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Breathe, Meditate, and Heal with Breathwork Coach Ben Holt

Breathing… One of the most basic functions of a human being, and potentially our greatest superpower. The sad reality is, most people in the modern world are breathing shallow breaths through their mouths throughout most of their day. Inducing stress, debilitating the immune system, and increasing fat retention are just a few perks of this less than perfect breathing practice. With so much information on breathwork and conscious breathing out there these days, Internationally acclaimed breathwork facilitator, transformational retreat leader, and explorer Ben Holt has committed himself to teaching people the lost art of conscious breathing along with many other healing practices. 

Ben Holt’s journey in health and wellness began when he was a young boy when he frequented a gym owned by a family friend at the ripe age of 12. Since then, he has grown into an internationally acclaimed wellness facilitator and some even say a pioneer. 

After traveling the world pursuing the learning of healing modalities and apprenticing with yogis, gurus, and curanderos, Ben saw a lack of integration and holistic approach in the world of natural healing modalities and plant medicine. This led Holt to start hosting transformational spiritual retreats all over integrating the two together in a safe, and holistic way. His retreats incorporate teaching ancient spiritual practices such as yoga, breathwork, sound healing, and meditation as well as cutting edge science, breakthrough workshops, childlike play, and entheogenic plant ceremonies.

Ben created the platform Connect and Evolve to bring many of his teachings and content to one place. Designed to help people find their balance despite the stress and anxiety-laden times. He facilitates spiritual retreats, breathing workshops, one-on-one intensives, wellness online courses, and more through his platform. Behind Connect and Evolve is a tribe of amazing wellness practitioners who utilize various modalities to create a holistic and integral approach to healing on every level. This normally involves breathwork, meditation, sound healing, bioenergetics, and sacred ceremonies. 

Many have stepped forward and claimed how life-changing the methods and teachings of Ben Holt are. Thousands of participants have flocked to Ben’s teachings and retreats to learn how to heal themselves and discover their greatest potential. Moreover, his holistic approach toward healing has gained him notoriety among spiritual hubs in Ubud, Bali; Rishikesh, India; and Sedona, Arizona.

Ben’s primary focus right now is providing transformational experiences through his 6-day immersive retreats. Through these retreats, participants are able to deeply immerse themselves in a safe container that is designed to create spiritual healing and growth on every level. Incorporating the foundation of nurturing the mind, body, and soul, these retreats have proven to be incredibly effective and experientially life-changing for participants. You can learn more about Ben’s upcoming retreats here. 

Ben recently launched his online breathwork course that allows for complete beginners to be confident breathwork practitioners in 5 days. With the pandemic bringing us a range of challenges, Ben’s course teaches people the healthy ways of coping with stress, anxiety, and fear. “I’d like for them to see the light in the darkness of today’s world, to find center amid the chaos,” Ben says. Despite the challenging times where tensions are high, Ben reminds us to take a moment to breathe, connect, and enjoy every moment. 

In his past time, Ben can be seen mastering his other crafts in music and filmmaking. During his travels in India, he himself filmed, directed, and produced a documentary on the yogis of Northeast which you can find here. For more information about Ben Holt and his Breathwork Mastery course, transformational retreats, or upcoming films, visit his website here.