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BigMeta: Keeping the Humor Alive in Crypto Communities

NFTs are the next big thing in investment circles. A combination of art and cryptocurrency, NFTs allow you to invest in fun and creative ways while being part of an online community. BigMeta takes NFTs a step further by adding an exciting and adventurous storyline to their tokens.

Everyone has heard tales of heroes fighting against evil, taking down big corrupt entities, and saving the world. Many have wanted to live out their superhero or secret agent dreams. BigMeta makes that hero’s life possible with the compelling storytelling narratives that shape their NFT collection. A member of the BigMeta team said, “We believe that storytelling is a lost art, but not a lost cause. Exploring our imaginations and creating fiction with our NFTs as a community is a powerful way to bring creators and audiences together.”

Creating a fun-loving and supportive community is at the heart of the BigMeta project. The creators behind this line of NFTs wanted to create a space for individuals who want to inject a bit of humor and fun into their investing journey, so they created an online community on Discord. And because NFTs are new and the creators have the freedom to shape their projects however they want, BigMeta chose to pair their tokens with a storyline, in effect giving their audience a mission to accomplish using their NFTs.

In Operation BigMeta, there is an evil group called the BigShots, a shadow organization comprised of the world’s biggest celebrities and most powerful leaders. These BigShots have been secretly pulling the strings of society for centuries for their own gain. They meet once every six years, six months and six hours to plot their next scheme. And in keeping up with the times, the BigShots decide to target crypto communities, intending to punish them for their penchant for trolling online.

The BigShots plan to release a new crypto token called DAObolical. But they won’t be releasing an ordinary token. Once purchased, the DAObolical will remove the sense of humor of its holder. With their humor gone forever, these crypto enthusiasts will lose interest in trolling or doing other fun things. 

Holders of BigMeta NFTs can use their tokens to stop the BigShots. In order to succeed and save the world, holders must use their NFTs to infiltrate the BigShots headquarters and Mt. Doxx. Their mission is to take these corrupt leaders down one by one to keep the crypto community funny and engaging. 

Each BigMeta token is designed with a character, a speech bubble, and an animal companion. In addition, each character will have their own unique characteristics and sense of humor which will be determined by the speech bubble and animal companion the character is paired with. Not only that, but each character also comes with a descriptive story, which further enhances the storytelling in the Operation BigMeta world. 

The BigMeta NFT collection already comes with a fun story. But the creators behind this project have more in store for their supporters, all involving storytelling, of course. Their team’s vision is to have multiple stories for their NFT characters, which will evolve into comics and games. Their online community will play a big part in shaping these narratives, which helps bring the crypto fans closer to one another. According to the BigMeta team, all crypto enthusiasts are welcome to join them, especially those who want to keep humor alive in the NFT world.