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CaDori Is Walking in Her Philanthropic Purpose and Changing Lives

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

Every success story has a beginning worth telling and learning from, and the CaDori Brand is no exception when it comes to its history and founder. CaDori is more than just a brand; it is concrete proof that a person who works hard and lives by faith to achieve a better life will eventually reach success. Such is the inspiring and humble story of the resilience of successful entrepreneur and respectable book author Cathy “CaDori” Marshall.

CaDori, both as a person and brand, is characterized by compassion, positivity, and hope. Prior to becoming a Registered Nurse, CaDori was once homeless when her children were small and lived in a shelter in Atlanta for a month. All throughout her challenging experiences in life, she held onto her faith in God. She was blessed to have met generous and kind-hearted people. 

Knowing firsthand how difficult and discouraging it can be to live without direction, she started giving back to the community as her way of expressing her deep gratitude and compassion for people who have less in life. Ultimately, CaDori established CaDori Helping Hands Inc. in 2017, a charitable organization focused on helping others in need. After Hurricane Harvey, the organization donated baby supplies to young mothers and gave out cleaning and personal care items to several families who lost everything during the hurricane. Additionally, CaDori Helping Hands Inc. gave school supplies to children who were living in a local shelter and fed more than 100 hurricane victims displaced by the tragedy. 

The succeeding year, CaDori Helping Hands Inc. gave turkeys and hams for Thanksgiving to families in need. In preparation for winter, her organization gave out new winter coats to anyone needing a coat. CaDori did not stop at CaDori Helping Hands as she previously established another charitable organization called Dougie’s Kids, Inc., dedicated to helping protect and uphold the well-being of children all over the country. Dougie’s Kids is a tribute to the life of CaDori’s son, Bobby Denerio Marshall-Brown, who passed away due to a motorcycle accident in 2010. Fondly called Dougie by his family, he was especially fond of children, making time to advise, mentor, take them to fun places, and support them in their games by simply showing up. CaDori’s efforts have enabled Dougie’s Kids to donate funds to schools, shelters, and award scholarships to worthy recipients. 

Aside from Cadori’s two charitable institutions, she is also the well-known author of the new book Ladies Love Yourselves First, That’s Happiness, an inspirational and powerful read revealing how she survived two abusive marriages and her pursuit of genuine self-love. Her first book titled Women Put Yourselves First and Be Happier was also a phenomenal success among women of all ages seeking a new beginning and identifying their purpose in life. She also launched the (I LOVE ME) apparel, a clothing line with a powerful message promoting self-love. CaDori Helping Hands Inc. was able to raise $1,200 from the sales of the I Love Me hoodies in October of this year, which will be donated to support The Rose, a breast cancer organization.  

One of CaDori’s recent initiatives was the distribution of 100 laptops to underprivileged children to encourage them to focus on their education amidst the pandemic. She also actively supported the programs attached to the National Suicide Prevention Week by educating people on how to prevent it. In the next few months, CaDori is organizing a charity walk to raise $10,000 to help victims of domestic violence.

CaDori brand intends to continue to support impactful initiatives that protect children, empower women, and motivate everyone to keep growing and do better. By extending valuable support to worthy advocacies, CaDori hopes to leave a lasting legacy that will inspire people to love themselves and live their purpose in life and extend compassion to those who need it most. 

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