artist will feature a collaboration with Los Angeles-based musician Stackz Tha Rapper. The two artists are part of Bloc Star Evolution, a record label that Macntaj recently penned a seven-figure deal with. “Stepped On” is one of the many projects that the artist will be doing in conjunction with the record company and promises to deliver on many levels. 

Macntaj has consistently been on an upward trajectory since 2016 after he showed up on Bassnectar’s hit track “Level Up.” Other notable projects under the artist’s belt include performing on the 2017 album Reflective and contributing to the song “Infrared.” After multiple appearances on other artists’ works, Macntaj branched out in 2017 after collaborating with producer Raz Simone and Gunplay. The group came up with an EP album entitled Omni that became a massive hit in the underground hip hop scene in Denver and many neighboring cities. Following Omni’s success, Macntaj flew to India to do an extensive music tour. He would return stateside in October 2018 to start working on his next single, “Live Enough,” and a mixtape called “Trappy Gilmore” to follow in 2019. 

With the release of “Stepped On,” Macntaj, along with Bloc Star Evolution and Stackz Tha Rapper, look to break more barriers in the music scene and start a string of projects that will push the envelope in a creative and commercial sense. This release looks to be a promising start to what could be a constant flow of top-quality content from the artist that will most likely outdo all his other hits. 

Rap fans might also remember Macntaj for other notable songs like “Hood Burger,” which drew some flak online for similarities with another music video by an iconic musical artist. But following the release of that music video, Macntaj would go big and release another track and music video, “Love Me The Same,” which reached more than double the numbers that “Hood Burger” had, proving that he’s an artist that’s here to stay and will continue climbing up the rap ranks. 

Most notably, Macntaj has made a significant dent on platforms like YouTube and Spotify. He currently has over two million views collectively on YouTube. Moreover, he is still growing as he puts out top-tier music and music videos that continue to go viral. For instance, his recent video, “Motive,” also created with the support of Bloc Star Evolution, has already gathered more than 220,000 views after only three weeks.

“Stepped On” promises to be another good product as Macntaj continues to polish his music and identity over time. The artist looks to release his debut album soon, which will carry the title Big Bloc Meign. 

More than anything, Macntaj is an artist with a powerful resolve. His work ethic matches his talent, pooling the winning recipe for a successful music career. Learn more about Macntaj by checking out his YouTube channel, website and Spotify profile. Watch “Stepped On” on Youtube and read more about it on Thizzler.

Marie S. Hall on Helping Children and Adults Transform Their Lives through Storytelling and Mentorship

Adversities and obstacles are always a part of one’s journey in life, but one’s reaction to the difficult moment determines success. Marie S. Hall is a woman who has taken a few nasty hits from life, but she didn’t stay down. Instead, she stood and learned to thrive, changing the trajectory of her life to become more intentional, understanding her words’ power, and valuing her self-worth to move from her fears to faith. Today, Marie is the founder and C.E.O. of RubyMac Learning Academy and Myrtle Tree Publishing. She is also an author, a transformational speaker, and a change agent, assisting others with becoming the best version of themselves.

Growing up, Marie experienced many childhood traumas, from molestation, domestic abuse, low self-esteem, and self-worth, to name a few. Still, instead of staying down, beaten, and broken, she stood tall, choosing to learn from her experience rather than letting it define her. Having overcome her traumatic experiences, Marie wanted to help others like her. Through firsthand experience, Marie understands that trauma can affect children’s academics and performance in school, deeming them at-risk youth.

She used her ministry, business, and educational background to weave in storytelling to deliver captivating tales to inspire others to triumph over their trials.

“As an educator and minister, I encounter people of all ages and walks of life that have experienced many different adversities, too. For example, some have experienced abandonment, abuse, and low self-esteem. These issues can manifest into feelings of unworthiness and become blockers in building trusting relationships. I knew that something had to change. Those issues can cause an individual to lose hope in their dreams. I’ve had many children and adults tell me they hated their lives and wish they could die, that they feel useless,” she explained.

Marie Hall works with children and individuals to develop their confidence, strengthen their knowledge and amplify their skills to impact the world. She began writing children’s books that would inspire and encourage African American children. In addition, her workshops focus on children’s social and emotional skills, time management, goal-setting, emotional intelligence, and other areas where there may be deficits. She also provides training and development for organizations that want to improve performance by building employee capacity.

Furthermore, she has had the privilege to impact many people’s lives through her ministry for over a decade. Marie has done transformational work with teens and young adult girls in group homes, mentoring adults living in shelters transition back into the workforce and has cultivated and mentored youth groups. “It’s a beautiful blessing to see God moving in the lives of those that I can touch. I love to empower people. I find joy in educating people as I help them find the strength to move from their fears and into new life. It’s all God guiding me as I provide the tools that will elevate them to their purpose,” she shares.

In the coming years, Marie S. Hall wants to continue using her voice and skills as a powerful tool to educate, elevate and empower children, teens, and other individuals, helping them transform their lives. She wants to own a state-of-the-art educational facility that will be the training grounds for educators and school districts and build capacity within organizations. The facility will also house an innovative, world-renowned private school focusing on developing globally-minded children to thrive and impact the world.

To learn more about Marie S. Hall and her learning academy, visit her website.

Holiday Swap Revolutionizes Travel with Home Exchange Platform, Celebrates with Giveaway

It can be argued that the best way to experience the world is by traveling. However, going on a trip can be costly, with the airfare costs and not to mention accommodation expenses can sometimes be exorbitant. Holiday Swap aims to ease this burden by creating a platform where travelers can find somewhere to stay for only $1.

Most people would agree that the most important aspect when traveling is getting to see different places, being introduced to new cultures, and making meaningful connections with locals. Therefore, finding safe and affordable housing arrangements is crucial as it allows people to spend their money on more worthwhile things such as going on tours and thoroughly exploring the destination. 

Holiday Swap, seeing that accommodations should not cost an arm and a leg, has expertly created a network of like-minded individuals who love to explore the world. The impressive venture provides an avenue where people can securely swap and host their homes for just $1 per person per night. 

What makes the enterprise stand out is its flexibility. Users can choose whether they wish to swap homes, simply host travelers, or just be a guest. On top of that, Holiday Swap has several subscription plans that offer added benefits, including unlimited swaps, instantly messaging unmatched users, and bringing one guest for free. Most importantly, the application is free to download and available on both iOS and Android.

Aside from having a budget-friendly option, the business helps people make lasting friendships from all across the globe. Thorough security features are also in place to ensure that all users are safe and protected while using the services.

Because of its revolutionary concept and features, the company has received numerous awards and recognitions. In 2020, it was voted one of Forbes’ Top 20 Companies for Social Good. In addition, it was selected as The Best Home Sharing Platform by LUX Life Magazine. 

Currently, the application is used mostly by students, virtual nomads, and travelers. At the same time, it is a perfect fit for people from all walks of life and now has more than half a million users across 185 countries in the world.

In line with its objective of providing an easy-to-use and comprehensive platform, Holiday Swap will release the latest version of its application on September 10. Updates to important features as well as additions were made, such as new and improved search rankings and results, intuitive and interactive maps, the ability to create multiple spaces linked to a profile, and a new chat interface.

Adjustments were also made to its Premium subscriptions, most notably a trip cancellation and COVID protection included in every swap. The venture has also made a massive change by removing the “matching” feature. Users would no longer be required to match with another user before they can message each other. Now, users can immediately start a conversation making the experience hassle-free and straightforward.

With these updates, users can be assured that the company listens to its clientele and welcomes feedback in order to have a highly efficient and effective application. 

In the future, the business aims to scale its authority further and to have over 50 million users. With its one-of-a-kind vision and commitment to providing affordable and secure accommodations for everyone, Holiday Swap connects the world in a way that no other venture has. 

To celebrate the release of the app, the company is doing a US$10,000 giveaway. Stay tuned for details.

Learn more about Holiday Swap by visiting its official website

CSTM HAUS Unveils the Breathtaking ArkHAUS Miami, the First Floating Lifestyle Club

CSTM HAUS outdid itself with the launching and unveiling of its latest location, the ArkHAUS, the world’s first floating lifestyle club that is exclusive for members only. Best known as an elite social club that embraces networking, coworking, and entertainment alike, the company now has a presence in New York City and Miami, and is looking at a potential expansion across the globe. Considered to be a one-of-a-kind lifestyle venue, the ArkHAUS is fast becoming one of the most talked about trends in the country today as a result of its unique concept and amazing possibilities. 

As part of its effort to elevate peoples’ perception of social clubs, CSTM HAUS came up with the ArkHAUS and offer locations that are carefully curated to guarantee the ultimate balance between success, leisure, and relaxation. Its members get to savor the privileges of the high-end experiences it offers, from live entertainment to exclusive workout programs, stunning city views, and captivating sunsets. At the end of the day, the experience it provides is one that will redefine every client’s dream getaway. 

The ArkHAUS is a stunning multi-story, floating villa designed to provide awe-inspiring rooftop lounges and highly functional outdoor decks that can be used for various physical activities, including exercising. Right in the middle of the connected four vessels is a protected pool that completely upgrades anyone’s concept of the “work hard, play hard” adage. At first glance, the ArkHAUS looks like it is floating in water. CSTM HAUS designed it to actually be slightly above the water to make sure that the massive structure is protected from the impact of waves. It uses spuds to elevate the vessel three feet above the water. It is powered by solar roof deck awnings and fully electric propulsion. If anything, it is a reflection of the company’s values, which gives importance to people and technology. 

The club has a maximum capacity of accommodating 720 exclusive members. However, it will only be opening 360 memberships to guarantee being able to offer a premium environment that people can truly enjoy, sans the crowd. At the end of the day, CSTM HAUS values the overall experience of its members, and making sure that their expectations are met is of utmost importance to the owners.

The main concept behind the club is a “Work by Day Haus” and a “Play by Night Haus.” The Miami location will be slightly unique from its sibling as it will introduce the “Work by Land” and “Play by Sea” setup. This slight difference between the two locations makes no compromises when it comes to customer satisfaction, and will always prioritize giving clients one of the best experiences of their lives. 

Undeniably, the ArkHAUS is a revolutionary upgrade from CSTM HAUS. It is a relevant innovation powerhouse that has the ability to influence future designs and concepts, even the way that people perceive business and leisure. 

ArkHAUS is now accepting applications for its limited membership slots. Interested individuals are also encouraged to consider the club’s NYT auction, where the highest bidder gets to enjoy lifetime access to ArkHAUS. 

Learn more about CSTM HAUS by visiting its website. Follow the company’s Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates on its latest projects. 

Music Marketing 101: Logan Simmons and Zach Conley on Creating the Right Buzz for Your Music and Building a Digital Footprint

Today, it is no secret that creating the right buzz around the launch of a music artist’s singles and albums greatly influences its outcome as it will keep both fans and critics anticipating the release of the sound and melody to come. To ensure that aspiring and established artists get the proper support and publicity for their music,  entrepreneurs Logan Simmons and Zach Conley of Volume Digital bring their creative twist to music marketing to create the right buzz to increase sales and promote artists’ personalities. 

When it comes to artist management and music marketing, Logan Simmons and Zach Conley of Volume Digital take the lead. Spearheading the full-marketing agency, Volume Digital as music marketers, Logan and Zach have unparalleled expertise in social media and influencer marketing that goes beyond promoting a piece of music to ensure it climbs up the chart in sales. In addition to creating the right momentum and increasing sales, they also help create a solid digital footprint for the artist or record label that can be leveraged upon for future success.  Players in the industry have acknowledged their stellar reputation as a one-stop shop for all marketing needs. They have worked closely with some of the most prominent enterprise brands, record labels, artists, independent artists and more.

Focused on eliminating the resellers or middlemen that resell the services of companies like Volume Digital to unsuspecting artists at an inflated price, Logan and Zach introduced “release-support based services,” aimed to assist aspiring artists in getting started on their career by providing the bulk of the companies’ services in-house directly to the artist through the agency’s internal team and digital network of highly competent music marketing professionals. This efficient and goal-oriented method gives artists a direct line to the company providing the service, ensuring a brilliant job is done.

Before running a successful business together, both Logan Simmons and Zach Conley have always had a knack for entrepreneurship, even as teenagers. Logan Simmons started his journey when he was only fifteen. He traveled across the country alongside his uncle to ‘toy-buying event where they would buy inventory from locals in cities across America and then list them on eBay. “These experiences taught me the importance of both sales and online marketing. Additionally, I learned the life-changing possibilities of working for yourself and being an entrepreneur as a whole,” he shared. 

On the other hand, Zach Conley started his career when he was fifteen. He worked as a digital marketing expert with multiple major record labels assisting their signed artists in developing and maintaining a digital footprint to help share their music and create organic buzz. So when the duo put their respective knowledge together to establish Volume Digital in late 2017, it did not take long to scale their agency to the tremendous position it occupies today as a marketing agency for the stars. 

In the coming years, Logan Simmons and Zach Conley want to keep building their business and helping artists reach the right audience. They want to provide their clients with self-service marketing automation systems using cutting-edge technology and provide a marketing platform that could help eliminate the need for a traditional agency or a record label.

Learn more about Volume Digital by visiting their website. You can also stay updated with Logan Simmons via his Instagram and Zach Conley via his Instagram.

Chimamanda Adichie Comments on Social Media Cancel Culture in New Essay

Source: Daily Dot

Widely acclaimed Nigerian and feminist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie drew flak as she recently published an essay criticizing young people, saying that “they are choking on sanctimony and lacking in compassion.”

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a Nigerian author whose works have been drawn extensively on the Biafran War in Nigeria during the late 1960s. She was born on September 15, 1977, in Enugu, Nigeria. Widely recognized for her two bestselling novels, Purple Hibiscus (2003) and Half of a Yellow Sun (2006), this literary powerhouse has dedicated most of her life to creating masterful pieces that speak volumes of her love for country and equality. The recently published essay entitled “It is obscene: A true reflection in three parts” has sent the internet abuzz, mulling over the pervasive influence of today’s cancel culture.

With the rise of the digital era, social interactions have mostly transferred to the online space. While this is a stark indication of progress, it has opened many gates of a variety of engagements, paving the way to exercising the people’s right to freedom of speech. However, along with the use of this right lies the expression of unsolicited criticisms. For this reason, many of the young generations choose silence over expressing their opinion, potentially depriving them of their right to speak their minds.

“We have a generation of young people on social media so terrified of having the wrong opinions that they have robbed themselves of the opportunity to think and to learn and to grow,” Adichie wrote.

For more than a decade, the Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has continuously pushed for people to exercise their freedom of expression by coaching and mentoring many aspiring writers in her annual creative writing workshop held in Lagos and Awka in Nigeria. The program has had 200 graduates, including rising stars like Ayobami Adebayo, whose work has been shortlisted for the Baileys Prize. However, the lengthy essay that Adichie wrote drew flak as it caused a rift between her and one of her most prominent students, Akwaeke Emezi.

In the essay, Adichie addressed the current state of freedom of expression and social media while referencing allegations of transphobia against her and allegations that she attempted to tarnish the career of Akwaeke Emezi.

It can be remembered that in 2017, Adichie gave an interview on British Broadcaster Channel 4 News in which she mentioned that trans women are women. “Of course, they are women, but in talking about feminism and gender and all of that, it’s important for us to acknowledge the differences in the experience of gender,” she said in the interview.

As a result of this statement, Akwaeke Emezi, who identifies as nonbinary, took it to Instagram, acknowledging that they are one of the subjects of Adichie’s essay.

“Adichie published emails from myself and another writer who was in her workshop without our consent,” Emezi wrote. “It was designed to incite hordes of transphobic Nigerians to target me,” they added.

However, Adichie remained steadfast in her statement, pointing out the faults in today’s digital environment.

“In this age of social media, where a story travels the world in minutes, silence sometimes means that other people can hijack your story, and soon, their false version becomes the defining story about you,” she wrote.


Rgb Cements His Status as a Fast-rising Versatile Pop Star with Latest Single “Diamond Eyes”

Music is a non-stop endeavor, and regardless of how one decides to look at it, one conclusion we can all agree with is that music is life. Indeed, for both the artist and the listeners, the sound, beat, lyrics, and message of the song go a long way to shape the actions and reactions of the listeners and, in turn, shape the world. And considering how important music is, the environmental factor in the creative process is one aspect one cannot undermine. According to fast-rising LA-based singer and songwriter rgb, there is a need for artists to expose themselves to new cities and culture while at the same time understand that the world is a big place with endless inspiration ready to be found. Therefore, artists should explore these endless possibilities as he did with the sole purpose of finding their unique sounds and creating that hit and timeless song.  

rgb is a singer, songwriter, and performer from the Bay Area, Washington DC, and currently resides in Los Angeles, actively pursuing a music career. Music for rgb began when he was a kid. Like any other Asian American kid, he started with classical piano and slowly transitioned into jazz piano while in high school. Once he had found his footing in music, he dabbled into songwriting. For the next few years, he focused on bettering his skills, culminating in releasing his debut single titled “Game Over” on SoundCloud in 2018 under the moniker Red Green Blue.

Describing his childhood and musical influences, rgb pointed out that being raised in both San Francisco and Washington DC gave him a unique childhood experience. In addition, being exposed to both the East and West coasts of the United States present a broad range of personalities and cultures. This 100% has played a role in the development of rgb as an artist and as a man.

Many of the artists I have met over the years still represent the same town that they grew up in. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but it does present a bit of a limitation. Artists need to expose themselves to new cultures and new cities. The world is a big place with endless inspiration to be found; having moved around the United States as a boy, rgb has his personal experience that he displays through his music.

After years of honing his skills as an artist, and since the turn of the new year, rgb has been active on the scene, especially with his transition into electronic pop and pushing for commercial success. In January, he released his first single for the year, titled “Moon Cheese,” and quickly followed that up with the release of his new hit song “Diamond Eyes,” which is a testament to the evolution and growth of the young artist through the years since he burst on the scene.

He released “Diamond Eyes” on July 4, featuring R&B/electronic music artist Kid April from Austin, Texas. Since its release, the single, which has enjoyed massive airplay, could go down in history as rgb’s biggest single of all time because not only does the single feature an established artist, it also showcased another dimension to rgb’s artistry, lyricism, message, and versatility. The song, which has been described as an “absolute banger” in three weeks of release, has become a summer anthem, and daily the stream and airplay continue to increase without pause.

Although rgb is creating music for a global audience, he primarily targets a young demographic of Gen Z because they are the target and foundation of his movement of pioneering a new generation of genre-blending artists and music lovers.

Connect with rgb on Instagram or stream his songs on digital platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

The Witcher: Blood Origin Reveals Season 2 Date, Cast

Source: Netflix

There have been many rumors about Netflix’s highly anticipated prequel series The Witcher: Blood Origin that was announced in July 2020. While many of those rumors are pure speculation, some details about the cast have been officially announced by Netflix, and fans now have an idea of the actors to expect when the series starts shooting.

Star Trek: Discovery‘s Michelle Yeoh already signed up to be the lead cast member with The Witcher showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich teaming up with season 1 writer to create this highly anticipated spinoff. Netflix’s commitment to The Witcher franchise is so strong and evident from how quickly the production company gave the green light to the spinoff series. The company hopes that the series will create more memorable stories from the vast world of author Andrzej Sapkowski and leave the viewers spellbound and entertained.

According to reports from Deadline, the show is likely to start filming in August, and speculations indicate that it will be a long shoot accompanied by VFX work and post-production. The series is not expected to premiere anytime soon, but there’s the possibility of anything happening anytime. While the days are still early, we already confirmed Michelle Yeoh as one of the lead casts, and she’ll be playing the role of Scian. Sophia Brown has also joined the cast lineup as Élle, while Laurence O’Fuarain has been confirmed to play the role of  Fjall.

Aquaman star Jason Momoa has also been rumored to take a starring role, but that doesn’t seem likely to happen from the look of things. Star Trek: Discovery and Legend of the Ten Rings star Michelle Yeoh is the biggest name attached to The Witcher: Blood Origin. She was officially announced in July 2011 and confirmed to be playing the role of Scian, the last of a tribe of Elven nomads. The character looks like it will be a career-boosting role for Yeoh, so seeing how it plays out is one exciting thing that everyone is waiting to see.

Sophia Brown, who will be playing Éile, is replacing Queen & Slim star Jodie Turner-Smith, who turned down a role in The Witcher: Blood Origin because of a scheduling conflict. Laurence O’Fuarian already proved his mettle as a veteran on the hit series Game of Thrones and Vikings. He’s another cast that everyone looks forward to seeing. Other actors expected to join the cast include It’s A Sin’s star Mirren Mack playing Merwyn Michelle, Dylan Moran as Uthrok, Lenny Henny as Balor, Lizzie Annie as Zacaré and a host of other actors.

With the setting of Blood Origin and its timeline, there are likely to be more unknown and unfamiliar characters. A prominent part of the story to expect is the “Elder Races” that existed before humans got to the continent. The Elves are also expected to have a significant amount of screen time because of their importance in the Conjunction and the Elder bloodline’s origin.

Blood Origin is set more than a thousand years before the adventures of Geralt of Rivia, and it is set to take us back to an essential time in the history of the continent. The live-action series will be based on the origins of Witchers and the ancient Elven civilization before its fall.

David Murrietta Jr.’s Incredible Journey to Becoming a Successful Actor and Social Media Influencer

Being recognized as one of the most promising talents in the entertainment industry is a highly coveted achievement, even more so for someone like David Murrietta Jr., who has only been in the business for a few years. Despite having a late start compared to his peers, the talented actor continues to show his prowess and proves that he is deserving of recognition and acknowledgment. 

The actor and social media influencer has been all over California and is originally from San Jose. While living in San Francisco, he dabbled in acting and participated in a few projects. However, he quickly fell in love with the craft and before long, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his newfound passion. 

This decision to become a full-time entertainer came as a surprise to the people who knew him as it was quite a shift from his previous background in law enforcement and business. Nevertheless, his family showed immense support throughout this change. Their encouragement is one of the motivations that fuel the outstanding performer to become the best.

Despite not having a lot of theatrical training, the actor possesses an innate ability and talent for acting. He has worked on several films such as  Taps, Vicious Circle, and Land of the Haunted Dolls. He has also appeared on TV shows, including Sunset Glory: Doolittle’s Heroes and Grey’s Anatomy. In one of his most recent projects, he worked as a stunt performer in the highly-anticipated Marvel movie Black Widow.

When he is not working on film and TV sets, he films video blogs, more commonly known as vlogs, with his lovely wife, Alexandra Creteau. Together, they run the YouTube account Dalex Vlogs. The lifestyle channel has a wide range of content: from dating tips, travel stories, beauty advice to health and fitness. In total, their videos have been viewed more than 840,000 times. 

Just recently, in perhaps one of the most exciting developments in his life, the vlogger has finally married Alexandra, his soulmate and the love of his life. They tied the knot on May 8, 2021, in an intimate and private ceremony at Regan Beach in Lake Tahoe. However, the pair would love to share this important milestone with their family and friends. They intend to organize another wedding celebration in August of this year.

Aside from being passionate about his craft, this incredible personality is also an advocate for unity throughout the communities and the world. He believes that spreading love and positivity is crucial, especially during these trying times. David hopes that through his platform, he can show people the importance of peace and acceptance. 

When asked to share a message, he said, “Take a moment to listen to others, whether it be a friend, family member, partner, or a complete stranger. We have strayed so very far away from being united as one common human race. We are all brothers and sisters. We need to all come together and support one another, not spread negativity and hate.” Learn more about David Murrietta Jr. and get updates about his future projects by visiting his Instagram page and YouTube channel Dalex Vlogs.

Rising Actress and Social Media Star Alexandra Creteau Lands Lead Role in Upcoming Film The Memory Scanner

The upcoming movie The Memory Scanner is set to ignite conversations and overhaul the American criminal justice system, and Alexandra Creteau is taking the spotlight playing the lead role of a Russian neuroscientist.

The story of The Memory Scanner revolves around the quest to “uncover wrongful death verdicts, attorneys that misuse the loophole of attorney-client privileges to hide the criminals, criminals that are free on the streets due to wrong verdicts, innocents that are behind the bar that never committed the crime, the jury, DNA and facial recognition system that has been broken, and massive court costs that the governments spend.”

The film aims to explore the possibility of placing microchips (electrodes) that will serve as memory scanners in the brains of criminals and terrorists, allowing the justice system to operate without a flaw as they obtain complete disclosure on their memory timelines. The supposed smart chips will also alert government authorities through signals before a criminal commits a crime, such as a massive shooting or destroying properties. By doing so, the justice system is freed from lengthy and costly trials in cases such as murder, rape, terrorism, espionage, and other high-profile cases.

Furthermore, the film also uncovers how smart chips can free the innocents who have been put behind bars for no reason. The Memory Scanner is intended to abolish the jury system and federal court by implementing a newer, more efficient system that allows the criminal justice system to get hold of the truth within minutes.

The Memory Scanner is currently in the final stages of its post-production, and lead actress Alexandra Creteau shared that she and the rest of the cast are ecstatic to show the sci-fi movie to the rest of the world.

Alexandra Creteau was born and raised in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, where she spent most of her childhood and eventually studied civil and criminal law. Alexandra was formerly part of the Team Ukraine National Karate Champion, where she obtained 13 medals and 21 diplomas. At 18, she moved to Russia and eventually to the United States at 21 to pursue her passion for acting and modeling.

Alexandra Creteau scored the lead role in The Memory Scanner right after she was booked for  the television show called The African Twist. On top of her budding acting journey, Alexandra is also continually growing her social media presence. The actress has over 320,000 followers on Instagram alone, and her Youtube channel, shared with her husband David Murrietta Jr., has over 9,000 subscribers and is growing every day. Dubbed as the power couple and known in the digital space for their channel’s name, Dalex Vlogs, David and Alexandra recently tied the knot in Regan Beach in Lake Tahoe. 

With her background as a karate champion, being a social media influencer, and the ability to speak Russian, Ukrainian, and English, Alexandra Creteau is indeed the total package. The actress and social media star continues to inspire her global community of fans and followers by showcasing the lifestyle of a dreamer who built a career from the ground up. Indeed, she is an artist to watch. Learn more about Alexandra Creteau on this site.