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Brisha Henderson Empowers Women and Builds Their Confidence Through Her Hosting Brand SaySay’s Protégé

Corporations and organizations are often so busy with work that an occasional get-together is organized to celebrate and reward its members for their hard work. While outdoor events are great options, they are typically utilized as team-building activities and instead opt for parties. SaySay’s Protégé is an organization that offers its services to host parties with alcoholic beverages and often leaves their clients with a night to remember.

SaySay’s Protégé is a company that specializes in hosting events and social gatherings with unique themes. They are known for their signature bottle girls who dress up in bunny costumes. Although women have constantly been objectified by centuries of masculinity, SaySay’s Protégé is a company that was formed by Brisha Henderson, who wanted to reinforce the idea that women could dress confidently and feel sexy.

Before creating the brand, Brisha Henderson was unsatisfied with her day job. Like most people, she knew that she was meant to do more extraordinary things. “I needed something more active,” Brisha explained. Frustrated with her job, she called it quits and ventured into bartending. Brisha encountered different women who shared their interest in pursuing bartending with her new venture behind the bar. 

With a more flexible schedule, Brisha started to lay out the blueprints for her brand. While plotting out her brand, she thought about how all the women she met shared the same sentiments of feeling unsatisfied. From entrepreneurs, models, and actors to regular women and working mothers, Brisha understood that they all wanted to feel sexy. As the times had changed and strayed towards an era that encouraged positivity, the bartender was reminded that people are bigger than how they appear, driving her determination to create Protégé.

SaySay’s Protégé was born as a bartender company that offers bottle popper services. The company is run by a diverse roster of confident and beautiful women as they deliver the best experience that most concierges fail to bring. Protégé employs women who have built careers as entrepreneurs, models, musical artists, designers, beauticians, and other occupations. Although the women working in Protégé are dressed in cute bunny costumes, Brisha assures her clients that they are not exotic dancers.

To entertain clients, SaySay’s Protégé offers various themed services. While bunnies are a staple to the brand, the company also provides biker girls, angels, and Santa’s elves among their themes. Additionally, Protégé offers bike washing events. Since its inception, Brisha and her company have extended their services throughout Texas, New Orleans, California, Oklahoma, Atlanta, and Fayetteville. Brisha has opened her company to welcome other women, giving them the chance to live out their bartending dreams and feeling sexy and empowered at the same time.

Although the company has only been recently established, Brisha Henderson has big plans for SaySay’s Protégé. She aims to uplift her brand to become the number one choice for events across the United States. The bartender hopes to meet the hosting and organization needs that her clients seek out. “To me, Protégé is like the cosmic wave — we are bigger than how we appear, and we are exactly what the universe needs!”Learn more about SaySay’s Protégé by visiting their official website. You can also reach out to them through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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