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Black River Pumping Services: Upstate New York’s First Pumpdown Well-Pumping Company

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

Black River Pumping Services launches the first pump-down company pumping on a well in Upstate New York. Its sister company, Black River Oilfield Services, is a rising company in the oil and gas industry, and today, Black River has expanded services to well-pumping in New York. 

Black River Pumping Services has made it a mission to deliver high-quality and high-value service to the industry. In line with its vision to exceed customer expectations and foster consistent and repeat business, the company ensures that all its services are centered on quality and safety.

For the team behind the rising business, safety is at the core of their values. Part of their company mission explains that they fully commit to the health and safety of their employees, customers, and community. Black River consistently improves its company processes and services to ensure safety. The company requires individual accountability and expects each member of the team to comply with the safety standards. The company believes that “safety is the responsibility of all employees, including both top management and individual workers.”

Black River Pumping Services covers a wide range of services, including wireline pump down, pressure testing, toe preps, tubing installation, drill outs, injection tests, coil tubing assistance, acid displacement, well loading, kill jobs, maintenance of backside pressure, and more depending on the needs of the clients.

The company takes pride in the high-quality service its team provides. Dee Yetts, CEO of Black River, explains that his motivation for building the brand stems from the reality he witnessed in the previous companies he worked for. “Other companies I worked for in the past didn’t deliver the service quality my team was looking for. So I decided to step out on my own,” he explains.

On top of pumping services, the company is also most notable for its Black River Oilfield services. Inspection and certification in the oil and gas industry are essential since equipment cannot be deployed without these tests, and if deployed without testing, it may cause extensive damage to property, production, or people. This is where the company’s oilfield services come in as they are trusted and authorized to undertake inspections and re-certifications.

At present, Black River Pumping Services is consistent in impressing clients with its exceptional services and its focus on safety when it comes to well-pumping. The company is on the rise in Upstate New York as its unique services continue to be sought after. 

Company CEO Dee Yetts has a great vision for Black River Pumping Services in the future. He hopes for his company to become the top leading pump companies in the industry. He is preparing his company to cater to a vast majority of clients in the oil, gas, and water industries. He hopes to inspire more entrepreneurial aspirants to chase after their dreams. 

The rising entrepreneur also points out that “Dreams do come true.” He goes on to remind others, “Build yourself a great team and great things will happen.” Indeed, his successful businesses today are the true embodiment of his motivational message.

To learn more about Black River Pumping Services, please visit its official website.