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Biden reassures 1 out of 4 flying objects was Chinese

BidenOver four unidentified flying objects were discovered during the course of the preceding week, which prompted instructions to strike them.

On Thursday, US President Joe Biden addressed the country in response to the downed aircraft.

He believed that three of the flying items were most likely made by enterprises, recreational areas, or university research institutions.

Furthermore, Biden seems to dismiss any connections to China’s surveillance balloon from February 4.

“We don’t yet know what these three objects were,” said the US President at the White House.

“But nothing right now suggests that they were related to China’s spy balloon program or that they were surveillance vehicles from any other country.”


President Biden made his comments a few days after coming under criticism from Democratic and Republican members of Congress.

Congressmen assert that the American people have a right to hear directly from their president on the government’s knowledge of the surveillance balloon.

Also, the general public has a right to know what motivated Biden to order American fighter jets to shoot down three more flying objects.

After the Chinese balloon, US military defense radars spotted a number of slowly moving objects around the country and other regions of the globe, according to President Biden.

“In doing so, they tracked three unidentified objects in Alaska, Canada, and over Lake Huron in the Midwest,” said Biden.

“I gave the order to take down these three objects due to hazards to civilian commercial air traffic, and because we could not rule out the surveillance risk over sensitive facilities.”

The balloon

The critical monitoring equipment from the fallen Chinese balloon has been successfully removed, according to the White House, which announced this on Thursday.

“What we learn will strengthen our capabilities,” said Biden.

The duration of the search and the potential locations of the three flying objects’ debris are likewise unknown.

After the shooting down of the spy balloon, the United States last week imposed further restrictions on six Chinese military and aviation technology businesses.

Sanctions have been implemented due to their alleged involvement in China’s vast aerial espionage.

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Defusing tensions

On Thursday, China announced plans to impose sanctions on important US military businesses, using American sanctions as rationale.

In order to avoid raising the stakes with his remarks, President Joseph Biden attempted to defuse tensions between the two countries.

Analysts assert that there has never been a moment when US-China tensions have been higher.

“We seek competition, not conflict with China,” said Biden.

“We’re not looking for a new Cold War… we will compete and will we responsibly manage that competition so that it doesn’t veer into conflict.”

According to President Biden, the spy balloon episode emphasizes the need of maintaining open lines of communication between military personnel in Beijing and Washington, as well as between American and Chinese authorities.

Also, Biden wants to discuss what happened with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

A ‘consequence’

The Chinese spy balloon was only one of hundreds of personnel participating in the battle between the two powerful countries, according to President Joe Biden.

Both stand out on their own, but none suggests a change in policy.

“I think the last thing that Xi wants is to fundamentally rip the relationship with the United States that was made, in terms of success, to US markets,” said President Joe Biden.


A Chinese surveillance balloon traveling over Alaska was found in US airspace on January 28.

On February 4, after landing in US airspace off the coast of South Carolina, the balloon was finally shot down.

A surveillance balloon that was visible above North America for eight days alarmed many.

At that time, politicians and members of the public pressured Biden to offer an explanation for why he hadn’t ordered the balloon to be shot earlier.

Less than a week after the balloon’s demise, a flying object was shot down over the Arctic Ocean.

The aircraft was there and it was hovering at 40,000 feet. Compared to the Chinese balloon, it was smaller.

A similar-sized and -height aircraft was seen over the Canadian Yukon the next day and was shot down.

A third, slightly smaller object that was circling at 20,000 feet on Sunday was obliterated.