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Ben Shearn on How Being a Cancer Survivor Led Him to Creating ‘Super Natural Farms’

In this life, no one is immune to getting exposed to a series of scorching trials by fire. And although everyone is the same in the sense that they all get to experience trying times, they tend to be different in how they react to such adversities. While there are some people who lose heart in the face of danger, there are also those who take courage with undaunted spirits.  Struck by the emergence of major upheavals in his life, Ben Shearn shares that his success journey was not one that was paved with gold. On the contrary, it was

JourneyTEAM Takes Business Intelligence to the Next Level to Help Companies Grow

In this generation and the next, having the right information is the key to grow one’s business exponentially. With many, if not all, companies all around the world having access to vital data, businesses need to have the proper tools that will help them make sense of all the information they have in their hands in order to make intelligent decisions. With the use of Microsoft Power BI—JourneyTEAM is making it happen for many companies today.   As an award-winning consultancy firm, they modify Microsoft products to suit the needs and limitations of the client’s business. JourneyTEAM is made up of

Abrianne Dillard and United Score Grants Their Clients the Life They Truly Deserve By Improving Their Credit Scores

Leveraging credit and maintaining a great credit score has always been a big problem among the people in the United States. After carefully observing the things around her, and also having some firsthand experience on the matter, Abrianne Dillard became motivated to establish United Score. United Score is a credit repair agency that makes sure to identify all the issues in their clients’ credit and provide sustainable solutions. Dillard fully understands that most people realize the importance of credit score when they’re neck-deep in debt and are struggling to pay off all of their dues. This is why United Score

Utah Business Owners Unite to Help Other Local Businesses

Draper, Utah – The coronavirus has affected millions of people throughout the planet. Most of these people are stuck at home, wondering what is going to happen in the coming weeks and months ahead. They’re out of work with bills to pay and no way of knowing when the pandemic will end.  The deadly COVID-19 virus is not just a threat to humans, but it is also a threat to local small businesses as well. The longer these businesses remain shut down, the more damage it will cause to the local economy of Utah and every other state in the

Puptown Houston Takes Dog Training to the Next Level

People who do not like dogs are almost unheard of nowadays as almost everyone finds them adorable, lovable, and worth sharing life with. Dogs become even more desirable when properly trained so that they are easier to live with and take care of. Puptown Houston responds to the need to provide proper training for dogs so that they stay as adorable companions and become helpful and functional pets. Certified and highly skilled trainers with over 25 years of experience in the industry are available at Puptown Houston for families and pet owners who want the option to have their dogs

How Jahna Eichel Moved Past Office Environment Stigma and Founded Her Own Agency

Service businesses have been able to thrive thanks to technological advancement, giving companies a better outlet to showcase the services they offer. Apps are among the best venues that allow them to become relevant and bring in new customers. Uber is an excellent example of how service companies have benefited from technology. For businesses that are still in their early phases, visibility is an essential factor in gaining recognition. And taking a cue from this need for digital visibility, Jahna Eichel, a powerhouse in the industry, founded The Creative Agency – a company geared towards helping other entrepreneurs scale their

Juliet Obodo’s FWRD Institute Emphasizes the Power of the Mind in Achieving Personal and Professional Success

The field of brain optimization has emerged not only as an advocate of mental health and a provider of strategies to optimize mental power but as a reminder that people’s brains contain the key to success. There are countless recipes to success that have been formulated by people dominating industries. And while their testimonials about what can bring a person to the top will always be a source of learning insights, they quite often miss mentioning that the answers to any personal and professional dilemma are in one’s mind. And this is why entrepreneur, hypnotist, and NLP practitioner Juliet Obodo

Gibson and Hetherington Luxury Properties Challenging the Status Quo

When one thinks of luxury properties such as luxury villas overlooking the ocean or boutique resorts on white-sand beaches, it’s usually associated with exclusivity. However, Gibson and Hetherington Luxury Properties is challenging the property status quo. The way by which they do this is by making high-end properties available to many through short term rental models and effective marketing campaigns. Gibson and Hetherington Luxury Properties is a premier property management company specializing in marketing and managing today’s most posh luxury villas, homes, and boutique resorts in places like Aruba, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Belize, Greece, Italy, Thailand, Mexico, and the United

Queen Jackie A Leads Life Transformations as a Life and Intimacy Coach

Queen Jackie A seeks to change the world by empowering men and women and assisting them in tapping their inner strength. For this brilliant life coach, finding inner peace and happiness is necessary in every aspect of one’s life. Without striking this balance, life would be a total chaos.  At 15 years old, her mother brought her to a psychiatrist to address her anger issues. She was scheduled for ten sessions, but almost immediately, her psychiatrist easily grew comfortable around her. By the fifth session, she was already laying on the couch sharing her problems with the teenage Queen Jackie

How Winchester Hopkins Is Helping and Educating People About Credit Through Perfect Score Club

Credit is defined as a contractual agreement that sees a borrower receive something of value with the understanding that they will repay the lender late, often with interest. While this may seem easy to understand, credit and credit scores are more complicated than you’d think. Just ask Winchester Hopkins. Winchester was able to hold a perfect credit score and began to cosign for people, often lending so they could purchase material things like phones and even cars. One day, he found that repossessions started hitting his credit. Unpaid phone bills and his medical bills saw his credit score drop to

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