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How Will Nickens Jr. and Shari Dionne’s Long-Distance Relationship Inspired Their Brand Shari Dionne

There are many reasons people pursue entrepreneurship. For most, they want to gain financial freedom, but for others, they want to create something for the later generation of their family. For Will Nickens Jr. and Shari Dionne, the latter was a driving force that encouraged them to create Shari Dionne.

Named after founder Shari Dionne, the brand’s story stems from a love story. Will, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, was residing in Dallas when he met Shari. Born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area, she and Will met in Dallas for a weekend. Initially starting as a fling, what they had blossomed into romance. But living on the opposite coast forced Will and Shari to endure a long-distance relationship. They would travel to meet each other halfway for dates during their relationship, helping them stay connected. While there were difficult moments, the couple persevered and eventually married.

During their travels in New Miami, Cancun, Cabo, and Puerto Rico, Shari’s fashion style often attracted people who complimented her. “It was just something about when she wore eyewear that made people compliment her even more,” explained Will. Encouraged by their words, the couple decided to start their own luxury eyewear brand, giving others the same sense of confidence and compliments on their vacation trips or everyday life.

While they built their brand around the idea of instilling confidence, Will and Nick also wanted people to be as protected from UV light as they are fashionable. Naming their brand Shari Dionne, the couple would expand their inventory, going beyond eyewear and adding a luxury swimsuit line launched earlier this summer. 

Since its inception, Shari Dionne has established itself as a brand that is fully committed to excellence and quality, cultivating powerful fashion statements through eyewear and encouraging individuality. “We understand that we live in a culturally diverse universe and thus have been inspired to create a line of eyewear to cater to a broad spectrum of people,” said founders Will Nickens Jr. and Shari Dionne.

Their product has been spotted on celebrities like Brandi Maxwell of VH1’s Basketball Wives, former women’s NCAA standout basketball twins, the Gonzalez twins, reality TV stars Yasmine Lopez, “Yummy,” and Charisse Mills from Zeus Network’s TV show One Mo Chance, and the original face of the Clubhouse app Bomani X.

Whether it’s their eyewear or swimwear, Will and Shari strive for excellence and quality, which they have been projecting in their packaging and marketing

 “We are meticulous and calculated in making sure we go above and beyond so that you can get an experience when unboxing our products,” shared Will and Shari.

Although there is plenty of fashionable eyewear in the space today, Shari Dionne can easily be distinguished by its trademarked winged logo on the lenses.

Will Nickens Jr. and Shari Dionne revealed that they built their brand to be something that could outlive them and allow them to benefit the future generations of their family. With a second child coming this 2022, they are enthusiastic about realizing their dream. The couple hopes that Shari Dionne will become a renowned brand worldwide.

“We’re in it for the long run, not just for short-term success. As a Hispanic and Black-owned brand, we want to be the brand of choice for our communities.”Learn more about Shari Dionne by visiting their official website. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Corey’s Build Thrive Succeed Agency Is Helping Cleaning Businesses Stand Apart and Win Big

I recently sat down with serial entrepreneur Corey Everhart. I was fascinated to learn about his background in the service industry, particularly the cleaning industry. I also discovered he’s now devoted to helping service businesses and entrepreneurs across the US with his agency known as, Build Thrive Succeed.

Corey started in the commercial and residential cleaning industry back in 2008 and has made quite an impact. Corey explained how his company attracted new clients by leveraging a powerful social presence on Instagram and being featured in different forms of published press. His first cleaning company grew to have two office locations and employ over 120 team members while servicing thousands of clients (commercial and residential) across Maryland. In 2018, Corey sold his cleaning company to pursue a career in aviation and build what would become Build Thrive Succeed Agency.

“Starting a cleaning business isn’t all fun and games. It’s hard work and takes real dedication and entrepreneurial spirit to be successful. I felt like I was fighting an uphill battle during my first few years. Winning new clients was the challenging part. Prospective clients would always hire the big well-known franchises over my company. Finally, I realized the main difference between my company and theirs was that they had credibility and were seen as the authority in the industry. Their brands had a powerful online presence, and people trusted and believed in them instantly. I knew I needed to be seen in this light if I wanted real growth,” Corey stated.

How is your company Build Thrive Succeed helping cleaning businesses grow?

“We’re particular with the clients we take on. We look for cleaning entrepreneurs who are coachable and willing to invest in their brands. Our services are very effective at enhancing brand authority and credibility. For example, we’re connected with Instagram influencers who can send thousands of real followers to our client’s pages within days. In addition, we also offer guaranteed press opportunities such as features in digital news articles, magazines, and even television interviews.” Corey stated. Corey’s company is comprised of team members known as Credibility Specialists. Either Corey or one of his team members will help you create a roadmap for success.

Photo Courtesy: Corey Everhart

How can someone grow their cleaning business in today’s market?

“There are millions of cleaning services out there, and yours has to stand apart from all the others. The goal is to make your cleaning service the most credible in your city or town. Potential customers need to see you and your business as competent, trustworthy, and the best option for their needs. Build Thrive Succeed Agency was born to help entrepreneurs and businesses enhance their credibility so real growth can occur.” Corey stated.

How can someone boost their cleaning business’s credibility on Instagram?

“On Instagram, when your cleaning service page has many followers, this is viewed as social proof that your brand is unique and worth following. A higher following also builds more trust and confidence in you or your business. I noticed the power of Instagram after my cleaning business had around 5,000 followers. My sales reps would use our Instagram to find local companies we wanted as clients, and then they would reach out to them. We started to see that this strategic method of finding our ideal clients and getting responses worked better as the number of followers we had increased to 10k, 15k, and eventually 25k.” Corey stated.

How can someone get featured in the press and leverage it to grow their cleaning business?

“There are many benefits to having your brand featured in the media via some digital or printed press. First, it shows the public that your business is legit, unique, and credible. Second, you can significantly increase the number of cleaning service bids/proposals you win (including your press articles in your bid/proposal). Build Thrive Succeed is connected to media news sources, and we can get our client’s stories told in the press. We make it super simple as well, you fill out a questionnaire, and our writers will create the perfect article for the publishing.” Corey Stated.

Corey and his Agency Build Thrive Succeed have plans on helping many more cleaning companies grow over the coming years. Corey has a real passion and deep understanding of succeeding in the cleaning industry and is excited to help more entrepreneurs build, thrive, and succeed. If you own a cleaning service business and are interested in learning more, feel free to message them on Instagram or visit their website.

Constance Woulard: The Newest Top Mentor, Speaker, and Coach

Personal development and investing in one’s growth as a person have increased in popularity throughout the years. With the multitude of motivational speakers, self-help books or podcasts, development courses, and personal coaches, people have various options for learning new things and becoming better individuals. Standing out in an industry flooded with many great mentors and motivational speakers, Constance Woulard has become one of the latest speakers that have made an enormous difference in people’s lives.

Constance Woulard is a well-loved motivational speaker, praised for her valuable insight and engaging personality. She describes her approach to coaching and speaking as personal and raw while maintaining the ability to inspire others to push past their self-doubts. 

In her speaking engagements, Constance Woulard outlines a plan that addresses the self-limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviors that everyone has. She further explained, “Each and every one of us has felt this doubt in our abilities at some point in our lives. We may think we are alone in feeling this way, but we aren’t. And what I can do is help other people move past that doubt and finally tap into their full potential.”

Aside from being an accomplished motivational speaker, Constance Woulard is also a best-selling author, mentor, registered nurse, and nurse educator. She obtained a Bachelor’s in Nursing from William Carey University. Later on, she also obtained a Master’s in Nursing Education from the same institution. This speaker’s career in the health and medical field has shaped her views on personal development and coaching and exposed her to different individuals from all walks of life.

In the course of her work as a nurse and educator, Constance Woulard has become adept at creating an atmosphere where students can thrive and develop into competent and compassionate healthcare professionals. Her accomplishments in this field have given her expertise and authority, and in turn, they have paved the way for the various leadership roles she has been given.

In interacting and working with countless people, Constance Woulard was able to observe human behavior. She saw that people often have similar beliefs that hinder them and hold them back from reaching their highest potential. She shared, “These students come in, and they all want to be the best nurses they can be. And yet, they often doubt that they can make it. Throughout the years and across different individuals, these fears and doubts remain the same. And I realized that this is something that everyone goes through in their minds.”

Constance Woulard is known to have a very engaging manner when she speaks at events. She knows that to help people, she would have to connect with them in a deeper sense and make them feel seen and heard. This speaker has mastered this personal way of communicating, which is why her audience appreciates her so much, and why she has risen in the ranks of motivational speakers in the country.

Constance Woulard has shared her stories and her methods with a massive audience, and at each of her events, people have always left with a renewed sense of purpose and determination in becoming their best selves. Her skills have not gone unnoticed, and she has recently caught the eye of leading motivational speaker and training expert Shawn Fair. 

Shawn Fair is the founder of the Fair Consulting Group. With over twenty years of experience in leadership, coaching, and development, Shawn has trained over 300,000 leaders worldwide. He also started the Leadership Experience Tour, an exclusive club for speakers and a platform for them to reach a wider audience. He recently invited Constance Woulard on this tour, recognizing her as a speaker of great skill.

Constance Woulard approaches mentoring and coaching with a personal touch, and she has achieved great results every time. With her inclusion in Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour, greater things are sure to come her way.

To learn more about the motivational speaker, author and educator Constance Woulard, you may visit her LinkedIn page or follow her on Instagram.

Recognizing And Responding To Decision Fatigue

Decision making is a huge part of project management. Whether it relates to what needs to get done, when it needs to get done, or who needs to do it, projects don’t move forward unless managers make and communicate decisions. The more complicated the project, the more decisions will need to be made.

Yad Senapathy, founder and CEO of the Project Management Training Institute (PMTI), has trained project managers for decades in how to face and to make critical decisions. “Critical decision making skill in project management is vital because it ensures the right decision is made at the right time,” Yad explains. “It helps you recognize the prejudices, false beliefs, and biases that may lead to a flawed decision.”

At some point, all the decisions that managers must make as they move projects along can result in what psychologists refer to as “decision fatigue.” While decision fatigue is normal and natural, failing to acknowledge its effects can lead to very bad decisions and result in failed projects.

What is it?

Just like physical exercise can lead to physical fatigue, mental exercise results in fatigue as well. When it comes to decision making, there is information that we need to track down, consequences that we need to weigh, and dynamics that we need to consider. It’s a mental workout that taxes our willpower.

If your muscles get fatigued, your physical abilities deteriorate. A starting pitcher who has thrown pitches for seven innings often needs a reliever to come in and finish the game. Because his muscles are tired, the starter can’t pitch as well as he did in the first ining. It works the same way with decision fatigue.

The more time that you spend engaged in decision making, the more your ability to make sound decisions will deteriorate.

What does it look like?

When your willpower is worn down, you’ll find yourself reluctant to move through all the steps that are necessary to make good decisions. You’ll resist doing the research and settle for whatever information you have on hand. 

When you find yourself choosing the path of least resistance, you know that you are experiencing decision fatigue. If your willpower is weak, you’ll lose the drive to push for the best option and allow for a good option that your team would like to see.

Decision avoidance is another sign of decision fatigue. Choosing to stick with the status quo rather than deciding to push for needed change is a sign of decision fatigue. 

What can you do?

When you see the signs of decision fatigue, there’s a good chance that your next decision will not be the best decision. A good next step when you’re experiencing decision fatigue is to stop for the day. Take some time to do some things that can get you ready for tomorrow’s decisions.

If you are a project manager, you will need to make a lot of work-related decisions. Try reducing the number of decisions that you need to make outside of work. Some well known business leaders, including Apple’s Steve Jobs, have been known to wear the same outfit everyday to reduce the number of decisions they had to make.

Setting a time limit on decision making can also help to reduce fatigue. Just like with physical workouts, the longer you think about something, the more mentally exhausted you become. There will come a point where the additional time spent only makes it harder for you to make a good decision.

Project Management Training Institute

The Fast Fire Watch Co. Is Keeping A Watchful Eye on America Providing the Highest Quality Fire Watch Guard Services in the Nation

Fires have ravaged the lives of many people, shut down institutions, and caused millions worth of property damage for businesses. When it comes to fire hazards, safety is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, The Fast Fire Watch Co. Co. is keeping watch and providing top-of-the-line services to its clients all across the United States.

The Fast Fire Watch Co. is the premier fire watch security guard service in the USA, keeping America safe from fires at every turn. It is the highest-rated fire watch security guard service provider founded and operated by retired fire service professionals who have dedicated their lives towards continuing their service to the American people.  

Whether it’s long-term or temporary fire watch guards for clients, The Fast Fire Watch Co. offers the same degree of high-quality services that nobody else can offer. The company is known for the consistency of its services, staying true to the four pillars that it must adhere to, namely fast dispatch, fully equipped guards, Fire Marshall compliance, and emergency-trained fire watch officers. 

The Fast Fire Watch Co. has guards on standby 24/7 all across the nation, ready for dispatch at a moment’s notice, simply just a call away. The team is well aware that these dire situations call for the most upstanding services possible. The Fast Fire Watch Co. guards are always on time and always ready to serve their clients, knowing full well the responsibilities and the quality of service that they need to uphold. 

Every guard is trained to keep a log and monitor the area per city and state ordinance. They also work with the local 911 authorities and ensure that fire hazards are immediately identified and corrected. The Fast Fire Watch Co. specializes in commercial fire watch services to a wide array of clients such as financial institutions, industrial locations, medical offices, hospitals, private venues, schools, warehouses, and many more. 

The company also offers special event security for various kinds of activities and locations. This includes fire-prone locations such as movie sets, trade shows, conventions, expos, sporting events, and speaking engagements that attract massive crowds. Guards are also available to do construction fire watch and hot work watch. 

Regulations and ordinances have been put in place that require businesses and establishments to work closely with experts composed of fire officers and fire security guards to preserve the safety of the people and their properties. Upholding excellence at all times is a hallmark of the service that The Fast Fire Watch Co. employs. The company’s accommodating team of expertly trained guards are alert at all times, never missing a beat in the process.

The Fast Fire Watch Co. excels in the industry due to its reputation for high-quality services without fail. Its results have shown tremendous success over the years, completing more than 10,000 watch patrols with quality and sheer professionalism. The Fast Fire Watch Co. always puts the needs of its clients first and foremost, offering their unwavering support to where it is needed the most.

Some of its esteemed clients include big industry names such as Hilton, Lockheed Martin, Amazon, Turner, and Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. The Fast Fire Watch Co. is creating a safer America thanks to its strong adherence to the safety of its clients and their properties. As a premium fire watch guards service, the company has provided nothing but excellence to its many clients. Staying true to its brand of safety and reliability, The Fast Fire Watch Co. Co. is truly a company that everyone can count on.

Agam Pandit on Making a Difference in the World Today

Agam Pandit is one of the top young influentials around the world. When it comes to making a legacy that will impact many generations to come, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and former Indian cricketer Agam Pandit has made a lot of investments that many people can learn from. Today, he is one of the world’s biggest influencers in the area of business and philanthropy, inspiring fellow businessmen and aspiring entrepreneurs to put their money in worthy investments that will not only improve communities today but will also create a sustainable future for coming generations. 

Most of Agam Pandit’s investments are into strategic and new developments that promote clean and renewable energy. He is best known for his business acumen and fresh ideas that contribute greatly to growing economies around the world. After completing his postgraduate studies, he worked at Barkley’s Bank PLC, India, for a few years. He handled retail assets, sales, and commercial banking. His rich experience in banking, finance, and marketing enabled him to handle the wealth and investment management of major projects related to infrastructure, real estate, loan, and equity finance. Over time, he was able to build confidential investor relationships and started working with international companies. 

As a philanthropist, Agam Pandit is the director of Lead India Foundation USA, an organization formed by India’s ex-president and aerospace scientist Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. He has spearheaded a wide array of impactful projects that are designed for youth development, women empowerment, and sustainable energy. Despite his busy schedule and many responsibilities, he makes time to volunteer for Navjyoti Global Arm, which is managed by Dr. Kiran Bedi, the governor of Pondicherry, India. He has also supported the organization’s fundraising initiatives to ensure that it reaches its goals of helping communities. During his free time, he also volunteers at the Old Age Home in London. 

His contributions in various noble causes have been recognized by US presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. Other national figures also honored him for his contributions, from Hillary Clinton to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Dr. Kiran Bedi, and Abu Dhabi King Sheikh Nayan. Agam Pandit is also a passionate supporter of United Nations initiatives, including clean and renewable energy and energy access projects. He is currently the global brand ambassador of PUREPrana, a nanotechnology-enabled air sterilizer and respirator.

Agam Pandit is a proud graduate of Harvard University’s School of Business. He finished his Master’s in Commerce from Mumbai University. 

To say that Agam Pandit was a cricket superstar in India is an understatement. He was a member of the Junior Indian Cricket Team that won the World Cup in 1996 at Lords, England. He also played for India A Cricket Team in the 2005 Tri-Series against Pakistan and Sri Lanka at Abu Dhabi. Eventually, he was chosen by the Australia Cricket Board for special training in Australia. He also played professionally for several years in the United Kingdom. 

At a young age, Agam Pandit has accomplished so much for his generation and the many more that will follow in the future. The way he intentionally lives his life is one that is worth hearing about. As he continues to influence lives positively, the world can expect more inspiring stories about him in the coming years. 

Find out more about Agam Pandit by visiting his website. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook for updates on his latest projects.

Fitzgerald & Campbell APLC Senior Partner Gregory Fitzgerald Tackles Student Loan Lender Article

The financial situation of most Americans usually includes being saddled with crippling student loans. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, student loans in the United States have grown to approximately $1.76 trillion, and graduate students accrue roughly 50% of that amount. The issue runs deep, and it continues to affect millions of American citizens all across the nation. Fortunately, the famous “debtor protectors,” Greg Fitzgerald and William Campbell, have established the Fitzgerald & Campbell APLC law firm to help people eliminate their debt.

Fitzgerald & Campbell APLC is a law firm composed of skilled debt attorneys who will stop at nothing to help Americans who have been buried under debt. They provide financial advice and legal services to their clients, especially on issues involving loans and debts. The founding partners firmly believe that the student loan crisis needs to be addressed as soon as possible, which is why they have offered their services and resources to remedy the issue.

“The idea behind the establishment of the firm was primarily to help as many people as possible offset their student loans,” explained Fitzgerald. He observed that the main problem is not the unwillingness to pay back the debt but instead the misleading and confusing information by the lender as part of their tactics to make the borrower accrue more interest.

Recently, Gregory Fitzgerald took exception to an article published by SoFi entitled “Is There A Statute of Limitations on Debt?” Most people would agree that the simple answer is yes, because they assume the author is referring to lawsuits on debt and not the debt itself. “For example, as correctly pointed out in the article, the expiration of the statute of limitation does not mean you no longer ‘owe’ the debt. It merely means the debtor can not win a lawsuit brought by a creditor if the lawsuit is filed after the expiration of the time identified in the applicable SOL,” explained Fitzgerald.

Simply stated, lawsuits on some debts become “time-barred” based on the applicable state law. However, SoFi went too far and wrongly published the statement that “some debts, like student loans, are not subject to statutes of limitations,” which is obviously wrong as per Fitzgerald. “Private student loans ARE subject to an SOL. SoFi knows this because they deal exclusively in private loans. The fact that private student loans do have an SOL cannot be disputed. Again, SoFi knows this. Yet they went on to reiterate the fallacy three more times in the article,” exclaimed Fitzgerald. “That’s not a typo. That’s pushing a message. It is misinformation,” he added.

The article goes against the very foundations of the work that Fitzgerald & Campbell APLC are putting out to the world. It is spreading misinformation rather than providing proper education regarding debt and loans of any form. Especially in the sensitive topic of student loans, SoFi has made bold claims which happen to be untrue, and Gregory Fitzgerald took the time to question their statements and challenge their claims.

Without a doubt, Fitzgerald & Campbell APLC are standing at the front lines in the fight against debt of any form. In the years to come, they hope to continue to educate more and more people and guide them toward the right ways to manage their debt and discern valuable information that they might come across. For now, Gregory Fitzgerald has made his position clear and has put his foot down against the misinformation that seems to permeate American media today.

To know more about Fitzgerald & Campbell APLC, make sure to visit their official website.

Nour Atta: Shaping Today’s Retail Traders through Stock Hours

Finding one’s passion early, being able to pursue it, and attaining great success is a rare opportunity that should not be wasted. Entrepreneur Nour Atta is one of those fortunate enough to have this once-in-a-lifetime experience and the incredible young man is determined to share his knowledge with others.

What jumpstarted the options trader’s career was the unique opportunity of being offered to participate in an internship on Wall Street at a very young age. At the time, he was only 16 years old, and even though he was mostly tasked to do clerical duties, it was enough to pique the teenager’s curiosity into the field of trading.

The internship was instrumental in showing the aspiring trader the endless possibilities that a career in trading can provide. It did not take long for his interest to quickly grow into passion, and eventually, he decided to pursue a career in trading. Now, he has achieved an impressive success turning $20,000 into a multi-million-dollar operation.

However, more than accomplishments in his personal career, what makes Nour Atta stand out is his mission to teach people how to become master traders. Through his venture Stock Hours LLC, he has transformed regular individuals into six-figure retail traders.

The business initially started as a way for the young expert to share his knowledge with his closest friends and create a community that helps one another grow. Due to its outstanding goal and culture, what started as a small circle quickly snowballed; and now, Stock Hours has over a thousand students.

One crucial aspect that contributed to the success of the brand is its accessibility. The company uses a Signals Chat and Nour Atta has perfectly explained their winning strategy, “In this signals chat we literally post trade ideas each morning and signal our entries live on voice as well as host lessons 3-5 times a week along with much more.”

Aside from that, the venture has a dedicated team of qualified interns who are readily available to help any new students with any concern. It is this unparalleled level of commitment that has catapulted the business to the top of the industry.

Because of its notable impact in helping the retail market’s knowledge base grow, the company has been recognized by many as “The Only Educational Platform To Help You Learn About How To Trade in Market.” On top of that, it has earned a whopping $8 million in profits for 2020 alone.

Nour Atta has grand plans for the future of his company and students. He sees himself growing Stock Hours from a humble community of traders into a full-fledged hedge fund. For now, the brilliant business owner remains steadfast in his objective of educating and empowering more individuals to become an expert retail trader.

Learn more about Nour Atta by visiting his Instagram page and YouTube channel. To know more about Stock Hours LLC, check out its Instagram & Youtube.

Why Wavy Baby Brows Believes Ombre Powder Brows Are the Future of Brow Aesthetics

Ombre powder brows have been a big trend as of late as it provides people with a more long-lasting eyebrow solution that still looks natural.  Wavy Baby Brows is one business that has brought the powder brow movement to a new level, showing that it’s an excellent option for anyone who’s looking for an eyebrow finish that they can proudly show off. 

Wavy Baby Brows was started by brow artist Kierra Pershall who started her business not too long ago but has already had a swarm of bookings. She attributes a lot of her success to the fantastic result that powder brows have on her clients, but it’s also hard to neglect that she does it so well. Her clients have noted her work for the masterful finish, some noting that it looks like she’s been doing it for decades. 

A few months ago, Pershall opened her business up and started taking eyebrow workup bookings. In as little as two months, she would see tremendous growth. When starting Wavy Baby Brows, Kierra intended to simply create a space where women could feel beautiful and confident. However, she sticks to a no judgment rule and provides service to anyone who walks through her doors. 

Before starting Wavy Baby Brows, Kierra found herself in industries and workplaces where people were often judged for their appearance. “It made people feel limited,” shares Pershall. “I wanted to take another step towards conquering that by creating a community where people don’t have to worry about other people’s opinions.” Accordingly, Wavy Baby Brows has grown into a brand that stands for acceptance and inclusion, something that has become a battle cry across this nation in a time of great difference-based divide. 

Kierra’s decision to focus on eyebrows wasn’t random. After chancing upon a study that showed how facial features like lips and eyebrows tended to fade with age, she realized how important the eyebrows are to retaining or returning a youthful glow. In addition, women spend hours fixing their eyebrows from scratch every week, costing them a lot of time and effort. With Wavy Baby Brows’ ombre powder brows, women no longer have to spend that much time and can free themselves up to do other things. 

Ombre powder brows are different from microblading, another semi-permanent eyebrow styling technique that has become popular now. Where microblading uses a small carving blade to cut into the skin and put in the pigment, ombre brows use a less invasive machine than microblading, allowing for shorter downtimes and lesser risks of infection or allergic reactions. 

Kierra hopes to one day expand her business and open a salon or beauty center where she can serve more people and collaborate with other creative minds on other services that will help build confidence in people, especially women. She believes that aesthetics go more profound than most people think and that there’s nothing “shallow” about wanting to look your best. 

Before offering ombre brow styling, Kierra Pershall was a YouTube vlogger who shared her journey as a mom and wife. She is married to Nathan Pershall, who is also a successful businessman. Learn more about Wavy Baby Brows and Kierra Pershall by visiting their Instagram profile.

Tech Entrepreneur Ahmed Ahmed Revolutionizes B2B Dealings With Upcoming Social Media Too

In recent years, people have seen a dramatic shift in every facet of the world because of improvements brought about by technology and innovation. Nowadays, almost anything can be done online, from something as mundane as ordering food to the most crucial things like doctor consultations. Inspired by the endless possibilities technology can bring, young visionary Ahmed is working on a project that can help brands and organizations with the use of social media. 

Social media platforms have earned a bad rap over the years because of a multitude of negativities that have come from them, such as cancel culture, fake news, and cyber-bullying. However, despite their notoriety, these sites have undeniably produced some positive contributions as well. For example, they are an excellent tool for spreading relevant and crucial information. Cognizant of this, Ahmed, a tech entrepreneur with five years of experience building products for brands, has taken on a special mission – to help companies build and boost their online presence globally.

The business-minded individual from Toronto knows that brand awareness is crucial to growing a business in this day and age, and there is no better place to do it than on the internet. So, armed with this knowledge and expertise in coding, he has decided to develop a social media tool that influencers, companies, and brands alike can use to expand their network and gain mass exposure. 

The product is currently in development and is set to drastically transform how influencers and companies communicate and perform business with one another. By harnessing the power of social media and the internet, the innovation is expected to make dealings and transactions between businesses much smoother and more straightforward.

Aside from his goal of providing businesses with access to better connections within their industry, the programmer is keen on helping small, homegrown brands. Being an entrepreneur himself, Ahmed knows how difficult it can be to grow a company without the right network. 

Creating the tool is one way he can help small brands scale their businesses. He hopes that his product paired with the accessibility of social media will provide these up-and-coming ventures with the perfect avenue to reach out to more prominent brands and result in collaborations. 

As Ahmed has thoroughly explained, “I’m striving to fill in the gap in business-to-business communication and transactions on the web. It’s still the early days of social media, and so I am here to streamline the process of helping small teams reach large organizations with our platform.”

Witnessing people benefit from his products fuels the businessman to continue pursuing his passion, and he has no plans to stop anytime soon. In the future, he sees himself running a chain of companies that provides innovative solutions to the needs of the people, making their lives easier. 

In the meantime, Interested parties should be on the lookout as Ahmed continues to develop the tool and prepares to release the product by December of this year. Learn more about Ahmed and his exciting innovations by visiting his Instagram account.