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Bunny Freaks Rethinking Film Production and Funding with a Radical NFT Drop

In a few days, the world will witness the launch of the first-ever non-fungible token that looks to change how people experience animation films radically. The name of the NFT is Bunny Freaks, a collection of over 10,000 digitized artworks in the blockchain system. 

NFTs have been the latest craze in the crypto world. The innovative approach to digital tokens has swept the investing and collecting network worldwide and introduced a revolutionary way for people to access collectibles. It used to be that people collected tangible artworks, basketball cards, and many other collectibles. Now, NFTs make it possible to hold individual and non-interchangeable copies of those artworks and collections on a digitized network. 

NFTs have changed the landscape of many markets, including visual arts and sports collections. Now Bunny Freaks hopes to expand that radical shift into the animation world. By launching their NFT in the next few days, Bunny Freaks will become one of the first to create a pool of funds for animated films that will push the limits of creativity and technology. The Bunny Freak character is a permutation of over 200 unique characteristics that make up a differentiated profile of a cartoon bunny. A limited number of these unique characters will make them a hot commodity once the collection launches.

For the longest time, film production has followed the same format. A group of wealthy movie executives puts together millions of dollars to create movies that could potentially make more money for them. While this model works for mainstream media, it has limited the creative process for the longest time. As a result, more independent ventures of an avant-garde nature could never see the light of day because they didn’t fit the bill. 

With the launching of Bunny Freaks, the film industry could see a massive shift as it takes an inventive approach to film production. Taking a more crowdsourced approach, Bunny Freaks gives people a template that provides a better solution for both the film investor and creators. In addition, Bunny Freaks minimizes risks by giving value upfront in the form of a digitized collectible and gives animators access to a pool of funds that they can use to create films. 

On top of giving NFT holders a stake in the film, it also gets them involved in the creative process. One NFT license equates to a voting right to decide the storyline, character arch, or theme in their upcoming films. The token will also serve as lifetime access to the company’s upcoming films.

Bunny Freaks will launch on the Solana blockchain, one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies for non-fungible tokens. The NFT drop also aims to develop a robust online community of people who will welcome people from all walks of life without judgment. It plans to launch a movement called “The Freak Show,” which will encourage people to embrace their uniqueness despite how “freaky” others might deem it to be. Members will have access to an online community board to interact with other NFT owners on top of voting rights and premiere access.

Bunny Freaks is currently pooling for professionals who will be a part of the creative process and hopes to launch their first film in the next six months. To learn more about Bunny Freaks and get access to their first drop, check out its website and Twitter account.