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How Emilio Bernot Continues to Dominate the TikTok Scene

Founded by ByteDance in 2012, TikTok is a video-sharing social networking service that is quickly becoming one of the online platforms where artists can increase their exposure and grow their audience. As a proven hitmaker, many artists have used TikTok’s tools to boost their posts. However, only a select few know how to use the platform’s numerous benefits. Emilio Bernot, music video editor and TikTok sensation, has amassed over 900,000 followers. Before becoming the rising star in TikTok, he did little skits and posted these on Instagram. However, his initial venture in online influencing acquired 250 followers only. Furthermore, given

Orffrageous Publications, LLC, a Place of Excellence and Growth for Young Musicians

Audiences love to watch children enjoying what they do on stage. May it be a dance performance, a song number, or a drama, it is outstanding how children, in their early years, start building their talents and confidence for the performing arts. Other children make these a hobby—an activity to fritter away time. In comparison, others further their careers by joining clubs in school or musical programs. Either way, children bring smiles to audiences and listeners when they perform. The young roster of Orffrageous Publications, LLC, does more than that. A leading orff ensemble in Dekalb County, Georgia, Orffrageous has

I’m Me Pt. 1: Eliot Ness’s New Hip-Hop Album Is Out

Eliot Ness, Houston-based hip-hop artist, is back. The talent from Hustlaz On Tha Block Entertainment recently dropped his 2020 album last March 17. Featuring his new single and previous single releases, the album’s impressive tracklist is a testament to Eliot Ness’s talent and skill in his craft. Hailing from Houston, the city known for its unique approach to hip-hop music, Eliot Ness is a self-made recording artist, producer, and entrepreneur. With numerous mixtapes under his belt, Eliot Ness has effectively and skillfully blended the styles of his hometown with his personal stories, struggles, and triumphs.  His passion for hip-hop and

Jowy Cenat Shows the World How Passion Can Turn into Profit


Social media helps people stay connected and updated with daily happenings, especially during the pandemic, where physical distancing is required. Aside from keeping in touch, people can find ways to monetize their social media accounts, based on an idea or passion that they may have. Monetizing accounts may be daunting and discouraging for some, especially comparing engagements from more prominent and more established accounts. Jowy Cenat, too, has felt that familiar hesitance before. However, his passion for having creative freedom and creating content pushed him forward. Now, Jowy plays the piano and can convert his social media accounts to a

Introducing Its Ibby: The Rapper Who Merged Two Opposite Ends of the World

Its Ibby is treating the global rap scene with his fresh take on the genre. The talented artist grew up in both Texas and Abu Dhabi. Its Ibby saw the diverse qualities of both cities he considers his home and aims to portray them through his music and visual art. Truly, it can be very challenging because the two places don’t have many similarities. But Its Ibby’s music aims to bridge the gap between the sides. His vision to represent his cities in his art sets him apart from other artists. There are many aspiring rappers today, but none of

Voiceveray: Sharing Stories and Music Through Voices Choices Studios

Music is considered to be a universal language, mainly because it goes beyond the limits of any race, culture, and even religion. It is more than just a way of expression; it also amplifies one’s thoughts and critical emotions like grief, joy, anger, and even fear.  For Voiceveray, music is a way of expressing his praise and devotion to God. He found his mission by being a Gospel Musician, and he has been part of the music industry for years now. Life was not always easy for Voiceveray. Something terrible and unexpected happened, which he considered as the lowest point

An Obsessed Fan Crossed His Boundaries: Billie Eilish Gets 3-Year Restraining Order

Billie Eilish – Fame can run both ways. It either can give you extra exposure and recognition and love above all or, hate with a number of obsessive traits that can be toxic and harmful in myriad ways. Musicians and public figures are the mere victims of harassment from their fans. This may sound absurd and funny but it really happens.  Paparazzis and stalkers seems the partner of every celebrity that seeks for fresh juices to be published on online and magazines.  Moreover, this is a common problem among musicians and other public figures. It may sound absurd but this

These 18 Travel Movies Will Help You Explore New Places amidst the Pandemic Boredom Fever

Travel Movies – The pandemic has brought us so much anxiety and boredom. Our plans have been canceled and we cannot think of other ways to spend most of our time. Thanks to technology we are able to cope with our stress and frustrations during the lockdown but a good movie can resolve our boredom.  These are the movies that will take you places.  1. Roman Holiday (1953) Entirely shot in Rome, this classic black and white film starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck will have you longing for an epic romance in a far-off city. This fairy tale between

Beyonce Drops Surprise New Single that Speaks Black Live Matters ‘Black Parade’: ‘I Can’t Forget My History, It’s Her-Story’

Truth to be told, Beyonce is making out most of her energy in fighting for the rights of the Black Community. Her fame and influence in music have brought changes and anarchy. Her resilience and power have dominated the hearts of women in color. Moreover, she never disappoints and here she is, giving us a taste of revenge and justice through her art in music. How cool is that? In true Beyonce form, the singer surprised everyone when she released a new song co-written by husband Jay-Z on Juneteenth. Beyonce fans rendered speechless and really caught in surprise when Queen

Sam Mendes calls on Netflix and Amazon

The Director Sam Mendes has made his points to rescue package for free theatre during the coronavirus crisis and warned that if the performing arts are not protected, “an ecosystem this intricate and evolved cannot be rebuilt from scratch”. Mendes’ suggested measures, outlined in a long article for the Financial Times, have been applauded by key figures in the industry, with the choreographer Matthew Bourne hailing the plan as a “great call to arms”. Mendes said that TV streaming services should be made used to support performing arts industries, says Mendes as he outlines other rescue measures for free streaming.

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