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Callum Roche Leads Influencers and Entrepreneurs to Independence by Turning Them into CEOs and Authorities in Their Niche

At only 23 years old, Callum Roche currently owns and runs two companies, both on their way toward becoming seven-figure businesses. After earning his first-ever dollar over a decade ago through the internet, he has since worked with countless influencers and aspiring entrepreneurs in the digital space. The entire experience has shown him the ins and outs of online marketing and the e-commerce industry, leading him to discover his passion for helping influencers and upcoming entrepreneurs attain independence and authority in their respective niches. 

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Callum Roche is a rising figure in the ecommerce industry. He is also the #1 best-selling author of the book 5 Figure Patients, and he is currently working on a second one set to be published in 2021.

Callum’s drive for entrepreneurship and helping others started at an early age. At only 12 years old, he started making his first dollars by selling background designs to famous YouTubers. “Ever since I was a kid, the idea of being my own boss always stuck in my head,” shares the young business mogul. 

After years of working alongside aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and influencers online, Callum Roche gradually built his business empire in the ecommerce arena. Today, he owns two successful companies called Ecom and Chill and Supercharged Clout.

Ecom and Chill is a leading ecommerce agency that stands as the first of its kind. The company assists influencers in replacing endorsement deals for 100% complete ownership by building and scaling ecommerce their ecommerce brands. Starting from scratch, Callum’s team transforms influencers into CEOs and helps them become independent from the limitations of a career that relies on brand deals. From product design to delivering the product to the customers, the company covers it all. Callum Roche helps them achieve ecommerce success without the need for the influencer to lift a finger in the process. 

In an oversaturated industry, it is clear for Callum Roche that the future of influencing lies in entrepreneurship, not endorsements. With this vision in mind, his team leverages influencers’ personal brands to build profitable ecommerce stores where they can sell their products. With a low-cost business model at hand, the entry barrier is low, allowing all entrepreneurs to navigate their way to business success easily.

As for Supercharged Clout, Callum Roche designed this company to help aspiring entrepreneurs looking to take their career to the next level. The company guides upcoming entrepreneurs in establishing authority in the marketplace and becoming trusted experts in their niche. To make all these possible, the team focuses on targeting three important factors: positioning, promotion, and press. 

Both Ecom and Chill and Supercharged Clout are geared toward growing brands and businesses into elite levels. With his blinding success in the ecommerce industry today, Callum Roche is now committed to giving back to the communities by helping others reach their version of success.  

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