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Biden travels to Oregon, voices support for Kotek and warns of Biden’s influence

Over the weekend, US President Joe Biden has been traveling in the west, and he made a stop at Oregon to support a fellow Democrat.

At Oregon, he shared his faith in Tina Kotek, who is running for governor within the state.

Biden also highlighted the danger of former President Donald Trump, who continues to impact states.

The warning

During the event, President Joe Biden mentioned Trump in his speech.

He told the audience about Donald Trump’s hold on the Republican Party, warning them that his presence will continue to impact the state government.

“As long as Trump controls the Republican Party, he’s going to have incredible impact on state legislative bodies and state government,” said Biden.

Biden also highlighted the role of governors in the country, saying it was growing exponentially.

Tina Kotek

The President’s travel in the west included stops in other states, including California and Colorado.

During his visit in Oregon, Biden expressed support for Tina Kotek.

Kotek is a fellow Democrat that supporters will want to get behind and help keep governorship in favor of the Democratic party.

She is in a tight race that pits her against Republican Christine Drazan and independent party candidate Betsy Johnson.

Johnson is a former democrat who has the financial backing of Phil Knight, the co-founder of Nike.

Tina Kotek will have a mountain to climb as recent survey polls indicated that Drazan seems to have the upperhand with the possibility of gaining the lead.

Biden’s support

President Joe Biden had nothing but praise for the Democrat during his visit in Oregon.

He urged the crowd to get behind her, describing Kotek as an “articulate, tough, committed woman.” 

Biden also underlined the election’s commitment to state leadership.

“She’s rational. She’s smart,” Biden added.

The elections

In November, thirty-six out of 50 states will have to elect governors.

American citizens will have to pick out the right candidates who have the potential to overcome issues including:

  • abortion access
  • Education
  • Future state elections
  • Transgender rights.

During the 2020 presidential elections, Donald Trump was vocal and managed to win crowds over with false statements after losing.

His lies referred to widespread fraud.


Biden, campaigning for Oregon’s Kotek, warns about Trump’s impact on states