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Business Coach Shermikia Lemon Is Out on a Mission to Empower Women in Business

Women in business continue to face many obstacles in the field that remains to be male-dominated. But this challenge has only spawned a league of successful businesswomen who have made it their mission to give smaller entrepreneurs a leg up in the industry. Shermikia Lemon is an innovator and expert in business development who has set out to help entrepreneurs reach their goals.

Shermikia is a researcher, learning and development consultant, entrepreneur, and speaker with eight years’ worth of experience consulting for senior-level executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Her signature coaching and training programs have taught countless other leaders profitable growth strategies and employee retention strategies, among other things.

Her latest program is Strength in Number$, a comprehensive course for creating, growing, and promoting businesses to their highest potential by helping business owners gain a clear understanding of their prospects’ needs. Strength in Number$ goes over a proven step-by-step process to help pinpoint prospects’ “pain point” so that a business can successfully deliver their offer and generate more revenue. It is the first of its kind to teach online business owners effective ways to grow revenue without losing authenticity. The course is designed for female entrepreneurs and business owners looking to scale or pivot their businesses.

She manages her own coaching and training company, Mediation Solutions Group LLC, which helps organizations with employee retention strategies through leadership, productivity, and workplace conflict programs.

She has developed an on-site training program that highly motivates employees to be more productive to increase bottom-line profit. As a coach, she works with clients individually to help them be more productive and reach their personal goals. Shermikia’s success has lent her the opportunity to speak in front of hundreds of leaders, CEOs, business managers, and executives to deliver her signature presentation. Her hard work and expertise has been well featured on many podcasts and has been seen in Forsyth Woman Magazine, Stars & Stripes (Europe), and HRMAG. She is a regular trainer for the Women’s Resource Center.

Shermikia is also the host of the Peacefully Profitable Podcast, a weekly conversation on discovering one’s passion and turning it into profit, productively balancing life, and finding peace. As a believer in peace and staying true to one’s life journey, her training and resources are always geared toward improving one’s life both mentally and physically.

Shermikia considers herself a multi-passionate business owner who is on a mission to renew strength in women through innovation and inspiration. She was deemed an “executive coach” by Forbes, “boardroom powerhouse” for IBM, JP Morgan Chase, and Duke Energy, and a creative expert by many of her clients. She is often praised for her calm and composed aura.

At a very young age, she knew that she wanted to run a business and be able to serve and help others along the way. She was motivated and empowered by the idea of building legacy, wealth, and freedom on her own terms. She knew that her unique purpose in life was to build a brand that would help others significantly.

Shermikia is confident in her momentum and sees herself and her brand growing to new heights year by year. She aims to become a household name in the business field—one that is often mentioned for the work that she has done for others. She is looking to grow herself an amazing hand-picked team to help continue her business legacy. She aims to reach more and more people through her podcast and social media.Find out more about Shermikia Lemon on her website.

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