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Breaking Away from the 2D Themes, Ethereum Homies Is Set to Rock the NFT Space With Its 3D Designs

Image Commercially Licensed
Image Commercially Licensed

2021 saw Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs take the world by storm, but unlike most trends, it is yet to show any signs of losing its momentum. Since the sudden popularity of NFTs last year, hundreds of projects have appeared on the digital landscape. Although NFTs come in various forms (digital art, video clips, music, social media posts), many projects have utilized digital art as their medium of choice. 2D art has become the most popular style choice for many, but others have been looking to break from the mold with 3D art.

Ethereum Homies is an NFT project that moves away from the typical 2D animal theme that most NFT projects have become associated with. Instead, the project promotes diversity and inclusion within the NFT space. Ethereum Homies strives to create art, promote culture, and progress external resources and learning opportunities about Web3 for communities worldwide representing all walks of life.

The project consists of a collection of tokens called Homie Gs; unique 3D avatars developed to allow holders to enter the metaverse. The collection consists of hand-designed, three-dimensional characters rigged and ready for the metaverse, taking heavy influence from the music, fashion, and NFT culture in designs. Ethereum Homies has also released a portion of the collection on Instagram and Twitter, giving prospective holders something to anticipate.

“Each character is a relatable avatar that anyone can connect with,” described the Ethereum Homies team. “There is a Homie out there for everyone.”

The Homie G project was developed by a unique group of like-minded creatives that consist of one 3D artist, four metaverse designers, one coder, one web developer, and one backend security developer. The four friends came together organically to form the project. 

Ethereum Homies is merely the tip of the iceberg, with the project set to launch a community meeting on Discord once the estate within Sandbox grows. “As the estate grows within Sandbox, we will begin having community engagement in deciding upon which advanced platforms such as Wilder World and Netvrk we want to grow our ecosystem into once they are made public,” shared the team. “We have already begun developing avatars on Unreal Engine to be compatible with these future ecosystems.”

Apart from developing an ecosystem, Ethereum Homies is currently creating games that allow holders to earn while playing. In addition, they are working to create opportunities for player vs. player games and arcade-type gaming opportunities as they hope to innovate new experiences within the metaverse to allow unique opportunities for holders to gain supplementary crypto assets.

Ethereum Homies was developed by Evijan Watson, the artist and project lead. He spent the last four years in Los Angeles working as a creative director, videographer, and editor in the music scene, working alongside some of the top talents in the industry. At the beginning of 2021, Evijan shifted his attention to the growing NFT scene, prompting him to delve into 3D animation.

The journey proved to be a smart one as it led to creating an idea designed to push the music scene into the metaverse. Furthermore, the vision provided Evijan with international accessibility to music events and networking, which have been influential in setting up Ethereum Homies.