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Ivonne Arvizu “La Reyna del Credito” Pushes the Latino Community Toward Financial Stability

It is a known fact that financial stability starts with good credit. A firm believer and advocate of that fact is Ivonne Arvizu, aptly called “La Reyna del Credito” or The Credit Queen, who has been a recurring character in numerous financial success stories through her extensive knowledge of credit repair. La Reyna del Credito has been in the financial sector for 18 long years. Her work includes helping the Latino community in Spanish programs by educating them about finances and credit. To grow her reach, Ivonne has appeared in various networks such as Telemundo, Univision, and several radio stations.

Alpha Films Production LLC: Opening Doors of Opportunity by Creating a Different Reality

Film productions play an important role in the development of cinematography and television worldwide. They help create a different reality while securing the pieces of moments that bring on pure nostalgia. Latia Reed, a multi-faceted artist, believes in these concepts and invested in creating her own company, the Alpha Films Production LLC.  Alpha Films Production LLC is a creative company on the rise. This company was a dream generated into becoming a reality through the ideals of Latia Reed, who is known as Sexydrama. After spending years of showcasing her talent through films, photographs, and stages, Sexydrama found a way

Aaron Godwin, the Engineer of Wealth, Shares His Exclusive Approach in Building Financial Legacy

For Aaron Godwin, it was a massive leap of faith when he decided to leave his mechanical engineering profession to invest in a whole new field. But it was one of the best decisions he made in life as it not only benefited him but also allowed him to extend a helping hand to others. Using his extensive knowledge as a mechanical engineer, he molded himself into a financial expert, coming up with strategic and systematic solutions geared toward building a lifelong financial legacy. Dubbed as the “Engineer of Wealth,” Aaron Godwin is a rising finance engineer specializing in three

ZURUIKE Uses a Three-Step Program to Promote Fitness and Healthy Living

Physical transformational change is only possible with the perfect combination of a positive attitude, the appropriate fitness program, and the right guidance. To ensure that clients get the most out of their physical fitness journey, ZURUIKE developed a three-step program designed to get rid of physical roadblocks that get in the way of every person’s desire to stay fit and healthy. Its proactive, preventive, and alternative health care program effectively guides clients toward a better version of themselves.  The three-step program, founded by Luis Galvan, is called AVATAR. It combines the many benefits of clinical sports massage, a nutrition plan,

Sierra Coleman Ministries: A Prophetic Voice for the Distraught

People who have reached the summit are often those who have had their fair share of hitting rock bottom. True enough, overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges teaches everyone a thing or two about faith, strength, and persistence. In the case of Sierra Coleman, the founder of Sierra Coleman Ministries, it was through God’s grace that she was able to grasp the best lessons out of the worst of times.  No one is immune to life’s obstacles and difficulties. As someone who is intimately familiar with hardships and struggles, Sierra Coleman took it upon herself to create a platform that fosters character

Sarah Alysse on Recalibrating Lifestyles and Finding Balance in Self-Care, Fitness, and Nutrition

Photo Credit: Erik Marthaler Achieving an ideal balance between career and personal life is one of the greatest pursuits of this generation. Along the process of doing so, many individuals encounter a lot of stress that deters them from having a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Sarah Alysse, a recognized creative stress management and fitness coach, changes the narrative by proving that the balance is possible.  Sarah Alysse is the founder and CEO of Live Well Enhance You, a company that focuses on helping corporate executives and entrepreneurs find balance in career and personal life. She is best known for her most

Robert Marshall Launches the “Little Brown Boy” to Inspire and Touch the Hearts of Children

People who have overcome seemingly unconquerable trials have the right to wear these triumphs as badges of honor. Indeed, having conquered defeat and struggles is no easy feat. While these obstacles are difficult to get the better of, there are exceptional individuals who go over and beyond to achieve greatness, no matter how difficult it may seem. As a result, these individuals gain a deeper understanding of how grit and resilience work to propel people towards the pinnacles of victory. In the case of Robert Marshall, the hardships he encountered paved the way to a life filled with success. Like

Inspiring My Generation Launches Clothing Line “Therapy for All” to Promote Mental Health

Despite having persisted for decades, mental health continues to lack attention in numerous institutes worldwide. However, several endeavors have been launched to remedy this and raise the conversation on mental health – among those being Inspiring My Generation’s newest venture “Therapy for All.” As a nonprofit organization established by Francesca Reicherter, Inspiring My Generation operates on the mission to bring warmth to people dealing with mental illnesses. “I wanted to build a brand centered around giving back and encouraging activism,” the inspirational founder shares. “I wanted to build a brand that served as a source of hope and encouragement for

Zeynab Koroma’s ShaZyy Collections Marries Style With Class

Clothes are avenues of self-expression that can drastically alter someone’s look and presence. Depending on the material and the cut of the fabric, an individual can look intimidating, bubbly, morose, professional, or ethereal. Determined to bring all those styles and more in a classic cut, powerhouse entrepreneur and humanitarian Zeynab Koroma has launched “ShaZyy Collections.” The best-known place where style and class warmly welcome shoppers, ShaZyy Collections is on the rise. Zeynab’s venture is rapidly climbing the ladder to the top featuring favorite luxury collections in one convenient space – making all her hard work and long journey to the

Geoff Cash Explains How Failure Became His Motivation for Success

Coming from a very small town where the odds are against him were the humble beginnings that drove and propelled Geoff Cash to pursue his dreams. And unlike several kids in his neighborhood, he was lucky to grow up with a loving and supportive family that, even though they didn’t have much, the support was always there. However, as a child, Geoff admitted he had the tenacity to always want to do more and be more to help his family. However, like many young men, success led him down some wrong paths and saw him get hooked and associated with

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