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Calcium4Bones NFT Project Presents a Utility-rich and Highly Rewarding NFT Collection

The popularity of non-fungible tokens has continued, and the digital world is getting swept up in its wave. New projects and their backstories and universes keep making it to the surface every day, with holders having multiple options of projects to invest in. Calcium4Bones is one project with an interesting backstory and utility potential set to launch and give digital enthusiasts something promising to be a part of.

Calcium4Bones NFT is a collection of 11,155 unique bones on the Ethereum blockchain. Each piece in the collection is handcrafted with 300 different traits, making the collection the edgiest and most varied collection in the NFT space. The unique rarity of each Bone is distributed in six distinct tiers, which serve as the holder’s key to the community and all the benefits the project might offer in the future.

The project is more than just another project, as its core boasts of creativity, uniqueness, and passion. Every holder of a Calcium4Bones token gets access to numerous benefits that can change their lives and expose them to fun things in the digital universe. Some of these perks include participation in NFT lotteries, discounts on merchandise products, future staking rewards, and a host of other rewards. Calcium4Bones NFT will go on presale on February 7 for 0.045 ETH, and 24 hours later, on February 8, it will go live for the main sale. The big reveal for the project will be held on February 11th, with each token selling for 0.055 ETH, including the gas fee. All rarity tools will also be activated on the reveal day.

Pushing this remarkable project is a team of passionate individuals who all want to create innovative breakthroughs that take people from ordinary to extraordinary. Calcium4Bones NFT collection aims to help as many people as possible gain a firm footing in the digital world, informing the introduction of different initiatives like upgraded art pieces, Play-2-Earn games, side collections and many more.

The collection’s fictional backstory speaks about a world suffering from famine and diseases due to overpopulation and climate change. Nations went to war due to the rising tension, leaving a chemical reaction and radiation behind from the missiles used in the war. The chemical radiation made skeletons of dead victims come back to life as the new dominant civilization of the planet, but they need calcium to survive. 

Calcium4Bones NFT targets cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It offers them timeless art, impeccable drawing styles, a long-term project with valuable utilities, and a friendly community of like-minded cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Plans for the project include providing access to exclusive events and collaborating with other creators. In addition, Calcium4Bones will also enter the Metaverse and create a new monetary system while giving its holders access to Play-2-Earn games. Potential holders who wish to join the whitelist can join the Discord channel to stand higher chances.

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