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Brandon Mouw Shares How to Overcome the Impossible

Life often throws unimaginable forms of challenge to certain people. Yet these terrible circumstances can often turn into inspiring stories of human resilience. The life of Brandon Mouw remains to be a strong testament of perseverance through life’s most significant trials. 

From the start, Brandon seemed destined to a life of hardships. Doctors diagnosed him with Juvenile Type One Diabetes when he was only three years old, a condition so rare that only 1.4 million people have this form of ailment. This mishap would lead to a life marked with brittleness and struggles with physical health. 

Brandon would endure nine surgeries through his ordeal with his sickness. Through the process, he would lose a kidney. On many occasions, professionals thought that Brandon would never be able to live a fulfilling life. Yet more than anything, Brandon was a natural-born survivor. 

Brandon spent his childhood growing up on an egg ranch in the Southern California area. He dealt with his diabetes considerably well throughout his childhood. While his form of illness was rare and hard to deal with, he would find ways to maintain it. Brandon went on to pursue degrees in education, history, and theology. Later on, he would do missionary work and teach social studies to high school students. 

But the unthinkable would happen in the middle of his lifetime. After carefully controlling his health condition for thirty years, his body would succumb to unthinkable complications. Brandon Mouw had only one way out: a pancreas-only transplant that no insurance company would cover. So racing against time and battling for his own life, Brandon would raise over 250,000 dollars with the help of many friends and family within three months. 

As advanced as the procedure was, specialists could not guarantee results. So Brandon and his family took the risk and went through the ordeal. Brandon overcame unprecedented organ failure and two heart stoppages where medical professionals pronounced him dead. The overcomer’s battle was one that he fought for dear life. Today, Brandon is alive and well, having overcome a disastrous circumstance with genuine perseverance. 

Today, Brandon Mouw dedicates his life to inspiring others to overcome life’s trials and tribulations. He is an ambassador for Lyfebulb and an advocate of the Chronic Love Club. Brandon also carves out significant time to speak life to those who face mountains of their own. “I want people to know that if I could overcome all these odds, literally surging the impossible, so can they,” shares Brandon confidently.

Currently, Brandon is working on finishing a memoir that narrates the life and death experience, all his learnings and realizations, and the principles that pulled him through the darkest moments. He hopes to release the book sometime in 2021. The book will talk about how Brandon overcame overwhelming adversity and how others can do the same. He also does motivational talks on top of his book and looks forward to starting a blog that would share his life stories and create resources that will push people beyond their limits. 

Beyond all else, Brandon maintains that he is a walking miracle, and he hopes that his story will uplift others and bring hope where it is sparse. To learn more about Brandon Mouw, check out his website, Facebook page, and Instagram.